Saturday, 13 April 2019

April's fool

Hey guys, sorry for the slow updates. I just got back from Taiwan and there are so many things for me to update here. But as you guys know, April's fool was like few days back, i got prank badly by Isabel.

Firstly, let me talk about the prank. 2 days back, when i arrived at the airport, Isabel and CY came to fetch me ( although it was a family trip) and that's when the prank started. There were 3 part of the story. The first part was that Isabel received a letter from a person who named himself/herself as 'invisible'. The letter was placed on her front door, which contains photos of us in our lingerie and photos of us doing indecent things.

The second part was, a second mail was received the next day and it contains of 'missions' for us to complete. All of them had done their's, which included of walking with only thong, remove of bra along the street, no "top" walking and even licking each other nipples along the street. The worst of all, all of these happened within Isabel's neighborhood.

After listening to these two, it did scared the shit out of me. But at that moment, i was having two thoughts.
1st: Something so bad had happened and i was told only now??
2nd: Am i getting prank???
As i was collecting my theory and suspicion, i was given the third part of the story, which was regarding my 'mission'. As the 'mission' was for individuals and there were five of them, i was left with the last and the most bizarre 'mission'. I had to remove my panties and swing in around my hand. Isn't that brutal?? Like serious.

However, that was also the loop hole that i realized it was a prank. And i was right. CY was astonished by my wisdom and laughed. Isabel was dumbfound when i crackled the prank. It was simple, if things were getting out of control, there will be conversation in our group talking about this and secondly, CY will sure informed on the very first hand.

How nice of them to give me such a warm welcome back gift

P.S :
- I will update my adventure trip on the next post
- I am not dead nor quitting, just lazy and slow in updating. Hehe

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