Friday 27 February 2015

Chinese New year 's FUN

Sorry for the late post, was kind of lazy to update.

During CNY, i did something naughty but yet irritating to my little nephew..hehe..
On the 1st day of CNY, i wore a Floral print Mini Pencil Dress which i brought it online at last minutes.With the Mini Dress which cover only until my mid-thigh, of course i have to wear my bra and panty...

We went out as normal, went to visit my grandma and my great-grandma...but during night time, we will always gather at my 1st aunt's house as she will be cooking for us and Lou Hei..It was about 8pm plus when they started the gambling. When they start, i was talking with my female cousins in her room but they were lack of players so in the end, all of us joined..
They were sitting on the floor so no choice but to do the same. I purposely sat opposite to a female cousin as i do not not wish to zaogeng to my male cousins and sitting beside her is my 10 years old nephew..Quite a cute little guy but yet so pervert...As a girl wearing a dress, we usually sat down with our legs turning side, but prolong of sitting in that position will cause numbness to my legs so in the end, i changed my position and sat with my leg cross ( like how we sit down normally). I was enjoying the games but my little nephew were enjoying my zaogeng. I know, he was aiming for my panty since the time when i crossed my leg as he kept looking at my legs area. After a few rounds, he was still looking, and that's when i decided to play with him a bit. I purposely open up a bit so he can totally see my panty. There he goes, saw my panty and yet keep staring. I know that he is enjoying as he totally lost concentration on the game and start to lose.. Since he were losing, i decided that i should let him enjoy more..I stayed at the position for about 10 mins ( i guess ), and i changed my position.. I bet he was disappointed..

After the game ends, i went up to confront him and guess what.. he was shock and scared...He shocked as he thought that i did not know, but yet i caught him...I somehow lecture him about respecting a female but actually is not his fault...It is normal for a guy to be pervert as their sexual hormones is higher than girls.  However this time, is i purposely showed him, but as an adult, i have to teach him a lesson if not, next time he will suffer the worst.

Friday 6 February 2015

Birthday Party ( Part 3 )


The next day morning, i was awake by my alarm as i set it at 9am, but it snoozed..When i woke up, it's was already 9.30am..I bet i was really tired from what we did last night...I tried to wake Isabel up but she ignore me. In the end, she woke up by herself after everyone was done preparing(i guess we were too loud). I am not sure is it because we are damn tired or what, but none of us wore proper clothing. CY wore just her jacket with bra and panty, while the twins wore a redbull tanktop with denim shorts but without bra!! For me, i wore Carissa's thighs and with my white shirt with bra, and we were ready to go. Lucky, Isabel was the only one that were fully awake. When she saw what we were wearing, she scolded. In the end, we wear more decent clothes, while herself wore a black long tank dress and somehow without bra. We try to scold her but we were too lazy, so in the end, we went down for breakfast like this.

When we arrived at the lobby, all attention were to us, not only from guys but girls too. As Isabel's boobs is quite big, when she walk, literately her boobs will be bouncing up and down. In the end, we have to ask her to cross her arms to support it. However, we caught more attention when we were eating our breakfast. The staffs and even cooks were looking at our direction, hoping to take a glance at Isabel's boobs. Even us do feel embarrassed. We quickly settled our breakfast and went back to our room. (So much attentions!!!)

When we were in our room, it gets kind of boring...Our plan which is going to the gym was cancel as Charmaine , CY and specially me did not bring any sporty attire, so no choice but to slack in the room. I bet we are really tired as we fallen asleep real fast, not just me but all of us. We were awakened by CY, when the time is 2.06pm. I was still very sleepy back then. After some pulling and fighting, all of us were finally awake but there is still nothing for us to do and it is still so early. We did have a plan which is to go for a nice dinner tonight to celebrate my birthday but it is too early to go out. After few mins of brain-cracking, we finally decided that we should have a early dinner and go to Marina Barrage to celebrate my birthday there..

By the time we were done bathing, it was already 4 plus...I was told to wear proper clothes but the problem is, there is no proper clothes for me to wear but right after i was done bathing, CY handled me a floral bralette with a denim shorts( which was mine!!! She did bring my clothes but she hided it!! Damn!!!) In the end, i wore it, still without panty..haix..(The bralette cover until my mid-abdomen, so i am still okay, but without a cardigan or sweater seems a bit weird). As soon as everyone was done with their stuff, we went off..

We went down to Suntec and eventually went off at 9pm, right after our dinner. We reached Marina Barrage at 9.30pm.. With the cake and some snacks, we took the a seat in the middle of nowhere..haha..I can said we are quite a distance from the lift. We were just talking and drinking( Breezer) while waiting for the time to past. After celebrating at 0000hr with cake and presents, we stayed there until 3am plus. We left only when there is really no more people( kind of scary)... We reached our hotel at nearly 4am and went to sleep straight..

Lucky for me, as i took a leave off for my birthday, if not, I will comfirm die...

Regarding my panty, i got it back on tuesday..Lucky no one found it..^^

Tuesday 3 February 2015

Birthday Party ( Part 2 )

The next day morning, we woke up at about 10am, as we were really tired. If Carissa's mom never call, we will still be sleeping...I was the first to wake up when the phone rings, follow by CY and Isabel...Carissa woke up the 4th..She is a deep sleeper..As Carissa was talking to her mom, i went to the toilet to freshen up, follow by CY...Maybe we are really too close, she just peed when i was brushing my teeth..I think own family members also won't do that...

We waited for everyone to be done before we went down for our breakfast.Lucky, the breakfast timing ends at 11am. The 4 of them were wearing decent clothing except me! I wore a long jacket which is Carissa's, and my bra but no panty, while they all wore tee and shorts..It is okay for me to wear just a jacket but i am in MBS..There are tourists around...What if they took photo of it how?! Haix..
By the time we step into RISE(restaurants), there are quite a lot of available tables. I guess we are really late.. The waiter who walks us to our table kept staring at my legs area which make me so awkward. Once we reached our seats, i immediately settled down at the most inside seat, so Paiseh sia... CY volunteer to grab some food for me, as she feels guilty for not bring clothes for me. When everyone went to grab their food, I sat alone at the table while using my phone when suddenly Isabel sms me "Sit properly, people looking"...I was like stunned. I sat up straight, pull the jacket downward to cover my upskirts...By then, i already stop using my phone and were looking around, just in case. When Isabel came back, she was laughing so hard that the water in the cup were shaking. She sit next to me and whisper, "She was just pranking me"..I was like WTH...Early in the morning, wearing just a jacket and a bra while being bottomless and yet still being prank!! Arggghhh.. "best morning ever"...I try to hit her but she keep pulling my jacket causing it to be moving upward. When the girls are back, she told them about the message and they all laughed so loud..

After breakfast, (which i did not eat much) we went back straight to our room to change into swimming attire..YEAHHH.. We are going swimming at the Infinity Pool..Located at level 57..
Charmaine wore a Purple Strap Bandeau with Purple Itsy bottom. While Carissa wore Red flounce bikini top with Yellow Flounce side-tie cheeky bottom. For CY, she wore a Rich Grape Getaway halter top with a Rich Grape KnockOut hipkini. I wore a Pink Triangle Bikini with Pink Skimpy String bottom which CY puts in my bag. Isabel is the worst..She wore a White Knockout Bandeau with a Black Thong, revealing the whole buttock cheek. We cover ourselves with towels and off we go..

When we get up there, the sun was like freaking hot..good for tanning but also bad for skin.
Since all of us are tennis players, Sun is nothing...haha....We took our seats which is directly facing toward MAYBANK. Since we are not tanning, the 5 of us shared one chair to put our stuffs and went straight into the pool. I admit the water is not cold at all, it was warm but it feels good. We swim to the opposite side, and relax at there. All of us were enjoying except Charmaine. She was swimming around the pool and trying to float on it, but was destroyed by CY who keep trying to drown her.

I was relaxing next to Isabel and Carissa when suddenly, Isabel nudged me!! She plans to disturb Carissa by pulling the string that tied her bottom, and asked me to join her. The innocent me agreed without even thinking. Isabel act like she was going for a swim, but actually she went to another side of Carissa while i am at Carissa right side. Innocent Carissa was still looking at the scenery when suddenly her bottom was being pulled off and i am the one holding it. She stunned but recover in just a few seconds and start chasing me. I try to swim away from her but she was fast. In the end, i have to get out of the water in order to win which is a mistake!

The moment i got up, one side of my bottom ties came off, revealing part of my ass and front part toward the world. Worst of all, there are people surrounding us and they saw everything. I quickly pull back and tied the string and went back to the pool while hiding my face with Carissa's bottom..A bit stupid but yeah...The girls were laughing and that when i realize it's a trap!! Damn...Carissa sacrifice her bottom in order for me to be the joker..I was like so Paiseh loh..There are tourists around and mostly were guys and yet i shown my ass to them.. I told them i going back to the room first but was being dragged back, but in the end, we went back to the room, with one condition.

My heart was racing when we were walking at the corridor at our level. My hand were shaking, and perspiring. I was surrounded by the girls while walking in my birthday suit..YES..Literally naked..With my top and bottom being taken away from me, i am punish to walk in my Birthday Suit, all the way to our room...At first, it was not that hard, but when we were half way there, the girls separated out, left me walking alone in the front and worst of all, i have to walk slowly..No fast pace..Like i said, being naked is nothing, but in a hotel, full of tourists, i am afraid...As i was walking towards our room, i am being turn on...My pussy was getting warm and moist..Lucky me, in the end, when i finally arrived at our room, no one came out at all...

I opened the door and went in, followed by the girls who was clapping, cheering for me!! Irritating!!!
I settled down on the chair while the girls sat on the bed. We were talking about how i feel and stuff when suddenly the phone rings. Isabel answered. It was from the Infinity Pool. We dropped one of the room card at the exit, and they call to ensure that we are back in the room as their staff is sending over. So nice of them right...

That cheeky Isabel who always had dirty ideas used this opportunity to torture me..She ask me to open the door to take the card from the person but was rejected by me... I am in my birthday suit and yet she ask me to open the door to take the card from the staff, when we don't even know if it is a male or we are in Singapore. If is overseas, it is alright as they will not see me anymore. After some voting, i was allowed to wear a bottom to open the door.

The bell rang when i was still wearing it. With no time given, I gathered all my guts and opened the door!! Holyshit!! It is a lady..Room service lady..PRC i guess..She looked at me with shock while i grabbed the card and thanks her before closing the door. The rest was right behind me and was laughing like hell when they saw the face. Lucky is a female staff, imagine if is a guy, i can just jump down the building. Since i had already completed the conditions, i am allow to wear back my bikini, but since we might not be going back, there is no point i wore it now, so in the end, i throw it back into my bag and remain topless.

We went out for shopping after the few of us went to bath. For them, decent clothing, for me..slutty clothing. Charmaine was kind enough to loan me her white Adidas dry-fit shirt while Carissa loaned me her black Skater skirt. Again with only my bra and no panty..CY and the girls wore normal tees with skirt or shorts. We went down to Marina Square for late lunch, pool, bowling and some shopping. I manage to try on some clothing but was banned from buying...CY's ideals..

Eventually, we left MS at about 8pm, right after our dinner..When we were walking back, I was told by CY, that Charmaine did something naughty when we were playing pool but she didn't tell me the whole story. In the end, i have to ask from Carissa as the 3 of them shared one table while Isabel and i shared another. Carissa told me that Charmaine lose to CY, and their betting was to remove their bra or panty and slot it into one of the holes. So conclusion is, Charmaine was force to do something naughty but not really being naughty girl ( If you guys can catch what i mean).When we arrived back at our hotel, it was 9pm sharp. Since we had no further planning, we decide to visit the Infinity pool again. We quickly changed back into our swimwear and that when i realize Charmaine really did remove her panty and slot it into the hole as she was not wearing anything below. After everyone was done with changing, we went off

The atmosphere and scenery were different from daytime..It was much more beautiful and cooling. CY and i didn't went down the pool as we were lazy to bath again so in the end, we chilled at the seats while Isabel and the twins went for a swim. I realized the time when we were told that they are closing soon..Time pass fast... Since there aren't many people around, we decided that we shall just walk back in our bikini..

When we were in the lift, Isabel suggested that we should all get naked and walk back to our room and guess what, all of us agreed..Idk why but we did it..When we arrived at our level, we checked around and then took off our bikini. TA-DAAA..5 girls being naked!! Who ever see us, confirm nose bleed. We walk like normal, steady but fast. Within seconds, we arrive at our room. As usual, once we were back in our room,locked the door and we settled down to talk about the feelings...It's really quite exciting!!..After a while, some went to shower while some watching TV. CY and i were playing our phone..Let's Get Rich...The game were simply but not on our punishment. Loser have to be in birthday suit and stand nearby the window for 1 min, no cover nor hiding. Tough punishment hor!! My idea!!hahaha
After 5 rounds,  I won 4 round while CY won 1...hahah...4 mins is a long time..I stood for 1 min which is like nothing as i was more excited for CY. Right after i was done, she stood up and went to the window and stood for 4 min.. (From the back, she was like stable, but if you look from the side, she was shivering and perspiring)...By the time she was done, her body were cover with sweat..hahaha..In the end, she went to bath again which i went in to brush my teeth.

When we were out of the toilet, Isabel, who was naked, were lying on the floor with a weird position while Carissa following... OKAY!!!..2 naked girls on the floor doing something weird while Charmaine was hiding inside the blanket playing her phone like nothing happened...After some investigation ( haha,being lame), they were actually doing Yoga... It was about 1am when Charmaine suggests that we should play some card games as we are really doing nothing but stoning!!

As usual, game master will be Isabel as she always play those weird games with her friends. This time, she taught us a game named: King and Soldiers"...The game is simple, since there are 5 of us, there will be 5 different card. It can only have 1 king, and the rest of it must be numeric. The game can up to 10 person but it will not be that fun, best will be like 3 to 5 people..So the game goes like this, we will mix the card and each of us will pick it randomly and hide it. Those card that are numeric will be the soldier while the King card will be the king.. So every turn, the king will select 2 different number and order them to complete a certain mission which only can lasts for 1min or lesser..Since we didn't show our cards, we won't know who will be the unlucky one. In additional, the mission must be complete before the next game starts. If the soldier were unable to follow the orders, she or he will have to do forfeit which is decided by the rest of the soldiers...( best will be playing while naked, Isabel claims )

For one example ( which happened during 1st round ) : We picked the card, CY was the king.. She ordered number 2 and 4 suck on each other index finger for 30 sec. As Charmaine were 2 while Isabel were 4, so both of them have to suck on each other index finger for 30sec...   simply and easy...

We played quite a few rounds and done lots of weird mission like for eg. kissing, licking nose, licking ear, suck on big toe, licking nipple, nipple to nipple and etc.. but one of the mission were really too over. It was not me, but Charmaine and CY, while Carissa is the King. The King ordered NO.2 which is CY to sniff on NO.1 which is Charmaine's pussy for 1 min...When we heard the punishment, Isabel and i were like ohhhhhhhhh, confirm will be turn on..When the time start, CY face down toward Charmaine's pussy and sniff (got sound). Not even 30 sec, Charmaine start to soft moan, making the atmosphere so weird but that's what makes the game fun...For me, my worst mission is to lap dance on Carissa. Although i success but it was like so weird...

We stopped the game at 2.35am when CY complains that she is tired plus if she continue playing, she might even start fingering (joking tone). In the end, all of us went to sleep but i guess no one will be able to sleep well without having some touchy exercise, which included me..

To be continue...

Monday 2 February 2015

Birthday Party( Part 1 )

Hey guys, sorry for the late updates..was really busy with my new job..have to learn lots of stuffs...
I am working as a office girl ( admin ) just in case you guys wonder...Since i am free now , i shall update what happened during my Birthday...

As my birthday falls on Monday, i have no choice but to celebrate it with my girlfriends during the weekend. (16th,17th,18th). I am very fortunate to have CY and the other girls in my life as they booked a room at MBS which was kind of pricey for them. Yet they booked it for 3 days. I tried to ask for the price, but was ignored. I assumed that the staycation will be my presents from them, but that was just part of it.

On the Friday, i went to work as per normal. Everything was normal except that i have been a naughty girl, going commando during work hours. At about 10am, i received a text from CY. I was in the printer room, hiding my thong which I regretted. She told me to meet her after work and instructed not to be late. I was wondering what is she up to, but soon my concentration went off as i was busy with kinky stuff.

After work, i went off and met CY at the nearest MRT station. She was wearing a Black Mango Tee, together with Black skinny jeans while carries 2 bags. One of the bag seems to be mine. ( Forgot to add in, i was wearing a Blue mini Belted Pencil skirt, and with a normal White Shirt. Office wear. You guys confirm wonder if i wore my bra right? OF COURSE I DO..but being commando from below should be alright..)

We hugged for a while before she thrown a bag at me. I managed to grab it and it was really my bag. I was kind of blur, before she starts to update me on the plan. She managed to convince my mom for allowing me to have a short staycation. What surprises me was, my mom agreed. As normally she will call and scold for last min outing.

We traveled by train to Bayfront Station and while we are in the train, CY told me that, the Isabel had checked in. The twins will be meeting us at the station. It been a while since the 5 of us gathers. Normally, only CY, me, and Isebel or only me, CY and the twins. Finally, the 5 of us managed to gathered.

We arrived at our location where the twins are waiting. Both of them, wearing the same skater dress but just different colours. Isabel called when we are about to hug each other. She scolded, as we are kind of late. We arrived at the hotel room at 7pm and Isabel was wearing her white school T-shirt and a black skirt. She looks like a model with that outfit. After chatting for a while, Charmaine suggested that we should get our dinner as it was kind of late. Isabel went to changes her clothes as she was wearing her school shirt. After she was done, we went off for dinner.

We traveled by car, thanks to Isabel which she loaned from her brother. We went to Vivo City to have our dinner as we all agreed that MBS area has nothing nice. A bit far, but it's alright since we have free transport. We arrived at Vivo city at about 8.30pm and it was still crowded with people. We decided to have Paradise Dynasty since 2 out of 5 of us are craving for Xiao Long Bao. We went up to level 3 and damn it, the queues are long (When you are hungry, and there is a long queue before your is the worst things of all ). With no choice, for the sake of  XLB, we waited. It's was nearly 9pm when we went in, and we were done before 9.40pm. Hungry ghostsss.

After dinner, CY and Carissa suggested for movie, but Isabel and i was tired. Charmaine was okay with anything. After a long debates, we went for a movie (Blackhat). Anyone watched? hahah..Not a bad movie, but not my type. I like Wang leehom only..hahah
I was half-asleep throughout the movie , can't remember the ending.

It was about 1am when we got into the car but in the end, we went off at 1.30am. 30mins of girls power. Hahah. Taking photos.

We arrived back at the hotel room at about 2am or maybe later. (can't really remember).
There were only one toilet for the five of us so i volunteer to be the last. After a prolong time, finally i can go and take my shower. I opened the bag which was passed to me by CY and there are bikinis and towel, but there was no clothes. I was astonished!! CY didn't bring me any decent clothing but just bikini and a towel??? I shouted at her which she was literally ROFL.

The other girls were laughing too. They even tried to remove everything in the bag and seriously...NO CLOTHES but bikinis and towel. In additional ,i kind of leave behind my thong in the office and now, i have nothing.  Isabel suggested that i can use her's but as you know, she only wear those sexy type. The twins too and i am unable to wear CY's. She wears smaller size than me. In the end, i accepted Isabel's proposal but it will only starts on the next day...DAMN IT.. Which mean i have to sleep in my birthday suit.

After a long negotiation, I went in to bath. By the time i came out, the girls had already covered themselves with blankets, making themselves comfortable. I tried to dry my hair while sitting on the chair naked. It was really cold specially when you just came out of shower. I went to join them after drying up. ( We combined two King size bed ) They tried to ban me from getting in but i managed to snatch the blanket from the twins which reveal them naked. CY unfolded the blanket which was covering her and Isabel. Both of them were naked too. It was a plan from CY, no one is allow to wear anything to sleep. I was kind of happy but worry too. Although all of us are being naked, but at least they have something to wear but not me

We chatted for a while before we slept as we planned for something big for the next day.

To be Continue..