Wednesday 14 March 2018


It's been a long time since i updated here. Sorry for the delays. Really grateful to those who had stayed until today. 

The reason why i MIA for so long is becos i got caught selling my panties by my mom. Although it did not create a big fuss which i thought she would, but my privacy were gone. I have to report to her my location, what i am doing every hour. Less outing with friends, no skyping, no night outing, less call and even checked and counted the numbers of panties i had. She even throw away my thongs and G-string and brought normal panties for me. My dress code were constricted too. I can only go out after she approved my dress code. So somehow, i am like a prisoner for the past few months, even during CNY. She was the one who chose my clothes and etc, and it looks damn "aunty". That's how i suffered for the past few months, but recently she seems to be more relaxed, so i guess i can get back to my old 'business' and i will try to do more kinky things and updates here and there. ( mostly in Tumblr )