Friday 18 November 2022


The other day I went out for a jog.
I was well prepared to run at least 5 kilometres (Trying to slim down for an event). Starting went smoothly, except for the fact that the weather was too warm.
I wore a loose white tank top with a blue Nike sports bra. Together with my spandex thigh. ( Tbh, not skimpy nor improper).

After jogging for a while, it was too hot, and I was totally wet from my sweat. I was wearing a tank top, so I couldn't use sleeves to wipe my sweat. With no other choices, I took off my tank top after some consideration. 

After I was done removing, I noticed that two uncles were sitting at the bench looking at me, and I bet they saw how I removed my tanks. 
Trust me, it was awkward, and the way they stared made me feel like I was a dancing girl who was now undressing for them. 

I attempted to run away, but my legs weren't helping. Ends up nearly had a fall. ( More awkward )
Luckily, they didn't follow me like what happened the other day. 

P.S: I am going to CL's wedding, and I am 99% sure I will wear this Off-shoulder Bodycon
Xav recommended I purchase this. So guys, what type of panties should I wear and should I bring my Thor or something else?