Friday 2 September 2016

I am back^^

Hey guys,I am back. It's been a while since I've posted here. I know my blog seems dead by now, but i will try my best to bring it back alive during this holiday period. Thanks to those readers who are still here waiting for my updates and those who had been sending me emails.

A lot of my readers asked me, do i miss JC's life? Of course I do!! It was then when i have lots of free time to do my stuff ( minus away exam and presentation period ). I also received emails, asking when will i be back here posting things. FYI: I am still doing naughty stuff, but it is just basic stuff such as going school without panties. There is no purpose for me to update such things daily as it is like a repeat routine.

However, today was slightly different. It's not a big thing, but it was a challenge for me since i had not been doing this for long. After having breakfast with my parents at about 7.30am, I didn't went home straight. I somehow loitered around the neighborhood before i decided to initiate my plan.
At that timing, everyone was rushing for work or school so i predicted that they will not pay much attention to me. It not that i wanted the attention too. I went to the toilet that was inside the coffeeshop and took off my bra. Yup, my bra. Not to worry, i know my limits and that is why i brought along my nipple sticker. I bet that, with the dark sky plus my well prepared protection, i can walked back peacefully in this state but i am still kind of nervous.

I was right. After i walked out of the toilet, no one gives a damn to me even when i took out some tissue to clear my sweat. Cool weather but i am perspiring heavily. I managed to squeeze past a few aunties with body contact. Everything was so smooth except when i was waiting for the traffic light. I think one of the aunties who was standing beside me did realize what was going on. She looked at me in a weird way, even when the green man flashes, she kept turning her head towards me and thanks to her, quite a few passerby also looked at me. Lucky, i was not carrying any stuff so i was able to cross my hand and cover my boobs but the sad thing was, i maintained the same pattern throughout the whole journey. The weird aunty stayed just right beside my block!!!

btw,                                ^^Happy Teacher's Day^^