Tuesday 31 March 2020


Hey guys, please kindly take care of yourself, drink more water and wear mask if needed okay.. and always remember to hand wash ( no matter what u going to do or after you do, especially before touching your 'little brother' or 'little sister' ) Let's fight against this Covid-19 together!!

Yesterday night, i did some insane again. I orgasm while sleeping next to my mom. Hehe!! I would said it was a random act but someone did recommended to me before. ' Have a discreet touching beside your relative or whoever sleep next to me'. Didn't try it until yesterday.

For the past 3 days, my mom has been sleeping with me as she had an argument with my dad but somehow, she doesn't want my dad to sleep in the living room so she decided to move in to my room. I wasn't happy about it but if i fight back, i might get killed. So in the end, i agreed to let her sleep in my room.

My bed was a single king sized bed, so there was no worries about 'space' but i was more concerned about my privacy. As i always stated, i tend to sleep in my birthday suit, but with mom around, i had to wear something.

1st night was a bit chaos. Like we had to share the same blanket, share sleeping 'space'. I wasn't used to have someone sleeping beside me, so it was kind of disturbing whenever i changed my position. Furthermore, my mom doesn't like air-con, so in the end, i had to direct the fan to face me and only me. I wasn't wearing much, just a long tanktop that covered up to my mid-thigh. ( In the end, still got nagged in the morning as my mom said she touched my bare butt whenever she changed her position as i didn't put on my panties that night)

2nd night was more peaceful. Maybe due to the fact that i went bed late or she was really tired. I was quite sleepy too, so maybe that another reason that we had a peaceful night. The good thing was, i didn't get nag in the morning, maybe i was wearing the correct outfit. A shorts and a black Spaghetti strap top 

3rd night, which was yesterday night. The most happening night i would said. I went to bed quite early as i am working today, but in the end, woke up at 2am ++. Was planning to sleep back, but thanks to no air-con, i was like 'sticky' even though i was wearing lingerie ( brought by Carrisa ) and a normal white panties as the lingerie was a bit short afterall. After removing my blanket, I can't really remember how or what, my hormone was up, and i was touching myself. Initially, i was playing with my nipples, as not much action needed, but ended up, i further it down. Caressing my clit through the panties fabric. I was sure i didn't last long before i orgasm. The part of my panties that were touching my pussy were soaked immediately. Not because i was too horny or the rubbing was too intense, but due to the fact that my mom was beside me. I can't moan or even have big action.Worst orgasm feeling!!!

Even after the orgasm, i was still 'burned up', was planning to bring it to the next level. As I carefully slide down my panties, my mom changed her position, faced towards me and sneezed. To be honest, it was damn scary. My hand (with panties) was on my mid-thigh, my butt can be seen ( was lying on left lateral) , my lingerie was up to my chest and my mom just changed her position. Luckily, i didn't panic but i stopped. It took a while for me to tidy up my outfit. Although i was still craving for more, but safety comes first. I did waited for at least 20mins ( i guessed ), but in the end,fallen back to sleep..

When i woke up today morning, i was covered with blanket and my mom was gone. One of my headache now was, did she saw or what? and if she did, how am i going to sleep with her later??!!

Disclaimer: photos are for illustration purposes only, and was 99% similar to the one i wore