Monday 25 January 2016


Recently i used my brother' toothbrush to pleasure myself. It's not that i am into toothbrush but just because he brought a new Electric Toothbrush and because it was a last min solution.

That day evening, i was bathing and randomly, really randomly, i felt horny. I am not sure is it because that i am shaving my pubic hair or my menses is coming soon, but the fact is i was not horny when i was bathing but only when i started to shave, i felt aroused for no reason and it was like so fast. Normally, i will feel aroused after i started to have naughty ideas but that time,it was so different.

After i done shaving and some cleaning, i used my fingers and the shower-head but the satisfaction was not there.( I know i am weird, haha ) Although there were pleasure and sensation feeling, but there was no satisfaction. I thought that maybe it was because of my position or the way i did, but everything was alright. ( Btw, i was standing while masturbating )

I even tried sitting down on the toilet bowl while spreading up my legs, but the feeling is not there. Even i had one orgasm, but it was not a strong one. Somehow, it feels like being forced to orgasm. (Like some of my readers told me. They will just masturbate, and force themselves to cum so that they will feel tired and have a good rest.) After my first orgasm, i did rested a moment and was thinking of going back to my room to continue the rest but my attention was caught by the Electrical Toothbrush. TBH, i tried once, and the feeling wasn't that great, but it was a good vibrator for the clit. ( Try it if you don't believe )

Without any delay, i took the toothbrush, which belong to my brother's. ( I am feeling guilty now for using his toothbrush as a vibrator ). I sat back on the toilet bowl and spread up my legs and closed my eyes. I had been playing with my nipples since the start and now, with the aid of the E-Toothbrush, i bet it will be great. The sensation feeling when the E-toothbrush touches my clit, delivered a tingling feeling up to my spine. Then I turned on the toothbrush. It felt interesting, loud buzzing sound can be heard, and it wasn't painful, so I moved it around and not for long, my juices were flowing out fast and freely.

I could feel myself building up, heavy breathing. I pressed a little harder on my clit and it felt so good. Not for long, I orgasm again but this time, it was with satisfaction as i can really feel the relaxation feeling. A bit of white cum was seen which i think is a good thing. I was completely wet and breathless and I decided to go for a few more rounds before i stop. As i was alone at home, i didn't bother to wear my clothes or cover myself with something. I walked to my room in naked form. Somehow, used to it when no one is at home. 

The first thing i did when i was back in my room was to take out my Thor and Dildo before i went and settled down on my chair. Recently, i been having a fetish for Chair, i guess. For this past few months, i been masturbating on my computer chair. Whether that i had to spread up my legs, sitting position or even doggy position, i been using my chair as the supports. I think i am nuts. Hahaha

I settled down with my legs spread up, and I used my thumb and index finger to see if i was still as wet before i used my dildo. I managed to push in my dildo in one try but not fully. I slowly remove and pushes in again. The feeling was so great, as i continue to push in and out of my pussy. It didn't took long before i placed Thor on my clit while turning the speed to 5, which was medium. I had been doing the same pattern for a few weeks already and it really does feel great. Dildo in my hole while Thor was vibrating on my clit. 

Not for long, my juices was flowing out heavily and i orgasm again. I was shivering when i orgasm. It was just too great but it doesn't end here. I rested a while and continue to play with myself until my parents were back and i paused. Yup, paused. I continued for like 2 to 3 times when i was back home from dinner, right before i fallen asleep, as my dildo and thor was just on the floor beside my bed when i woke up.

Friday 1 January 2016

Happy 2016

                   Happy 2016 to you guys. 

Yo guys, it's time to write 2016 but not 2015 already:) I bet some will still be writing 2015. 2015 was a meaningful and life-changing year for me. For those who had been updating with my blog, will understand what i meant, but for those who doesn't, go and read it. Hahaha
I did enjoyed myself through it and i hope you guys had a fruitful 2015 same as me and have your new targets and goals for year 2016.( I do have lots of goals to accomplish )

Sorry for wishing so late as i just woke up from my "pay-back" sleep. I was awake for more than 28hours, i guess. Went for countdown party at the float, followed by some Clubs and i reaches home at only 11am. (Lucky my mom knew i was going out with my girls)

We didn't really party for whole night. Went to the twin's house to sleepover since it was nearer. Crazy indeed...Hahaha....Hope you guys had enjoy the day same as me^^