Monday 11 August 2014

Update : NDP 2014

Just a quick update as i am going out at 7 for dinner. On Saturday, who went to the float at Marina bay?? I did :) hahaha.  Actually was planning to stay at home and watch NDP but was dragged by my cousin as she "claims" that this year is the last year celebrating at the Float.( True la, but i still prefer National Stadium )

I chose a Red Hang-Ten Polo plus a denim shorts with my bra and panty of course. Going city area plus will be crowded with people, if i don't wear, i must be Crazy!!! but i did bring a small toy with me.( actually is always in my bag ). We met at City hall as it was more convenient for me and her but i was late..hehe.. although she was younger than me by 1 years and 3 months but we were like the same age so when i finally reached, she was showing black face which almost similar to her bag, but was soon gone when i agreed to treat her for dinner.. ( cheapo..hhehe)  By the time when we both met, it's was already 5 plus and i remember that the event starts at 5.40pm ( weird timing ). She was wearing a Red tee with a white pants. It look rather cute on her as she is not that tall, so when she wore jeans or pants, she will look like a small girl who trying to act like a adult. We went straight towards the Float but due to the traffic blockage, we have to walk one big round.  Finally, when we arrived at the Float, the queue was so freaking long!!

After waiting for few mins, we finally got in as there are multiplies checks before we can enter. What make me nervous and curious is the X-ray machine which is used for checking of bags. I brought a Manhattan sling bag and it only contain my wallet, tissue, phone and hmmmm, bullet-vibrator. Okay, i know i am crazy, but i really forgot that we need to go through all this checks, but lucky, the guard that was looking at the X-ray machine was talking to his Sir when my bag went through. We went through all the checks ( i admit that some really look so handsome ) and finally when we were going up to our seats, i was stopped by my cousin as she wanted to use the toilet, so in the end, we rush to the ladies. While in the ladies, i took out my bullet and put it on my panty which is my purpose for bringing it out. I wore back my shorts and went out. My cousin was done and was waiting for me at the stairs area but due to the discomfort that the vibrator had given me, i was walking a bit slow, in order not to expose myself( haven't even turn on). We were usher to our seats which was near to the front..We settled down  and checked the goodies bag. This year goodies bag is colourful lor. Sadly i didn't get my favorite colour!!!!!

After chatting with my cousin for a while, the show starts!!!! At the beginning, we were enjoying the parade, the flight, the Red lion parachutists, and the performances but things starts to get boring when the event went into the 2nd part. The Black and white dance and some weird weird songs. National day but played such a weird song. I was getting bored and that's when i remembered that i still got my own entertainment. I took my bag and search for the Remote and turned it on. I start with slow speed as i was afraid that the vibrator will cause a big buzzing sound but thanks to the sounds and noises of the parade, it seems that i didn't that it was not even turn on at all but i could feel the chairs were vibrating but is only my chair!! hahaha...

I continue to add on the speed as this vibrator do have 15 different speed and i was like only speed 1 or 2. The speed is not that fast so i was not that wet then but enjoying the vibrating which was hitting directly against the middle part but not my clit yet. Actually i placed at the clit area but i moved too much and turn out it moved to the middle which got a gap.(girls stuff) As the show proceed and everyone was getting in high mood, so am i but in different term!!! I was getting wetter and by the time when everyone was singing National Day songs, my speed was already at 7 to 9  and i was close to orgasm but had to put to a stop as we have to said the pledge and sing the Anthem.  After that, i didn't continue doing it as enjoying the last part of the show. FIREWORKS!! 

When everything ended and we were about to leave, i accidentally turned on the remote when i was searching for my phone but i didn't off it but rather allowing it to continue to vibrate as it went back to speed 1. The speed was slow but i was already aroused and was so sensitive.  When i was walking, the vibrator was being press against my clit again and again. I was so close to orgasm while standing at the stairs. As the crowds is moving slow, the vibrator was attacking directly on my clit. I tried to reach out for my bag to stop the vibrator as i felt i was close to climax. I pressed both of my legs together, acting like i was in urge but the fact is that i was about to orgasm. I reached the remote and before i can off it, I ORGASM!!! Worst of all, i was standing up, surrounded by people. I was like OMG!!!!.. When i was still orgasming, the vibrating didn't stop but yet continue to attack my clit, making everything worst!!!! In the end, i have to hold on to my cousin who thought that i was just resting on her. To make this worst, the crowd started to move and i have to move to. Lucky at that moment, i was not having the climax feeling but the post orgasm effect.

After getting out which was about 15 to 20 min later, i could barely walked properly as the vibrator were still vibrating. I turn it off when we were about to go back home and i can said, there was a large patch of wetness in the middle of my panty cause i could feel the coldness when i sat down while having dinner.

Saturday 9 August 2014


Happy birthday Singapore^^...49th this year is 50th le...wooooohoooooo
Went to NDP just now.. so fun and high... draining all my energy until now i am freaking tired to update my blog... but stay tuned guys....will update soonnnnn......