Friday 5 April 2024

Sexually harassed

I'm really frustrated about what happened yesterday. I was sexually harassed!!! I kind of regret that I did not call the police.

Yesterday, before meeting Xavier at Marine Parade, I thought I'd enjoy some time at the ECP beach but things took an unexpected turn. It was an extra day off for my birthday, which I had taken on yesterday due to the heavy workload. 

I was dressed casually - a shirt with denim shorts, nothing outrageous. I wasn't trying to draw attention. I just wanted to relax in one of the beach huts, out of the sun. That's when this Chinese uncle approached me. He sat next to me and started making conversation. At first, it was just small talk about the weather and if I was there for a barbeque or jogging.

Then he shifted the conversation to his love for evening jogging, and how he enjoyed the scenery. I was just listening, not really engaging, but then he abruptly changed the topic to girls running in sports bras and shorts. He even asked if I would jog in a sports bra, and went on to say how he liked seeing female joggers sweat, making their sports bras cling to them, which will make their boobs more round and obvious.

I felt really awkward and stayed silent, hoping he would stop, but he continued. I got really annoyed when he commented that I would look good in a sports bra, implying my body would be more accentuated. I didn't respond. I stared at him for a moment before getting up and walking away.

Later, I told Xavier about this encounter, and you won't believe his reaction. He said I should have punched the uncle and called the police! Can you imagine!! So violent!!