Sunday 28 October 2018

Daring game : mini

As discussed during the dinner time on the 12th, we agreed that we should had some common dares during certain weeks. If not, we will run out of ideas and 'energy'.

So this week's dares was to wear something that was mini. It can be skirt, shorts, tops or even inner wear. We decided to do the dare on the Friday as only on that day, we are allowed to wear something more causal. In the end, Charmaine were wearing almost the same outfit as me. I wore a normal blouse with a mini black pencil skirt that covers up to my thighs ( brought during poly ). For Charmaine, she wore a mini sport bra which in the end, there were obvious red strap mark on her neck area. For CY,  she wore a mini micro g-string. From the pic she send us, i thought she was wearing just a string. 

p.s : Sorry for the short post, was not in the mood of tying.

Daring game : The "treat" from the Queen

Sorry for the late updates. Was busy with outing and work for the past week. So conclusion for the dinner treat on the 12th. I went into a male toilet, peed in the urinal using a urine funnel (with my dress above my ass), removed my silicon strapless bra and went home braless.

Both CY and Charmaine were astonished with my YOLO 'courage' and acting skill( i acted like normal), as the dare was really out of the league and dangerous. Especially, after i removed the bra and was walking towards the lobby to wait for the grab. Multiply staffs and tourists were looking at me. Even the grab driver had turned a few times to look at me. I did realized it although i was facing down using my phone. My nipple was damn damn obvious and it was poking out from my dress. There wasn't much choices, I rather embarrassed for few mins than 'tearing' my wallet. 

CY's dares was so much easier compared to mine. Her dare includes of wearing a crotchless panties and showing her it to the 'world' during dinner, which was about an hour plus. I am not sure if anyone saw, but i know it was quite obvious from my side.

P.S : There will be a second post for this week's dares.

Tuesday 9 October 2018


Hey guys, there will no challenges or dares for this week or next. Charmaine had requested that, after a long debated session, which she offers to bring us to an expensive restaurant with 2 conditions of, we will be free from dares for this week and next, and she will be the queen for the event night. I bet she is collating ideas to take her revenge. hehe

Extra note : We will be going to one of the famous restaurant in MBS. It will take place on Friday, the 19th. ( Treats from Us to you guys.) 

So in fact, there is nothing much for me to update this week, so i shall excuse myself from tying so much.


I remembered that my loyal fans has been asking about my personal kinky life. Like for instance, do i still masturbate, do i still go commando and etc. Like i replied thru the email, i am still doing so, but more discreetly, as my mom was still "on" me at times. However, i would like to take this opportunity, to introduce , Q&A part 2

Yup, i am open to questions from you guys. Ask me any questions, except questions that will reveal my personal life. The due date will be on after Halloween night. (Check ur calendar if you are not sure when is Halloween) :)
Looking forwards to all your questions. XOXO

Thursday 4 October 2018

Daring game : The run

Finally, there is one loser. Charmaine loses her dare. She was challenged by me to remove her panties and slide it into her friend's bag by CY. In the end, she didn't manage to do the second dare which she claims that she has no opportunity, which means she failed. I was worried at first, as she was the first to do those dares this week, and she might 'drag' someone else with her to pay for the meal but luckily, I managed to accomplish my dares.  Happy that we are getting a free meal soon^^.

For my dare, I had to remove one piece of clothing until I am left with just a bra and panties during a night jog(by CY) and was only allowed to get it back after I had run for 2 round in just my bra and panties(by Charmaine). It was not my first time undressing during night jog but at least this week's dares was more challenging than the previous. Base on the previous incident(I did posted before), which causes me a jacket and bottle, I requested CY to accompany me, which I had to wait until 9 pm as she had to change her outfits.

We started our run at about 9 pm plus, which kinds of benefiting me. At least I know, my mom will be asleep by the time i am home. For the first few rounds, I didn't manage to remove any of my clothing as they are still joggers around. I guess it was the 4th or 5th round when I finally removed my 1st piece of clothing, my jacket.

I was not wearing many layers, only my jacket, a tank-top, FBT shorts and black sports bra with black panties. ( To prevent the obvious wetness spot ). After removing my jacket, I was hesitating on removing my top or bottom next, but in the end, I removed my top. At least, wearing a sport bra and run isn't that worse than wearing just a panties. At that point, I am aroused and moist. When I was finally left with my bra and panties after the "N" rounds, I knew I had chosen the correct colour of my panties. ( There was a big patch of wetness on it ).

We went rounds and rounds, until CY complained that we are on our 9th round. It's true that we did ran more than what we had expected. When we were walking towards the resting point, I am not sure if it was my sweat or juice that was leaking down my legs.

We didn't rest for long, maybe for a good 2 to 3 min as I was still in my bra and panties, and CY was afraid that we might attract more attention if we did rested longer. (We attached quite a number of attention after removing my shorts). She even accompanied me back home to make sure i am safe.

CY's dares :
- Wearing a black nu-bra with black spaghetti top ( by me ) and have to walk around crowded area( by Charmaine ) ( She claims that she attached a lot of audience when she was in the bus)