Saturday 27 November 2021

On the way home ( 2nd part )

After sending my that mature cousin home ( cause she stayed nearer to town ), i did not went home straight as the time was still slightly early. I took the public transport and alighted at my neighborhood park. ( The one that i had many experiences )

As the time was only 11+ pm, i decided to take a walk in the park, as kind of linked to my block. 
Maybe it was a weekday, there wasn't many joggers or cyclists around. Maybe 4 to 5 pax. 
I am not sure, if i legit savaging those memories, or i am just being me, my naughty switch was turned on. The adrenaline of getting naked in public, and doing naughty things just came back in. Like my brain was full of it and how to do it. It was not something I will try to resist but just the timing and daring ideas. 

Tons of ideas flowed in, but most of it, the danger level is way too high. I might get exposed or even caught and etc. ( Maybe i do grow old, i started to think for the consequences ). 
In the end, after a good consideration, i removed my denim shorts ( behind the bush ) and pulled down my black tube bra to replace as my mini shorts, which was totally not helpful at all. Way too tight plus it was damn short. I bet if anyone was squatting down, they could see my bare shaved pussy. Kind of hard to ambulate also. Luckily for me, the denim jacket has buttons, and once i button up, cleavage plus plus plus, but who cares. Off i go after folding my denim shorts in to the shopping bag. 

It wasn't a long trip but due to the tightness of the tube bra, i wasn't able to walk as freely. Took me about 10mins to reach which usually 5mins. The worst part was, when i was about to reach my block when i got carried away. I am not sure what was i thinking then but i went straight into Cheers. ( The only convenient store that is still open). There wasn't anything for me to purchase. It was just a sudden act which i am not sure why did i did it also.

I do realized it now that it was dangerous as there might be people inside or even worst, maybe some foreign worker, but at that moment, my brain did not function that well and my focus was to make it a quick one. So indeed, i went in

I entered the store and immediately felt the coldness!! It was crazily cold. My nipples got harden in micro-second. I looked at the cashier and it was a female staff with the store empty. No other customers. I went straight to the fridge area, acted a bit but i wasn't planning to buy. But then it came to me, it will be such a waste that I came in, so in the end, i still wasted money.

I looked around and legit, nothing interest me. Went at least 3 rounds before i decided to be a bit naughtier. ( Kind of a bad idea ) I went up to the shelf which was right infront of the counter, instead of taking the chip from the upper rack, i chosen the lowest rack. With my ass faced towards the counter, I bend down instead of squatting. Exposed my entire pussy/ass! At that moment, I am not sure if she did saw it, but i guess she did as I took my time to choose the favor. In the end, I took 3 bags.

As i approach the counter, the indian female staff looked at me, acted so calm and steady. I was curious at that moment, like as if she was so experience in this, or maybe she did not notice?! Although it seems quite normal but she was giving me those weird looks. I legit not sure then if she do saw it. Furthermore, as my shorts was in the shopping bag, i had to take my wallet from there and guess what, she given me that WTF face!! Which makes me confirmed that she does saw my bottom. 

I smiled at her and politely told her that my shorts got strained but she didn't even bother!! I mean why did i even bother to explain!!!Argghh

After packing everything, I quickly walked out, so embarrassed...

Shopping ( Part 1 )

Hiii guys, it's legit been a while since i log in again. Time flies, don't they? Didn't even realise that it had been such a long time since I last posted. Sorry for the MIA, but I am still alive and well. Still as kinky and naughty, but maybe, just maybe, toned down a bit. Hehe. Actually, they are quite a few experiences I would like to share but have always forgotten. So let me slowly update again, okay, hehe. Hope you guys are surviving well out there and still viewing my blog. ( Seems dead for months )

Let me post the most recent events which happened this week. 

So, the other day, I went on a little shopping spree with my female cousin, which was 2 years old than me. Kind of she is a very mature type, a.k.a conservation type. Compared to me, I am the lupsup and always wearing those skimpy clothing girls. But then, we still "click'  well. Maybe due to our age. 
In fact, on this outing, I wasn't even planning for naughty stuff, but it just happened again. As we were going to town, I purposely wore a decent and nice outfit. Wore a black Tube Bra accompanied by a denim jacket and denim shorts. Legit, it looks very decent. The only thing that seems naughty is my Nude seamless Thong. Nothing else. But guess what? My cousin, she was surprised that I wore a thong instead of normal panties. You guys must be curious about how did she know or why will she know. Like I said, it was a shopping day, I kind of pulled her into the fitting room while I changed my outfit. That's how and why she saw my thong.  

At first, she did not voice out but kept giving me those looks ( staring ) when we were trying out the clothes in Playdress. (I kind of purchased a cute and kinky dress in the end ). She did hint at me bit by bit, but I was kinda numbed on it, so in the end, I did not really catch her hints until she took them from me. So, yup, we exchanged our panties, or I should say, I gave her my thong while I went home "Commando ". 

How did it happen again, right? Haha. Cause I kind of recommended her to try it on. ( Kind of regret cause this led to part 2 of the story, which happened after I sent her home ) So, as I was saying, she was those conservation type of lady; she has never touched or owned any of these sexy and naughty undergarments. Even the bra she wore was a normal black bra. Her outfit seems fine to me. Romper. 

The thing is, as we were trying out the outfit in Love, Bonito, she kind of stared at my butt and even touched the texture of my Thong. I mean, it does feel weird at first, but then it gives me a feeling very similar to a kid who wants something but does not dare to ask for it. So, in the end, I kind of removed it and passed it to her. ( She got shocked when I removed it ). My idea was to let her try only, although I know it seems unhygienic (but please, I am very clean and not that wet that day ). At first, she was slightly reluctant to receive it, but after a min of gentle persuasion and with the thong tangling in front of her, she took the bait. 

It took a while for her to put it on properly as it was her first time, plus her butt wasn't that small, so she needed to arrange the back a bit. Mainly due to the butt crack area, she claimed it feels weird, which I had to explain to her, etc. Kind of like a lingerie seller. 

So why, in the end, I had to go home without it. I pity her, I guess. Or maybe cause I wanted to be free down there. Who knows. I kept on psyching her that she should try it for the whole day and feel the difference between normal panties and Thong. ( I even shared with her that I wore a G-string, and if there is a chance, I will bring it for her). She kind of reluctant at first, as she felt that I would not wear her normal white panties, but in fact, I legit didn't. I wore it when we were in the fitting room, but I went to the toilet, removed and threw it away. A bit wasteful, but then, not my type. That's how I get to go home in 'Commando' again. 

Saturday 29 May 2021

Crazy CY

Hey guys, time flies, don't they. Next up, June. My 2nd fav month. 
Sorry for missing on 1st half of this month but honest saying, nothing much for me to update too as there isn't new or challenging things accomplished. The latest event happened last week, which we did something legit scary and fun. 

As i mention before, CY do own a house car, which was purchased by CL. So last week, we had a little fun using that car. CY's parents and CL are not in last week, which she invited me for an overnight at her house. I bet you guys are curious about their whereabout, the answer is Hotel. The reason why CY didn't follow was, she was the 4th person. HAHAHA. Extra one. Hehe. Her dad managed to get some free hotel stay at Sentosa and it was supposed to be only for 2 persons but with discussion and maybe bribery, the hotel allowed up to 3 person max. Thus, CY was out. On last Friday, I met up with her around 5.30pm, right after my work and we went back home together. It was a last min decision, which she told me at 2.30pm, and we finalized by 3pm as I need to ask permission from my mom still, and also Xav.
After taking 2 set of clothing, (one for sleeping, one for the next day) and removal of my make up, we were fine to go.( Didn't even get to shower but change of clothes only)

First stop, was the hawker centre as both of us were hungry af, plus it was time for dinner too. Didn't manage to eat there as it was kinda crowded.
Second station was NTUC. Alcohol again plus few packs of chips. Hehe.. what is better than alcohol and snacks for a stayover.  
After accomplish the 2 main objectives, off we go. 

There is no exciting story when we were walking back to her house or during movie time or dinner time, except the fact that the house car wasn't being used. 

I remembered clearly, it was 0134am when the movie ended. At first, I was seriously thinking of turning in, but that CY,  was still so excited and hyper for no reason. ( We were watching 'more than blue' the movie, and i was tearing so badly, she too) 

She suggested playing games but kinda boring too. In the end, guess what, we went out for supper. HAHA. Fat die me!! 

I walked into her room, planning to wear my bra( as we were already in our sleeping attire) before our departure, when she stopped me. Okay, i know this might sounds crazy but we legit went off without our bra(s). (or i shall said, without our inner wears) 

I was wearing a dark grey oversized tee ( stolen it from Xav) with my black translucent FBT shorts ( with lining) while CY was wearing her colourful school/class Tee with red cotton shorts. Without thinking much, we locked the door, took the lift and got into the car

The feeling does feels like wearing almost nothing but then, there is something. Actually, I was quite worry regarding our outfit but then, i looked at CY, comfortably sitting on the driver seat. As we buckled up our seat belts, the feeling of the belt direct hits against my nipples was kind of a different feeling. ( The oversized tee was quite thick too ). As we drive towards the main streets, we passed by quite a few car and no one bother to give a good look.

CY's action went worse when we stopped at the traffic light. I wasn't prepared at all when suddenly CY threw her shorts at me. I was kind of stunned in 2 ways. First, since when did she remove her shorts, and second, we were in the middle lane, with car side by side and she thrown her red cotton shorts. Kinda crazy. My first reaction towards that was more to scolding instead of getting aroused( am i getting old?)

It was legit crazy, and it was something that we did agreed that we won't do if it will exposed our identity. After a long debate, I lost. Actually, this idea did came out few years back, and we did tried before. 
I was more to angry because of the fact that my hormones was not up yet, that's why i am timid at that time. I was reluctant to follow her footsteps but as her bff, sister, lover, classmate, what I could do, was to go along with her. So in the end, my shorts were off too. 

CY's legs and vaginas were totally exposed. ( although my oversized tee is able to cover most of my vagina but still kind of short.) Anyway, we were unable to go anywhere to buy food in this attire, so CY suggested of going to the petrol kiosk and get some instant hot stuff. We searched for the most deserted kiosk we could find and in the end, it was a 25min distance ride.( How smart are we ) While we were on our way, she even suggested to go fully naked which I argued back and this time, I won. ( I mean it is damn crazy to be bottomless already, imagine going full naked with cars around!!) 

In the end, guess what. She ordered me to go in the petrol Kiosk since I had rejected the idea of fully naked. I tried to fight back, but due to her tee which was unable to cover even until her butt, i agreed to go. ( I did try to argue that we should wear back our shorts, but as per CY's, like that not fun) 

I got out of the car, after scanning for a while. I walked straight into the store, didn't even bother to look up to see around. As i was done picking the 'bao', and pies, preparing to go up to the cashier, I was completely stunned by my stupidity. My wallet was in the damn car. Damn stupid!! With no choice, I had to get back to the car. As I was walking out, I accidentally bumped into this guy, seems like a Malaysian. I did apologized but I bet he didn't care but went straight to the counter. ( Lucky me )

As I went near to the car, The window was already halfway down. After getting my wallet, which did delayed a bit as CY die die had to play the "cannot find game". 

As I walked back in, it had to be so coincidental that the Malaysian guy has to come out. The awkward part were the eye contact and the smirk smile he given!! He even looked back at my lower part!! I bet he knew it all along!!! Shit

Refusing to acknowledge all these at that moment, I went in and picked all the stuff i wanted again and went straight to the counter. I am not sure if it was my hormone or the situation or due to the fact I was standing in the open public while wearing one piece of clothing, the temperature seems to be much more colder, causing my nipples to be harden in a few sec. Worst of all, I think I was leaking a bit at the bottom ( cause I felt coldness down there too). The cashier was an Indian lady which took her years to scan all my items. The more anxious you get, the slower the time goes. I only had 4 to 5 items and yet it felts likes 30 min!! My nipple was hard, below was leaking and this Indian lady was still taking her own sweet time!!! 

The worst of the worse part came when I dropped my ATM card!! At that moment, I literally wish to run out of the store. As a normal human reflex, if you dropped something, the first action you will do, surely is bend down and collect. That's what I did. I bended down and collect while exposing my bare ass and pussy to the space behind. It was after I bended down then I realized the mistakes, but it was too late. I am not sure if there is anyone queuing behind me, or even in the store. I dare not to look back. 

After she packed my stuff into a bag, i grabbed and ran off. Didn't really had a good look if there is anyone in the store.   

As I approached CY's car, I did noted a black cloths was on the floor, but as I was legit damn discomfiture, I did not care much and get back into the car. The funny part was, CY seems to know something and drove off immediately. Later when we were on the expressway, she told me that the petrol uncle was staring at me since the moment I stepped out of the car and even when I was in the store!. I was shocked by the news. I didn't see any petrol uncle throughout. Only the Malaysia guy and the cashier. I even told her the story which happened in the store. All she do was laugh and laugh, even after when I told her I was so worried that someone might see my bare pussy when I bended down.  

In the end, we finished all the food before even we reached her estate, and worst of all, we walked back to her house with no shorts. That stupid idiot CY hanged our shorts at the car window and it dropped. She claimed that she did wanted to tell me to pick it out but out of fun, she decided not too!!!  

Disclaimer: photos are for illustration purposes only, and was 99% similar to the one i wore

Friday 2 April 2021

Music-Activated Vibrator (MAV)

Hey guys, this post is not from me but a sharing from Isabel. Kind of used her experience in sharing this. Kind of a new thing to me too, that's why I wanted to share it.

According to Isabel, she brought a new type of vibrator that will only function under sounds. ( Kinda Cool ah ). She brought it last year( She love to buy all the weird weird items) and even tried out a few times already, but i will only share the one of the many.

One of it was during the new year count down which happened at the housing estate. As per her, she had wore tons of different vibrator but this, MAV was her best decision for the whole year. She claimed that the worst feeling was when she was walking towards the mall. A car honked beside her and caused her to squat down immediately. The sudden loud sound linked to the vibrator caused the sudden huge vibration. As per her, the vibrator still works in a way when she was walking along with other people, the footstep, the car sounds. As long as there is sounds, the vibrator does it job, maybe just weaker. During Fireworks, the vibrator coordinated perfectly to the rhythm of the explosions but then it was kinda weak, more like a phone buzzing. In the end, she did claimed that she had car sex with her bf after the fireworks.

Saturday 6 March 2021

Purposely ( loser's dare)

So last weekend, did a damn outranged challenges. Exact time and location will be kept as a secret. 
I was tasked to do a loser dare. 
The actual bet was to guess the price range of a bag and out of 3 of us, i had the furthest range. Charmaine won.  CY lose too, but her dare was simple, which was removing her panties in one of the store, fitting room and left it there. 

As for me, she given me a hard time. I was told to reveal my panties in a way of accidentally  and had to act like nothing has happened! It was legit hard, no matter by just talking about it or doing it >.<

That day, I had proper clothes as we did not had any plans to be naughty. I wore a black skater skirt and denim white spaghetti top as top, accompanied with my white Fila jacket.( of course with normal bra and panties). I mean it was a common outfit. In the end, due to the dare, i had to roll the top of my skirt( like how we do in secondary school) ,thus, revealing part of my bottom. In serious tone, 1/3 of stripe panties can be seen and with no doubt, if by stair, everything will be reveal.

We purposely chosen Cotton-on as they had the sector for female undergarment and there are lesser males. After-all, the goal was to reveal but not create seeker. I did completed the dare after like exposing to the whole store and also kind of gotten a lecture by this aunty. I bet she was the last few who saw my panties, but only came to me after i successes the dare and was adjusting my skirt. I think she roughly knows what I am doing and my motive, but she did it in a way of like, I had an unforeseen upskirt. It's nice to know she do concern, but i still felt like it was a lecture of self-love.

Disclaimer: photos are for illustration purposes only, and was 99% similar to the one i wore

Sunday 21 February 2021

D9 of CNY ( Dad's friends )

hey guys, Happy CNY. Sry for the late post.. will 2 posts for this year. ( if ypu know what it means). This is my 1st post for this year CNY period. Just a short sharing. Hahah
Didn't expected to have this experience but shit things happened, don't they. 

Yesterday. i had an unpleasant and unexpected visit from dad's friends. Although I do get extra ang bao(s) but kinda exposed myself infront of my parents and their friends this round and was scolded by mom. Who knows they will come to early!!!. 
As i been saying this for years, usually I don't wear much during night time, or sometime even worst, fully naked. So yesterday, i was kind of in a decent outfit, but just that I didn't put on my nicer outfit but just in my lingerie with bra and my FBT shorts which was kinda short. At least i am wearing bra sia!!

After like wishing, and getting the angbao(s), which most of them did stared at my boobs area ( the reason my mom was so angry), i hided in my room until they were gone.   

Sunday 31 January 2021

New Haircut

Hi guys, CNY is getting nearer. Have you guys started Spring cleaning?? Hehe, for me. I just had mine last week. Kind of donated most of my clothing and old notes. Hahaha. Today topic is not about spring cleaning btw but just to share what i did today morning when doing my hair. 

Today morning went for my usual salon for 'CNY haircut', a typical Chinese doing. Hehe. Went to my usual salon which the hair stylist was my mom's friend. Another aunty in short term. The only bad thing about her was time management which i sometime hates it and went to other salon. However, if i were to talk about her good things, one word, best. ( Maybe due to the fact that she has been handling my hair since i was like 9yrs old)

The plan for today was to do my hair but then, as i said, the aunty was kinda slow, so in the end, guess what, i brought Thor along for entertainment. Hehe. Was not planning to do naughty things, but just to keep me awake and entertained. ( Which worked well ). I was wearing normal tee and shorts too, with bra and panties. 

Reached the salon at 1130am sharp, and aunty was already waiting for me. There are other customers but was handled by her employee, which most of them are aunties. As usual, the first thing to do, is to hair wash. She always claimed that she hates the feeling of dried, tangled hair, which is the reason why she always do hair wash first. 

After we were done with the hair washing, i asked for toilet break first as i know i will be trapped on the seat for at least 1 to 2 hours. ( Luckily, i was just having a normal hair cut ) The toilet break was not necessary, but it is for me to put thor in.  

Upon putting the big white cloth onto me, the aunty started to work on my hair, so does Thor. After a short talk discussion on how I want my hair to be done, I flipped the switch which was in my side pocket and started to feel the vibration. At first, it was not that aggressive, but as i adjusted myself, while trying to sit normally, the buzzing feeling started to get stronger and was low-key arousing me. ( Still at the entertaining period )  
Things started to go a bit hay-wired after she started to cut my fringe. I could literally feels the wetness down there and I was moving a bit more than usual. Even the aunty had to ask me if my butt is itchy. 
In the end, in order not to get caught, i switched off. 

After cooling down for 10 to 15 mins, i turned it on again. Kinda bored but also when there is a vibrator inside of you and it was switched off, the purpose is off. This time, i tuned it to speed 1, which was at the comfort zone, but no matter how low the speed was, for a prolonged time, there will be still an impact.

It was near to the ending part when i increased the speed, but stopped again due to the unexpected feeling of juice flowing. ( Maybe i was extreme tight that day )
After the final touch and cut, it was already 4pm. My legs was kinda numb and weak, but at least, i know i will have a good year ahead with Thor and my new hairstyle. Hehe

Thank you guys for the birthday wishes. Although didn't get present from you guys but you guys are always welcome to purchase items from my Carousell or email me for my Used panties. One more thing will be, i had already purchased few clothings for my CNY, which i am not sure if i am gonna wear it as the Covid situation is not at the best yet. Might not have house visiting. But no matter what, stay tune for my CNY post. ( Will post my outfits for sure, but not me wearing it ) Hehe

Sunday 24 January 2021


Welcome 2021 guys. Sorry for the late blessing. Was a bit busy lately with work stuffs. No matter what, i still remembered you guys. Hehe. Just for a quick update about this week before i go into another dimension. 

On Monday, had a 3D2N staycay with the girls ( near to Suntec ) except for Isabel, who was unable to attend due to family issue. It was like a last minute staycay, decided like 2 weeks back. Bad thing about last time planning is, not much hotels for us to pick. In the end, picked this hotel which was near to Suntec. ( A bit more expensive too ) 

We met at 2.30 pm as the check-in time was 3. After all the administrative and nonsense ( Lazy to talk about), we were kind of ushered to our room.( Acted like VIP) As we stabilized ourselves, which was after like 20 min ( they had to take video and pic ), Charmaine took out a bag which was filled with 5 paper and ordered us to pick 1 each. Guess what, the choices wasn't for gifts or places to go, but it is for our inner wear and all material was sponsored by Isabel ( Always our main sponsor). The choices includes of
1) White Bra and Panties 
2) Yellow Sport bra and thong
3) Black Nu-bra and  boyshorts
4) Pinkish Lingerie ( Not allow to wear bra/panties ) 
5) Pink string Bikini set 
and the the rules applied :
To be wore throughout the whole staycation. Only allowed to be covered with our own clothing when outing. Best of all, all set came in 2. Just a size smaller. 

Suppose to be fairly distributed but we are one woman down. As the birthday girl, I was given the privileges to be the first to pick it. Lucky for me, birthday luck, I gotten the pink Bikini and honest saying, the quality was quite good or I shall say it as thick. Sadly of Charmaine, she got the worst choice, the Lingerie. Not a normal type of lingerie, but the thin and sheer type. As least her outing clothing was mostly dull in colour. CY got the Black Nu bra set, while Carissa took the White bra and panties set. 

Due to the choosing of inner wear, and quality check and outfit change, we kind of wasted like nearly 2 hours for that. In the end, we booked the Ala cart buffet at the hotel since we were given $80 FNB voucher. ( All of us are just lazy to go far )  
For me, I was already wearing a shirt dress, but wearing the bikini was still kind of a weird combo. The bikini strap can be seen from my neck. 

The dinner was delicious and kind of "classy", especially the snow crab and dessert. I think I was enjoying too much on the food until I forgotten to close my legs. Kind of exposed throughout the whole dinner until CY who was sitting next to me, kicked my leg. ( Hopefully no one realize )

After the dinner, we took a stroll to the marketplace at Suntec and purchased Alcohol. I mean, who doesn't drink when staycay right! The most funny part was when we were walking back. The route we took required us to climb that stair. Not sure why, but I was kind of afraid of upskirting but was retaliated by CY, on how I used to expose myself to the world which everyone to laughs. 

Back in hotel, after drinking of 3 bottle of cider ( Apple ) while playing games, I do admit that I was tipsy, but not only me okay. Carissa and Charmaine was kind of gone too. Only CY was standing strong. She do drink, but didn't expected her to be so good. 

While taking my 5th bottle, Carissa and Charmaine was legit gone. Carissa hugged on me, and that snoring was amazing ( Sorry to expose you, my love). The survivors were me and CY but she was still standing strong from my view. Compliment me okay, i did finish the 5th bottle but was challenged for the 6th which I know I couldn't take it. CY was like pushing it to me, like trying so hard to get me drunk. After like debating/fighting for few mins, we decided that we shall challenge each other and the loser will have to finish the bottle. For her, will be her 7th bottle, but for me, is my 6th. As both of us were tipsy, we couldn't think of a good challenge at that point. I do remembered suggested to do the naked room service but both of us were afraid that it might goes in a bad way so in the end, we did the 10min naked window game. Just by standing near to the window in birthday suit seems to be more safe. In the end, guess what, as we were wearing the inner wear only, I could only remember that CY went up to the window, undressing while throwing her nu-bra at me and nothing next. ( Kinda funny as CY told me the next day )

The next day was worst, all of us overslept and nearly missed the breakfast timing which we already booked at the last slot. We did everything in the rush, like so afraid we will missed the breakfast. Hahaha. As i was the last to freshen up, they didn't give me time to put on my shorts and I literally went down without wearing shorts. Only an oversized tee and the Pink bikini set. Awkward to the max as we entered the breakfast place at such as late timing, and furthermore, all of us were not proper dressed. ( Felt like a star walking on the red carpet, so many pair of eyes watching, even the Chefs ) 

After breakfast, which we didn't took long due to the attentions we caught, we went back our room. ( Didn't get to eat the waffle, Hais )

The 2nd day activities was kind of time consuming but adventurous. We went for Megazip at Sentosa. Everything was fine except for the bikini I was wearing. Kind of discomfort and the lady who helped me with the harness, awkward after she noted my inner wear and my boobs was so prominent when she secured it. ( I was wearing a Normal tee with denim shorts. )

For dinner, we went back to hotel for shower. Wore a decent black spag dress for dinner which was at the Emerald Hill. In the end, my bikini doesn't fit the mini con which I had to use nipple tape instead. Didn't do any stupid things, purely for dinner and drinks. 

As we were on the way back to our room, Charmaine came up with this stupid idea and all of us did a stupid run which until now, I was still confused on why did we even ran. As our room was located at the far end, we removed our panties after getting out of the lift. We were actually walking after  removing but randomly, Charmaine started to run and all of us followed. Weird but damn funny. I am so sure that i was so used to be pantyless, but out of fear, i ran too. 

After our showers, we had our drinking game again but left with only 6 bottles. I took only one bottle as i was still intoxicated from yesterday or maybe too tired from the day activities. In the end, we stopped the game halfway and snuggle together. I was the last to fell asleep. All of us were shocked when we woke up by the light. Amazingly, the curtain was not down when we were asleep and Carissa were kind of out of blanket.( Lucky not in her birthday suit) Not sure if the people from the opposite office block did had a good look. 

On the 3rd day, we woke up on time. Had enough time for us to freshen up and put on proper clothing. ( not much different for them but at least I was wearing my FBTs shorts ) After having a slow and nice breakfast, 3 of us went for swimming except CY. Her aunty visit. All of us wore an oversized tee for cover when going down, but only CY was still on the Oversized tee when coming back. The rest of us, walked back in our bikini.  

Had late check-out, went to jewel and had our dinner with Isabel. Kind of awkward as i was wearing a sheer white tee with denim shorts but the pinkish Bikini is so obvious. Luckily i do have a jacket all along.