Friday 24 July 2015


On Wed, we had a group presentation during one of our lecture. Poly was kind of weird as we were told to wear formal for presentation, even it is a small one. For me, i don't own any white shirt as my mom always complains that white colour clothes get dirty easily. However, i do own a blue shirt so it was still okay.

That day morning, i got really naughty when i woke up. Maybe my period is coming. My nipple was harden as soon as i got up but i didn't play with myself as i was late liao..hehe, overslept!! I rushed to the toilet without taking towel. In the end, have to walk back into my room with my body still wet. After dressing up, i put on some make-up but in the end, i only put on mascara and lip-gloss as my brain was thinking something naughty.

In the end, i really did something naughty. I brought my 'thor' with me, hiding in my panty. hehe
I did turn on a few times when i was in the bus, but didn't orgasm as i want to stay fresh and clean. I tried to maintain so i can concentrate more on my presentation but in the end, i still lose. When i was in lecture, i turned the speed to 1, so it can stimulate slowly but i was wrong. I nearly orgasm!! No joke lor, I was really sensitive until i could nearly orgasm on speed 1.

I wanted to orgasm but not in class and not before my turn to present. I turned off and controlled myself. I am not sure if i am lucky or sway as my group was the next to present. Imgaine if i orgasm while being call to present, i think i will go weak on scene. Luckily, I am the last speaker in my group so i did have enough time to 'recover'.

I rushed to the ladies right after the presentation and had my 1st orgasm. My 2nd orgasm occur when i was in the bus, going home.

Sunday 19 July 2015

Trying out!!

Hey guys, i am back to update my blog. Sorry if i took a bit long to update my blog as i was really busy with school..I will try to update more often and thanks for all the suggestions.

Last Sunday, my dad brought us to a special type of steamboat buffet. Maybe you guys did heard it before or maybe even tried it out, but it was my first time there. I could said it was quite special as it serves Xiao Long Bao and steamboat at the same time. It located at Holland Village and i heard that this is the only restaurant in Sg that serves XLB and steamboat. You guys need to go try it out, it was kinda good.

That day, i wore a skater skirt with pantyhose only. No panties or thong or G-sting. Not because i am horny that day but i was testing if pantyhose could support a bullet vibrator and since that day i am going out,so why not. Plus I did cover myself with pantyliner just in case. I was testing out as it will be a punishment for CY, but i am not that confident if it will stay or drop, so i decided to try it out before asking her to do it. 

I can said it was quite normal but it does feel weird at times, specially when sitting. It feels like sitting onto a phone or rock, kind of pain. I did turned on the vibrator when we were waiting for the queues but was soon stopped as i was getting wet. Better stop before something happened!!
The worst part is when sitting like i said, it feels like sitting onto something, but that was when the vibrator sat on the correct place. When i settled down in the restaurant, the vibrator went to the wrong place!! Instead of being in the hole, it went up to my clit area!! So discomfort!!! I tried to arrange by moving around but it doesn't help. Being afraid that it might drop down,i went to the ladies to adjust it. When we were on our way home, the same thing happened again, but this time, i couldn't adjust it at all but to tolerate all the way until i reached home. It did make me wet as when the car move, it does a bit of vibrated.

It was quite troublesome,but afterall, it was a good idea..hehe
The best part is getting vibrated when surrounded by people, confirm will be damn wet...