Monday, 2 February 2015

Birthday Party( Part 1 )

Hey guys, sorry for the late updates..was really busy with my new job..have to learn lots of stuffs...
I am working as a office girl ( admin ) just in case you guys wonder...Since i am free now , i shall update what happened during my Birthday...

As my birthday falls on Monday, i have no choice but to celebrate it with my girlfriends during the weekend. (16th,17th,18th). I am very fortunate to have CY and the other girls in my life as they booked a room at MBS which was kind of pricey for them. Yet they booked it for 3 days. I tried to ask for the price, but was ignored. I assumed that the staycation will be my presents from them, but that was just part of it.

On the Friday, i went to work as per normal. Everything was normal except that i have been a naughty girl, going commando during work hours. At about 10am, i received a text from CY. I was in the printer room, hiding my thong which I regretted. She told me to meet her after work and instructed not to be late. I was wondering what is she up to, but soon my concentration went off as i was busy with kinky stuff.

After work, i went off and met CY at the nearest MRT station. She was wearing a Black Mango Tee, together with Black skinny jeans while carries 2 bags. One of the bag seems to be mine. ( Forgot to add in, i was wearing a Blue mini Belted Pencil skirt, and with a normal White Shirt. Office wear. You guys confirm wonder if i wore my bra right? OF COURSE I DO..but being commando from below should be alright..)

We hugged for a while before she thrown a bag at me. I managed to grab it and it was really my bag. I was kind of blur, before she starts to update me on the plan. She managed to convince my mom for allowing me to have a short staycation. What surprises me was, my mom agreed. As normally she will call and scold for last min outing.

We traveled by train to Bayfront Station and while we are in the train, CY told me that, the Isabel had checked in. The twins will be meeting us at the station. It been a while since the 5 of us gathers. Normally, only CY, me, and Isebel or only me, CY and the twins. Finally, the 5 of us managed to gathered.

We arrived at our location where the twins are waiting. Both of them, wearing the same skater dress but just different colours. Isabel called when we are about to hug each other. She scolded, as we are kind of late. We arrived at the hotel room at 7pm and Isabel was wearing her white school T-shirt and a black skirt. She looks like a model with that outfit. After chatting for a while, Charmaine suggested that we should get our dinner as it was kind of late. Isabel went to changes her clothes as she was wearing her school shirt. After she was done, we went off for dinner.

We traveled by car, thanks to Isabel which she loaned from her brother. We went to Vivo City to have our dinner as we all agreed that MBS area has nothing nice. A bit far, but it's alright since we have free transport. We arrived at Vivo city at about 8.30pm and it was still crowded with people. We decided to have Paradise Dynasty since 2 out of 5 of us are craving for Xiao Long Bao. We went up to level 3 and damn it, the queues are long (When you are hungry, and there is a long queue before your is the worst things of all ). With no choice, for the sake of  XLB, we waited. It's was nearly 9pm when we went in, and we were done before 9.40pm. Hungry ghostsss.

After dinner, CY and Carissa suggested for movie, but Isabel and i was tired. Charmaine was okay with anything. After a long debates, we went for a movie (Blackhat). Anyone watched? hahah..Not a bad movie, but not my type. I like Wang leehom only..hahah
I was half-asleep throughout the movie , can't remember the ending.

It was about 1am when we got into the car but in the end, we went off at 1.30am. 30mins of girls power. Hahah. Taking photos.

We arrived back at the hotel room at about 2am or maybe later. (can't really remember).
There were only one toilet for the five of us so i volunteer to be the last. After a prolong time, finally i can go and take my shower. I opened the bag which was passed to me by CY and there are bikinis and towel, but there was no clothes. I was astonished!! CY didn't bring me any decent clothing but just bikini and a towel??? I shouted at her which she was literally ROFL.

The other girls were laughing too. They even tried to remove everything in the bag and seriously...NO CLOTHES but bikinis and towel. In additional ,i kind of leave behind my thong in the office and now, i have nothing.  Isabel suggested that i can use her's but as you know, she only wear those sexy type. The twins too and i am unable to wear CY's. She wears smaller size than me. In the end, i accepted Isabel's proposal but it will only starts on the next day...DAMN IT.. Which mean i have to sleep in my birthday suit.

After a long negotiation, I went in to bath. By the time i came out, the girls had already covered themselves with blankets, making themselves comfortable. I tried to dry my hair while sitting on the chair naked. It was really cold specially when you just came out of shower. I went to join them after drying up. ( We combined two King size bed ) They tried to ban me from getting in but i managed to snatch the blanket from the twins which reveal them naked. CY unfolded the blanket which was covering her and Isabel. Both of them were naked too. It was a plan from CY, no one is allow to wear anything to sleep. I was kind of happy but worry too. Although all of us are being naked, but at least they have something to wear but not me

We chatted for a while before we slept as we planned for something big for the next day.

To be Continue..

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  1. Happy belated Birthday! I've been your reader for 2 - 3 months and I really enjoy reading your blog (stories). Hope to read more of your update soon :). All the best in your new job and hope to hear more of your stories that happened in your office :)