Thursday 24 September 2015


Just done skype-ing with my friends for our group project and guess what, i am wearing just a tanktop with bra ( which i am still wearing now )with nothing on below since just now. Actually i am suppose to meet them up tomorrow but due to the haze's condition, we think it is better to cancel it, so we last min decided to skype.

I think we started at 7 plus and ended just now, about 10.30pm. It is not that we had so much things to discuss, but it was because we sing songs, talk rubbish and even did some retards stuff( I am not going to type out). I think we are serious for less than 10 min before someone start to talk nonsense again. Throughout the 2 hours plus, i think we only used 20 to 30 min for our projects. The rest is really nonsense. 

Base on the skype conference just now, i think out of the 6 of us, i am the 2nd most confident in my clothing when skype-ing. 3 were wearing Polo tee, 1 wearing a jacket and the winner wore a spaghetti top, similar to me. Like seriously, who will wear Polo tee at home! Not hot meh?? I still can believe that wearing a jacket at home, cause i also do that but Polo tee, a bit too much. For me, skype-ing only required the face and upper body, so i didn't really care about my bottom. I was totally naked below when i skype with them. Not because i am horny or what, but i was at home and in the my room for the whole day, no point putting on clothes when i know i am going to sleep naked at night. I stripped naked when i was back in my room after dinner. It was common for me. Just the the skype conference was a last min decision, plus it only shows our face and upper body so i wore my bra and tanktop only. At least not showing my boobs to them can le.

I know you guys must be thinking that i might do some naughty during the call, but sorry. The answer is no. I didn't do anything naughty except almost revealed my bottom to them a few times when i went to take some notes, if not, i don't think they know i am not wearing any panties or shorts lor.

Sorry for the short and non-exciting post. Nothing happened so there is nothing for me to type out. Maybe you guys can wait for my sentosa's trip with my poly's friends, but high chance is after the haze is gone, which i don't know when and how. Btw, please drink more water and stay at home as the haze is getting worse. Try not to go out for this few days ba.
Stay healthy and Strong^^

Love Alicia

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  1. oh.... next time stick a vibrator down there while skyping