Friday, 6 February 2015

Birthday Party ( Part 3 )


The next day morning, i was awake by my alarm as i set it at 9am, but it snoozed..When i woke up, it's was already 9.30am..I bet i was really tired from what we did last night...I tried to wake Isabel up but she ignore me. In the end, she woke up by herself after everyone was done preparing(i guess we were too loud). I am not sure is it because we are damn tired or what, but none of us wore proper clothing. CY wore just her jacket with bra and panty, while the twins wore a redbull tanktop with denim shorts but without bra!! For me, i wore Carissa's thighs and with my white shirt with bra, and we were ready to go. Lucky, Isabel was the only one that were fully awake. When she saw what we were wearing, she scolded. In the end, we wear more decent clothes, while herself wore a black long tank dress and somehow without bra. We try to scold her but we were too lazy, so in the end, we went down for breakfast like this.

When we arrived at the lobby, all attention were to us, not only from guys but girls too. As Isabel's boobs is quite big, when she walk, literately her boobs will be bouncing up and down. In the end, we have to ask her to cross her arms to support it. However, we caught more attention when we were eating our breakfast. The staffs and even cooks were looking at our direction, hoping to take a glance at Isabel's boobs. Even us do feel embarrassed. We quickly settled our breakfast and went back to our room. (So much attentions!!!)

When we were in our room, it gets kind of boring...Our plan which is going to the gym was cancel as Charmaine , CY and specially me did not bring any sporty attire, so no choice but to slack in the room. I bet we are really tired as we fallen asleep real fast, not just me but all of us. We were awakened by CY, when the time is 2.06pm. I was still very sleepy back then. After some pulling and fighting, all of us were finally awake but there is still nothing for us to do and it is still so early. We did have a plan which is to go for a nice dinner tonight to celebrate my birthday but it is too early to go out. After few mins of brain-cracking, we finally decided that we should have a early dinner and go to Marina Barrage to celebrate my birthday there..

By the time we were done bathing, it was already 4 plus...I was told to wear proper clothes but the problem is, there is no proper clothes for me to wear but right after i was done bathing, CY handled me a floral bralette with a denim shorts( which was mine!!! She did bring my clothes but she hided it!! Damn!!!) In the end, i wore it, still without panty..haix..(The bralette cover until my mid-abdomen, so i am still okay, but without a cardigan or sweater seems a bit weird). As soon as everyone was done with their stuff, we went off..

We went down to Suntec and eventually went off at 9pm, right after our dinner. We reached Marina Barrage at 9.30pm.. With the cake and some snacks, we took the a seat in the middle of nowhere..haha..I can said we are quite a distance from the lift. We were just talking and drinking( Breezer) while waiting for the time to past. After celebrating at 0000hr with cake and presents, we stayed there until 3am plus. We left only when there is really no more people( kind of scary)... We reached our hotel at nearly 4am and went to sleep straight..

Lucky for me, as i took a leave off for my birthday, if not, I will comfirm die...

Regarding my panty, i got it back on tuesday..Lucky no one found it..^^

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