Friday, 2 April 2021

Music-Activated Vibrator (MAV)

Hey guys, this post is not from me but a sharing from Isabel. Kind of used her experience in sharing this. Kind of a new thing to me too, that's why I wanted to share it.

According to Isabel, she brought a new type of vibrator that will only function under sounds. ( Kinda Cool ah ). She brought it last year( She love to buy all the weird weird items) and even tried out a few times already, but i will only share the one of the many.

One of it was during the new year count down which happened at the housing estate. As per her, she had wore tons of different vibrator but this, MAV was her best decision for the whole year. She claimed that the worst feeling was when she was walking towards the mall. A car honked beside her and caused her to squat down immediately. The sudden loud sound linked to the vibrator caused the sudden huge vibration. As per her, the vibrator still works in a way when she was walking along with other people, the footstep, the car sounds. As long as there is sounds, the vibrator does it job, maybe just weaker. During Fireworks, the vibrator coordinated perfectly to the rhythm of the explosions but then it was kinda weak, more like a phone buzzing. In the end, she did claimed that she had car sex with her bf after the fireworks.