Friday 10 June 2022

We did it far apart.

Recently, CY and I came across a company named Lovense which sells different sex toys. What makes it unique was that it was an sg-based company which specialised in remote controlled sex toys. How did we come across; I shall say that someone in my clique joined this company recently.

From what I was introduced to, Sync is meant to make couples feel closer together when they're apart, and it is kind of like a We-Vibe couples vibrator that allows your partner to control your vibrator from their phone while it's buzzing inside you.

Honestly speaking, at times, I loved the idea of having an outside partner controlling the pace and rhythm of my vibrator for my masturbation routine, and Xav might not be the one who can do it. It was not the same as when someone controlled your vibrator, but the matter that you controlled their too makes me excited. It ended up; I shared it with CY.

The fact that we can control each other vibrator at the same time, and the far distance, is worth the price. The device was sent to CY’s address as I was afraid my mom would open it. The day came after one week plus of waiting.
After about a half hour of trial and error, it connected. When I opened the app on my phone and chose a vibration setting—like the slow "Wave," which vibrates intensely then softly, intensely then softly—the device buzzed in her hand too.

Lucky for us, the item came before the weekend and thanks to Xav, who went for re-service, I was able to have this fun. CY and I video-chat over telegram, and both of us were ready in our respective beds. (Not fully naked) We made sure our family were fast asleep then, we turned on each other's devices.

I will say, indeed, it was well spent and damn worth it. The vibrates were different from what Thor can do, and the idea that CY was the one who was controlling made me wet within seconds.

We tried all modes and soon learned each other's favourite modes—mine was "wave", and CY was "dengz dengzzz dengzzzz dengz". We could see each other's faces through the video chat (only face), and I kind of captured a few pics of CY’s near-orgasm face.

Thursday 9 June 2022

Panties stealer.

Hey guys, this is kind of an embarrassing experience for me. I'm not saying that cause I lost my panties, but it is more about confrontation with that person and how it progressed.

Recently, about 2 to 3 weeks back, I went to Malaysia with Xav's family and his cousin's family, and this kind of related to how my thongs were stolen. So just a quick brief of Xav’s family. His mom was the eldest among her six siblings, and from what I know, Xav’s family were close to his 3rd auntie’s family, which has a nuclear family, one son and a daughter who was in secondary.

It was not a long trip but a 3-day two-night trip to Legoland and visiting his 5th aunt (who was married to a Malaysian). So, as you guys know, most Malaysian stayed in those bungalows’ houses, and it was kind of big and spacious, so we ended up staying over at her place.

Things were fine for the first day, as most of the time, we travelled, finding food, visited some famous areas and went shopping.

Shit things happened the next day before I went for a shower at night, and to cut short the story, 2 of my thongs went missing, which included the one I wore on the first day and one which should be in my small backpack. No one should have realised I was wearing a thong except for Xav (I told him when we were in the car), and I was wearing denim shorts. The best part was that the person who stole my thong did poor planning and got caught by Xav. He was the first to be suspected and guessed what, out of so many places to hide my thongs, he chose his bag under his dirty clothing. It is not up to me to judge him for his hiding skill, but he was already 14years old then. (you guys should be able to guess by now). Maybe if he wanted to steal things, he at least kept them in a more secretive place.

We didn’t confront him before Xav’s family, but we brought him to the room. Only 3 of us in total. At first, Xav and I were pretty lost as we were unsure how to start the conversation, but then Xav acted angry, which he did, and confronted his cousin. It was not the most awkward moment when he went to his bag and brought out my thong. The moment he told us to wait while he went into the toilet, Xav and I looked at each other. That few seconds of silence was the worst awkward moment I ever had.

His cousin was wearing my thong, and the worst; it was the thong I wore for the first day. I don’t even dare to look at his cousin. I remember that Xav took it from him and scolded him before we went out of the room and back to our room.

I was speechless for that moment, and I bet Xav too. We didn’t talk about it for the rest of the night, but when Xav was sending me home via bus the next day.