Sunday, 21 February 2021

D9 of CNY ( Dad's friends )

hey guys, Happy CNY. Sry for the late post.. will 2 posts for this year. ( if ypu know what it means). This is my 1st post for this year CNY period. Just a short sharing. Hahah
Didn't expected to have this experience but shit things happened, don't they. 

Yesterday. i had an unpleasant and unexpected visit from dad's friends. Although I do get extra ang bao(s) but kinda exposed myself infront of my parents and their friends this round and was scolded by mom. Who knows they will come to early!!!. 
As i been saying this for years, usually I don't wear much during night time, or sometime even worst, fully naked. So yesterday, i was kind of in a decent outfit, but just that I didn't put on my nicer outfit but just in my lingerie with bra and my FBT shorts which was kinda short. At least i am wearing bra sia!!

After like wishing, and getting the angbao(s), which most of them did stared at my boobs area ( the reason my mom was so angry), i hided in my room until they were gone.