Saturday 29 May 2021

Crazy CY

Hey guys, time flies, don't they. Next up, June. My 2nd fav month. 
Sorry for missing on 1st half of this month but honest saying, nothing much for me to update too as there isn't new or challenging things accomplished. The latest event happened last week, which we did something legit scary and fun. 

As i mention before, CY do own a house car, which was purchased by CL. So last week, we had a little fun using that car. CY's parents and CL are not in last week, which she invited me for an overnight at her house. I bet you guys are curious about their whereabout, the answer is Hotel. The reason why CY didn't follow was, she was the 4th person. HAHAHA. Extra one. Hehe. Her dad managed to get some free hotel stay at Sentosa and it was supposed to be only for 2 persons but with discussion and maybe bribery, the hotel allowed up to 3 person max. Thus, CY was out. On last Friday, I met up with her around 5.30pm, right after my work and we went back home together. It was a last min decision, which she told me at 2.30pm, and we finalized by 3pm as I need to ask permission from my mom still, and also Xav.
After taking 2 set of clothing, (one for sleeping, one for the next day) and removal of my make up, we were fine to go.( Didn't even get to shower but change of clothes only)

First stop, was the hawker centre as both of us were hungry af, plus it was time for dinner too. Didn't manage to eat there as it was kinda crowded.
Second station was NTUC. Alcohol again plus few packs of chips. Hehe.. what is better than alcohol and snacks for a stayover.  
After accomplish the 2 main objectives, off we go. 

There is no exciting story when we were walking back to her house or during movie time or dinner time, except the fact that the house car wasn't being used. 

I remembered clearly, it was 0134am when the movie ended. At first, I was seriously thinking of turning in, but that CY,  was still so excited and hyper for no reason. ( We were watching 'more than blue' the movie, and i was tearing so badly, she too) 

She suggested playing games but kinda boring too. In the end, guess what, we went out for supper. HAHA. Fat die me!! 

I walked into her room, planning to wear my bra( as we were already in our sleeping attire) before our departure, when she stopped me. Okay, i know this might sounds crazy but we legit went off without our bra(s). (or i shall said, without our inner wears) 

I was wearing a dark grey oversized tee ( stolen it from Xav) with my black translucent FBT shorts ( with lining) while CY was wearing her colourful school/class Tee with red cotton shorts. Without thinking much, we locked the door, took the lift and got into the car

The feeling does feels like wearing almost nothing but then, there is something. Actually, I was quite worry regarding our outfit but then, i looked at CY, comfortably sitting on the driver seat. As we buckled up our seat belts, the feeling of the belt direct hits against my nipples was kind of a different feeling. ( The oversized tee was quite thick too ). As we drive towards the main streets, we passed by quite a few car and no one bother to give a good look.

CY's action went worse when we stopped at the traffic light. I wasn't prepared at all when suddenly CY threw her shorts at me. I was kind of stunned in 2 ways. First, since when did she remove her shorts, and second, we were in the middle lane, with car side by side and she thrown her red cotton shorts. Kinda crazy. My first reaction towards that was more to scolding instead of getting aroused( am i getting old?)

It was legit crazy, and it was something that we did agreed that we won't do if it will exposed our identity. After a long debate, I lost. Actually, this idea did came out few years back, and we did tried before. 
I was more to angry because of the fact that my hormones was not up yet, that's why i am timid at that time. I was reluctant to follow her footsteps but as her bff, sister, lover, classmate, what I could do, was to go along with her. So in the end, my shorts were off too. 

CY's legs and vaginas were totally exposed. ( although my oversized tee is able to cover most of my vagina but still kind of short.) Anyway, we were unable to go anywhere to buy food in this attire, so CY suggested of going to the petrol kiosk and get some instant hot stuff. We searched for the most deserted kiosk we could find and in the end, it was a 25min distance ride.( How smart are we ) While we were on our way, she even suggested to go fully naked which I argued back and this time, I won. ( I mean it is damn crazy to be bottomless already, imagine going full naked with cars around!!) 

In the end, guess what. She ordered me to go in the petrol Kiosk since I had rejected the idea of fully naked. I tried to fight back, but due to her tee which was unable to cover even until her butt, i agreed to go. ( I did try to argue that we should wear back our shorts, but as per CY's, like that not fun) 

I got out of the car, after scanning for a while. I walked straight into the store, didn't even bother to look up to see around. As i was done picking the 'bao', and pies, preparing to go up to the cashier, I was completely stunned by my stupidity. My wallet was in the damn car. Damn stupid!! With no choice, I had to get back to the car. As I was walking out, I accidentally bumped into this guy, seems like a Malaysian. I did apologized but I bet he didn't care but went straight to the counter. ( Lucky me )

As I went near to the car, The window was already halfway down. After getting my wallet, which did delayed a bit as CY die die had to play the "cannot find game". 

As I walked back in, it had to be so coincidental that the Malaysian guy has to come out. The awkward part were the eye contact and the smirk smile he given!! He even looked back at my lower part!! I bet he knew it all along!!! Shit

Refusing to acknowledge all these at that moment, I went in and picked all the stuff i wanted again and went straight to the counter. I am not sure if it was my hormone or the situation or due to the fact I was standing in the open public while wearing one piece of clothing, the temperature seems to be much more colder, causing my nipples to be harden in a few sec. Worst of all, I think I was leaking a bit at the bottom ( cause I felt coldness down there too). The cashier was an Indian lady which took her years to scan all my items. The more anxious you get, the slower the time goes. I only had 4 to 5 items and yet it felts likes 30 min!! My nipple was hard, below was leaking and this Indian lady was still taking her own sweet time!!! 

The worst of the worse part came when I dropped my ATM card!! At that moment, I literally wish to run out of the store. As a normal human reflex, if you dropped something, the first action you will do, surely is bend down and collect. That's what I did. I bended down and collect while exposing my bare ass and pussy to the space behind. It was after I bended down then I realized the mistakes, but it was too late. I am not sure if there is anyone queuing behind me, or even in the store. I dare not to look back. 

After she packed my stuff into a bag, i grabbed and ran off. Didn't really had a good look if there is anyone in the store.   

As I approached CY's car, I did noted a black cloths was on the floor, but as I was legit damn discomfiture, I did not care much and get back into the car. The funny part was, CY seems to know something and drove off immediately. Later when we were on the expressway, she told me that the petrol uncle was staring at me since the moment I stepped out of the car and even when I was in the store!. I was shocked by the news. I didn't see any petrol uncle throughout. Only the Malaysia guy and the cashier. I even told her the story which happened in the store. All she do was laugh and laugh, even after when I told her I was so worried that someone might see my bare pussy when I bended down.  

In the end, we finished all the food before even we reached her estate, and worst of all, we walked back to her house with no shorts. That stupid idiot CY hanged our shorts at the car window and it dropped. She claimed that she did wanted to tell me to pick it out but out of fun, she decided not too!!!  

Disclaimer: photos are for illustration purposes only, and was 99% similar to the one i wore

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