Saturday 23 April 2016

Night movie

Yesterday night, i went out with my brother and his girlfriend for a late night movie. Thanks to my brother's gf, the movie is free. Supposedly my parents are coming, but something came up, so my parents wasted this chance. Since it was a late night movie, plus with my brother driving, i wore something simple and comfortable. I don on a jacket with only my bra and panty. That's it. That's my outfit for that night. The jacket was big enough to cover until my mid-thigh so i didn't even bother to wear a shorts before going out. I did zipped the zip up all the way so my mom won't get suspicious but in the end, she aimed at my legs. I think she was too used to it as that what i wear usually. Girls like to show off their legs. Haha, but what she didn't realize was that, i wasn't wearing any shorts.

When i got into my brother's car, i was the only one sitting at the back, so i don't need to maintain myself. I lie down on the seats, with my legs hanging on the edge of the window. Due to the length of the jacket, i was still being covered well, but if you see it properly, maybe, just maybe, you can see my white panty.

I seated properly when we were turning into the car park, as there were lights, which mean i will be seen easily. We alighted from the car and took the lift to the cinema level. If i said i was not wearing decently, i bet my brother's gf was wearing "slutty". Who will wear a tight short dress for late movie?? I bet they are going to do some naughty after that. Haha

Right before the movie, i followed my brother's gf to the ladies. You guys should know that girls peed a lot right haha. When i was inside the cubicle, i didn't peed, but instead, i took off my panty and folded it nicely and hided it in my pocket. It was not a random act, it was a planned since i got into the car. I know i will be sitting beside my brother's gf plus we are sitting at the corner so i have no worries.

I acted like normal when we got out the ladies, but deep inside me, i was really damn excited. Excited for what, i am not sure too, but i can feel my heart was beating real fast at that moment.

When we were in, we were sitting at the second last row, and those sitting around us are couples. Like so awkward, all couples except me. It's not that i am jealous, just felt awkward. After we had settled down, i crossed my legs so i can let my pussy enjoy the cold air, and since the jacket was being zipped up, the hole below was slightly smaller so i pulled up my jacket a bit higher, while still covering my pussy area. I sat for 10 to 15 min before i decide to bring it further. This time, i bend my legs and hold it with my hands. It's looks like squatting but my butt was touching the seat.

With that position, my pussy was literally exposed. With my wetness, i can feel the coldness easily. I bet if the person infront of me turned his head back, he will easily spotted my pussy. Throughout the whole movie, i wasn't concentrating at all. I was more concern about the person infront of me. When he moved, i quickly closed my legs. In the end, i didn't really catch what was the movie about.

Finally the movie finished and everyone was preparing to go off. I sat back properly. I don't know if my brother's gf realize anything, but she kept smiling at me when we were walking out of the cinema, and even when we were getting in the car. Kind of awkward if she knows it, but i guess she will help me to keep it as a secret.