Friday 3 May 2019

Family's trip : Day 5 ( Last day)

So the last day, was a free and easy day for us. I meant, we actually didn't planned for any activities. Like everyone was free to go anywhere they wanted. My brother and his gf went on with the shopping and etc. My mom and dad went to the spa and massage.

My plan, was the swimming pool. Hehe. That's the real reason of why i purchased the swimsuit.

After breakfast, we went on with our own path. I went back to my room and changed into the swimsuit. The best part was, there was no plans to wear back any clothing. I am just gonna walk to the swimming pool with a towel and my swimsuit. My assumption of the excitement was actually the route to the pool. It was at level 5, and which means, i had to get on the lift, walked past a few restaurants before reaching the pool.

I did brought a small paper bag, which used to keep my towel( for a bigger plan)

Sadly to say, the route to the swimming pool was not that exciting. Didn't met anyone in the lift, but only when i was walking towards the pool at level 5, there were other guests and staff. Slightly awkward, but i managed to act like normal.

It was an outdoor pool and maybe due to the wrong timing, it was crowded. After getting through the security (which stared me from far), I placed my bag and items on the nearest chair i could find and went on to the pool. The weather was good, not so sunny.
After 1 hour of legit swimming, i was ready to return to my room but i had a bigger plan to accomplish.

I went to the ladies, changed out of my swimsuit and placed it in the small bag.  After I wrapped the towel around my body, i walked out of shower cubicle to check myself on the mirror.  Yes, that's the biggest plan i had for this trip. A towel wrapped around me while i walked back to my room. I discussed with CY and we even went through the plan multiple times. We even had 3 different escape plans. Me feel very excited and scared, to be walking outside only wearing a towel around myself.

After getting out of the ladies, I walked past a few guys and there was a few times, we had body contacts. They did not stared back or what, like i did. It seems to be so perfectly normal for a lady to have a towel wrapped around her. No one had/was imagining that i was in my birthday suit under the towel. 

As i walked, my breasts did bounced from side to side and there was a few times, it caused the towel to loosen and almost dropped. The nerve-racking part was when i was waiting of the lift and being inside the lift with 3 other people. I am not sure if i was too damn nervous to notice about their reactions or people are just so "open" nowadays. What I could remembered was, the excitement of standing so close to others while I was completely naked under my towel, was the main reason of my high hormones that day. 

Thanks to the 'excitment', i was so aroused and wet throughout. Even when we were on the plane, i had to relieve my tension for 2 times while sitting, causing my seats, panties and dress to be wet/ soaked.

- So i received multiple emails, asking regarding the gym outfits. To satisfy your fantasy, i will politely send you personally. Only for the first 5.
- As the very good news to all, i am back in selling my panties. So email me if you are keen.