Thursday, 10 February 2022

Guideline for wear short skirt/dress.

This is just for sharing. Not meant to create any conflict. 
So the other day, I had a debate with my female colleague regarding the length of a skirt or dress. How it started was due to my other colleague's outfits. Let's name her Sam, and the one who debated with me, YH, a mother of 2 daughters. 
So, that day, Sam was wearing this Milky coloured Shift dress that looked neat and cute for her, but I wouldn't say it was too short for her as it could still cover up to her mid-thigh. Just that, she couldn't raise her hand up to fetch something. She was only 160 to 165cm. 

So during lunch, YH, Sam, me and another female colleague went out to the nearest coffee shop to pack our food, and I am seriously not sure why, but YH was kind of very into Sam's clothing. Stating that it looks nice but too short and she can easily upskirt from that. An excellent example of clothing that shouldn't be worn to work.

At the start, I was still teasing YH, thinking she was just envious and jealous of Sam's figure, but that YH brought it to the next level. She claimed that nowadays, ladies don't protect themselves as much as in the old time. She claimed that her daughter also loved wearing skimpy clothing, showing a lot of skin, like trying to seduce the guys. 

I was slightly triggered, and in the defence, I told her that girls are like that since we still have those nice figures, so why not show out to the real world? It was more to the clothing we were sharing but not our skin. If not, wait until old age, then show??? Sam and my other colleague knew I was aiming at YH, but I was retaliated again. She brought out the statistics on girls being raped due to their clothing and how " Open-minded" nowadays young girls are, causing the guys to have those lewd thoughts and many more. In the end, I gave up talking to her, which ended in an awkward moment when we were on the way back. 

So guys, please allow me to share some information,

Signs that your skirt is too short
  • Some random person compliments your panties or warns you or stares at your bottom
  • If your mini becomes a wide belt when you sit down.
  • If you can feel an unsettling breeze on your bum.
  • A crowd forms behind you as you ascend the subway staircase.
  • You find yourself constantly tugging at the hem of your skirt.
  • You drop your pen in the hallway at work and realise you have no way of retrieving it without flashing.
  • You meet a friend for lunch, and she knows without asking that you just got a bikini wax.

How to move gracefully in a skirt without upskirting

  • If you wear a skirt with light material, make sure you don’t run or walk too fast. Because it might cause the edge of your skirt to go up and reveal your panty. Other than that, you will be fine if you keep yourself in a standing position.
  • The most challenging part for women wearing a skirt is sitting. It’s basically the only moment your panties’ altitude would be lower than the edge of the skirt. Other people keep saying to cross your legs while sitting, which is really important, but there are some exceptions.
  • If you prefer to wear a mid-thigh length skirt like me, and you prefer a stiff material skirt like denim, when you cross legs, keep in mind that your hand stays in front of the gap between your legs and skirt. This triangular space will let people at your front see your lovely panty.
  • You have to keep your legs together and your feet flat on the floor. Put your purse or handbag on your lap while you’re sitting. Put your hand on the front of your skirt and press it into your legs while getting up from sitting. When entering your vehicle, you will need to sit first and then swivel your body, bringing both legs into the car simultaneously. Reverse that for exiting your vehicle. No high top tables or tall stools. You can wear a micro mini skirt with no panties and not show anything if you do this.
  • Other minor situations are not that important. Just take years for us to practice. Make sure to check yourself in front of a mirror before leaving your house, and you will be fine.

Bring home a Message ( Unless you are planning for something naughty, like me )
Avoid sitting to as much extent as you can.
Cross your legs if your skirt is tight as well.
Keep a pillow or cushion on your lap (if there is one).
Try carrying a relatively more oversized purse while wearing short skirts so that you can use it to cover your laps.
You have the option of wearing stockings or dark coloured pantyhose.
Do not forget to wear tights underneath the skirt to avoid embarrassing situations.
Don’t attempt wearing short and frilly skirts on windy days, as wind will make it run even higher.

Sunday, 6 February 2022

CNY( Day 3 )

Hey guys, GONG XI GONG XI again.. Posting again haha. 

So like I said, there will be another post for my 3rd day. Went to my Uncle's house to Bai Nian and, in the end, saw something that shocked my brain. It wasn't me who initiated, and I wasn't wearing skimpy or revealing clothing. I was wearing a simple coffee colour blouse and sky blue relaxed shorts.
I partially saw someone in her birthday suit, and it turned me ON when she could still joke with me after that. Maybe she does not seems to be as innocent as her face.

So the lady who showed me her body was my younger cousin's girlfriend. A sweet and gentle looking girl who I guessed was 19 to 20. Let's name her "Alv" Honestly speaking, her looks are way better than mine, and her fair skin on a small figure. I meant that I would go for her if I were a guy. ( Well done, cousin )
The whole situation happened too quickly. As I now recap, it was less than 5sec.
So this thing happened when I was looking for the toilet as I spilt my drink. The guest toilet was occupied, so I had to go to my uncle's room as they were staying in a 3room flat. Only the kitchen and Master bedroom do have a toilet. 
I was panicking and didn't knock on the door before I went in. ( I usually do that ). The next thing that makes me scream, which I am not sure why did I??? Also not the first time I saw a naked girl. 
Alv was in her partial birthday suit, which only consisted of a Bra. Yes, I saw her bush, with her romper and panties down on her knee. We made solid eye contact, and both of us screamed while she tried to cover up. I went out immediately, and My heart was racing at that moment. 
Maybe after 30 mins or longer, she randomly sat down beside me in the living room. There was a good 10min of awkward silence until she asked how I would rate her body. I was shocked when she asked, but I answered professionally as a skilled kinky girl. She said thanks, and we just sat there in awkward silence until the time to go back home. 

Saturday, 5 February 2022


 GONG XI FA CAI and Happy Tiger Year to everyone!!..
Hope you guys had a wonderful week and collect a lot a lot of Hongbao. Slight sad for me okay, cause this year we did not visit much again. Maybe 2 to 3 houses for 1st and 2nd day and Xav's house. 

Actually there is nothing much for me to post, except for day 3 which i had a awkward situation. Will briefly talk about it later. This post is just for me to post my CNY outfit. Hehe. 

First day, I wore a red off shoulder Crop top with a white split Hem Zipper skirt by SHEIN. Did wore a Nu-bra but my aunty actually told me to use Nipple sticker will be nicer. How weird. 

Second day, wore some more decent clothing. A orange Romper. Not sexy or revealing at all cause i have to visit Xav's house. 

Stay tuned for the next post.