Friday 24 August 2018

Daring game : Movie with colleagues

So on Tuesday, it was my turn again and this time, the dare was so naughty and kinky that i nearly give up.

I was told to go for a night movie with my colleagues, while wearing a bullet vibrator that wasn't controlled by me( 1st challenge) and had at least once orgasms ( 2nd challenge ). It was really really hard to control the sensation and my panties was literally soak after the show.

At first, i was feeling real scare but aroused after i placed the bullet vibrator in. My colleagues was there, it was in public and the worst, silent area. I was so worried that what if my colleagues caught me or what if moaned too loud or even worse, the vibrator can be heard?? 
During the dinner, i was literally thinking of all possible solutions but none of it works without me telling the truth, in which will cost my reputation.  
If it was CY, who controls the remote, i can be ensured that she will do her best to protect me but this time, it was Charmaine who will be deciding my fate. Somehow, she managed to win against CY on scissor-paper-stone. 

The movie we watched were 'The Meg"  and i was kind of lucky as my colleagues picked the corner seat for 4 of us. Although it was full house, but at least i was seating in the corner. However, i didn't see Charmaine which she claimed that she was sitting at the first few rows.

The real challenge started with the movie and my plan was to fully concentrate on the movie as to distract myself but as the movie starts, a strong pulsing sensation was felt between my legs and it created an electrical feeling straight up to my spine and immediately, i clenched my thighs. The sound of the vibrator was soft, but i bet it could be felt through my seat and a slight buzz could be heard. 

The first few minutes of the movie, i was covering my mouth to prevent myself from leaking a slip of sound as i was really stimulated. The vibration was real, my colleague was real and i was seriously having 'fun'. 

Charmaine did paused when the movie quiet down and it happens quite a few times during the starts. However, there was this once, the movie went total silent and she turned it off. I was really near to my climax. I was slightly pissed but as i think back, it will be crazy if she did continued. It was really intensifying when you know you are about to orgasm in a cinema full of people, specially beside your colleagues. 

There were a few times where i almost reaches down to touch myself but whenever i moved, my colleague who was seated beside me will look to my side.
It was during the part where "they" went down to save the crews, i was having my first orgasm while others was nervous about the movie. It was quite a torture as i had to restrain myself from moving too much or from making sound and even maintain my position while orgasming.  

At that moment, i was really afraid that my colleague might heard or feel it, but soon, it didn't really bother me after my 3rd orgasms, which luckily, was my last orgasm. Whether if she did heard or feel, i think it's alright, as she didn't mentions anything about it.

Note : we will only do once per person per week
Currently, there was no loser
and some of you asked for CY and Charmaine's dare,

Conclusion for CY's dare, 
Last week : Remove her bra, wear a revealing clothes in forever 21 and walk around for 5mins

This week : Remove and wear back her panties in karaoke booths.

Conclusion for Charmaine:
Last week : Wearing a shirt with nipple sticker only and buy a condom in 7-11

This week : Remove her panties when she was in her parent's car and used it as a hair-tie for 2 hours

Wednesday 8 August 2018

Daring game : Dress room

Recently, i was playing this dare challenges with CY and Charmaine. It was a challenge which include of "only" dare and we will have 2 challenges per day. We will rotate the turn daily and whoever decline the dare, will have to treat a meal.

So far, we started 2 days, and there was no free meal yet and today was my turn. The biggest challenge for the day was to visit cityhall link and expose myself in a changing room.

Considered that i succeeded as i managed to did it in one of the shop which located near to the escalator.

As I entered, I was kind of moist. I mean, the idea of doing something kinky plus going commando for the rest of the day after lunch break, had already caused me to be wet. (That's was my first challenge) In additional, it was kind of thrilling with so many people in the shop.

After picking up 2 different dresses,which was pick up randomly, i went up to the changing room and was led to the furthest cubicle to test out my dresses. I was so afraid that the door for the cubicle will be a like a normal door, which will kind of make my challenge harder. But luckily, it was covered with curtain type.

After stepping in, i left my phone on the floor while video calling with CY.  I purposely left my curtain halfway open and proceeded to change. My plan was to act like i didn't realize my curtain was not closed properly, and start to change.
Just right after i stepped out of my dress, a lady who was right opposite of my cubicle, drawn open her curtain. I know she was shocked as we had a few seconds of eye contact. However, the funny thing was, she didn't bother to help me to pull the curtain, but walked off.

I mean, I was naked at that point and both of us are woman. Why didn't she help??? Kind of disappointing. But from her expression, I know she was shocked. In the end, i tried all the dresses i took, but didn't purchase any. As that was not my focus.

P.s : I only showed my legs to CY as most of the focus was on that door. So there was no naked body in the video call.
     : Send me ideas to dare CY and Charmaine

Happy 53rd Birthday Singapore

Tuesday 7 August 2018

Personal Tips, Part 2

Alright, so for this post, i will be talking about the advantages of going commando ( pantyless ). For these few years, i had been receiving emails regarding on my habit of being commando and a lot of you has been asking about what is the best outfit if they wanted to go commando. For this, i had been encouraging you guys to try it out with your most comfortable clothing, but not those tight fit and I been sharing about how to not get caught when being commando, but i didn't share on what type of outfits to wear.

For me personally, my outfits for going commando are mostly random. It can be a dress, shorts, skirt, or even pants. However, if you are a newbie, i will recommend pants, leggings or Jeans. Only when you are more comfortable with being commando, you may upgrade to dresses ( mini dress if you are daring enough ), skirt or even shorts. ( Eg, FBT, gym shorts). It can be for "fun" or for health purposes, but no matter what, do at your own pace. Do not rush. Have a trial first. 
You can go for a test-trial at night, or even try it out with a thong first. If you are naughtier, G-string can be an alternative choice. 

For starter, leaking of discharges or juices will be common, as we are excited and nervous. However, try to control it. Do not make it too obvious and remember, clear it up as soon as possible, to prevent strain on your clothing. For girls who are going through period, do not try to go commando. It will be chaotic and embarrassing if your blood leak out when you are in the train. 

There are few reasons why i loved to go commando. It has benefits, which can link to self-esteem, hygiene and even save the earth. A woman, who goes pantyless are always confident about their own body as only when you are confident about yourself, you will dare to show out what you have. So partially, being commando, helps in boosting the esteem that we are always lacking.

In addition, it's comfortable, as there is no constriction between your sexual organs. The best part of it, it can even help in preventing infections. According to some doctors the US, stating that "if the vagina is constantly covered, more moisture will collect down there, which cultivates an ideal environment for yeast growth." 

More benefits such as, no visible panty line, no wedgies, your partner find you sexier, pants can fit better, and the best part, FEEL RANDOM BURSTS OF PLEASURE THROUGHOUT THE DAY, especially when wearing jeans.

This dares is for those who like to try exposure.
Wear a sweat shorts and a white t-shirt for your run, try night-run first before going for evening run.

To start, the t-shirt must not be longer than your hip bone and the shorts' length must be the same as FBTs type of length. You can choose to wear or not wear underwear.
After you are comfortable with the environment, you should fold the shirt to make a half shirt, and continue to shorten your shirt and slit the sides up to the underarm. ( Daring enough : NO bra )
If you are wearing a sport bra, once you are comfortable, remove your shirt and tied it around ur waist. (Only your sport bra as your top) 
For the shorts. Make it shorter by pulling higher on your waist. If you are daring enough, make a hole on the shorts, and not wearing panties. 

If this is not challenging enough,  Remove your bra, and wear only your white t-shirt. Hold your bra while running. Try it first at 10min, then 30min , then 1 hours, and then throughout. You may wear your shorts but you must lower it, so people from behind can see your panties colour .

Location : 
Around the block
In a well lit safe park.
Shopping mall area ( Town )

Friday 3 August 2018

Personal Tips ( part 1 )

The following two post is mainly for the ladies. So guys, unless you are gutsy or planning for your gf. If not, you can skip the post. Alright, so like i said, this is post is mainly for ladies because, the first part, i will give some personal tips of how to masturbate quietly and how to locate the legendarily G-Spot.
The second part will be more to "dress-code".

Firstly, Let's talk about masturbating. Masturbating is a norm nowadays. I had replied on this topic a few time, and now it has become a sexual education talk. The most common question they asked were, how do i masturbate. Hmmm, for the first few times when i was being asked about this, my reply was " Just do it" but after a few more conversations, i managed to understand their real meaning. They wanted tips to masturbate. It's kind of weird as i thought it was a common sense, but apparently, it was not. So the remaining post, i will be sharing/replying my own personal tips.

Usually, i will start off by playing with my nipple. As nipples are sensitive and can provide some really enjoyable sensations. As i gotten more aroused, i will move on to the next step, which was targeting on my clit. ( Things will escalated faster if your clit are swollen ). For me, i will play with my clit for at least one orgasm before moving on to my G-spot, but base on individual. For examples, Charmaine prefers to go straight to G-spot. So how do we find the legendarily G-spot???

Stimulating the G-Spot is an extremely pleasurable for most women, as the "nerve game" are strong. Although there are some females who doesn't experience it but some do. For myself, i do experience the G-spot's sensation, provided if i am really in heat.

So how do i find my own G-spot?
There are few ways, which i personally experienced it. I tried it with lying on my back, and squatting. For lying down, you will have to bring up your legs towards your sides, then reach in fully with the middle finger. Try to feel the top wall of your vaginal and press on the spot, hard. You will feel a sort of sensation that is different from other stimulation. For squatting, squat down with your feet flat on the floor. Then spread your knees apart. ( Like a Malasana pos ) Then, use your middle finger and reach up into your vagina and feel for the spot. Malasana position do help relaxes the vaginal and allows the spot to become more prominent to the touch. ( However, this is base on my experiences, and i am not sure if i am experiencing the real G-spot orgasms, but i do feel like peeing. ( Which was a sign of G-spot orgasm.) The thing is, do not stop fingering. Keep on going. It's not guaranteed that you will have G-spot orgasm, and it is different for every woman, but most of the time, it works. (4 out of 5 times)

Did i squirt when i had the G-spot orgasm?
The answer is once. However, not all woman squirts. That only time i ever squirted was due to the accumulation of hormones, which caused me to "explode".  

I had heard of others ways of stimulating the G-spot, but currently, i had only tried with my fingers with position. Maybe you guys can do some research and let me know. ;)

Second part of this post will be sharing on how to have a silent masturbation.

As a lot of you knows, when a girl was about to orgasm, she will moaned. It was true. All girls moans, including me. However, i managed to keep my voices as low as possible. I know some of you guys are curious about how did i managed to have a silent masturbation when i was in Malacca. What i can say is, use of fingers, and cover your mouth as hard as possible. ( It will be better with blankets)
If not, you can try using of pillows, which i did most of the time when my family are at home. If you are daring enough, you can even using toys.