Friday 26 May 2023

A ' NO NO' to Online work meeting and 'touching'

Two weeks back, I did something YOLO again. The consequences of my actions could potentially jeopardise my career if my superiors were to discover what I had done.

So, on one Friday, we were allowed to work from home. It was a new policy for senior staff. I was slowly enjoying the pace of doing my work (mostly admin stuff) in my pyjamas( Lingerie ), on and off eating snacks and multiple 'toilet breaks'. However, my tranquillity was abruptly shattered by my senior, who demanded my presence on a call with the big boss.

Feeling slightly annoyed, I hastily swapped my sleepwear for something more appropriate and slipped on my bra. There was no need for shorts, as they would remain unseen. However, I did opt for a standard thong.

I reluctantly joined the call and listened as my senior presented to the big boss. Everyone's screen was on; trust me, some were wearing as simple as a Cartoon Tee. But, of course, this was way impromptu, which caused most of us to panic AF. 

It was a true test of my patience and tolerance for corporate jargon. The bosses thought as if I had nothing better to do with my time. We wasted 30mins just by listening to his presentation, and I could have done many things within that 30mins.

Life sux as my choices is constrained as I am simply a worker. I pretended to be interested, secretly counting the minutes. I cannot recall the exact moment during the presentation when I began to give in to my desire for self-touching. ( Not jilling yet )

I began by gently stroking my inner thigh, gradually inching closer to the delicate fabric of my silk thong. Soon enough, I found myself directly stimulating my "pearl". Despite being in the midst of a meeting, my primal desires overpowered my better judgment. It was a moment of weakness, but one that I couldn't resist.

The sensations were overwhelming, especially when you were on a call with your colleagues and bosses and with one wrong step, all of them would know that I was doing kinky stuff.

I was enjoying the sensation, but unknowingly that time flew fast. I aimed for an orgasm, but the call ended before I could.