Friday 2 September 2016

I am back^^

Hey guys,I am back. It's been a while since I've posted here. I know my blog seems dead by now, but i will try my best to bring it back alive during this holiday period. Thanks to those readers who are still here waiting for my updates and those who had been sending me emails.

A lot of my readers asked me, do i miss JC's life? Of course I do!! It was then when i have lots of free time to do my stuff ( minus away exam and presentation period ). I also received emails, asking when will i be back here posting things. FYI: I am still doing naughty stuff, but it is just basic stuff such as going school without panties. There is no purpose for me to update such things daily as it is like a repeat routine.

However, today was slightly different. It's not a big thing, but it was a challenge for me since i had not been doing this for long. After having breakfast with my parents at about 7.30am, I didn't went home straight. I somehow loitered around the neighborhood before i decided to initiate my plan.
At that timing, everyone was rushing for work or school so i predicted that they will not pay much attention to me. It not that i wanted the attention too. I went to the toilet that was inside the coffeeshop and took off my bra. Yup, my bra. Not to worry, i know my limits and that is why i brought along my nipple sticker. I bet that, with the dark sky plus my well prepared protection, i can walked back peacefully in this state but i am still kind of nervous.

I was right. After i walked out of the toilet, no one gives a damn to me even when i took out some tissue to clear my sweat. Cool weather but i am perspiring heavily. I managed to squeeze past a few aunties with body contact. Everything was so smooth except when i was waiting for the traffic light. I think one of the aunties who was standing beside me did realize what was going on. She looked at me in a weird way, even when the green man flashes, she kept turning her head towards me and thanks to her, quite a few passerby also looked at me. Lucky, i was not carrying any stuff so i was able to cross my hand and cover my boobs but the sad thing was, i maintained the same pattern throughout the whole journey. The weird aunty stayed just right beside my block!!!

btw,                                ^^Happy Teacher's Day^^

Saturday 23 April 2016

Night movie

Yesterday night, i went out with my brother and his girlfriend for a late night movie. Thanks to my brother's gf, the movie is free. Supposedly my parents are coming, but something came up, so my parents wasted this chance. Since it was a late night movie, plus with my brother driving, i wore something simple and comfortable. I don on a jacket with only my bra and panty. That's it. That's my outfit for that night. The jacket was big enough to cover until my mid-thigh so i didn't even bother to wear a shorts before going out. I did zipped the zip up all the way so my mom won't get suspicious but in the end, she aimed at my legs. I think she was too used to it as that what i wear usually. Girls like to show off their legs. Haha, but what she didn't realize was that, i wasn't wearing any shorts.

When i got into my brother's car, i was the only one sitting at the back, so i don't need to maintain myself. I lie down on the seats, with my legs hanging on the edge of the window. Due to the length of the jacket, i was still being covered well, but if you see it properly, maybe, just maybe, you can see my white panty.

I seated properly when we were turning into the car park, as there were lights, which mean i will be seen easily. We alighted from the car and took the lift to the cinema level. If i said i was not wearing decently, i bet my brother's gf was wearing "slutty". Who will wear a tight short dress for late movie?? I bet they are going to do some naughty after that. Haha

Right before the movie, i followed my brother's gf to the ladies. You guys should know that girls peed a lot right haha. When i was inside the cubicle, i didn't peed, but instead, i took off my panty and folded it nicely and hided it in my pocket. It was not a random act, it was a planned since i got into the car. I know i will be sitting beside my brother's gf plus we are sitting at the corner so i have no worries.

I acted like normal when we got out the ladies, but deep inside me, i was really damn excited. Excited for what, i am not sure too, but i can feel my heart was beating real fast at that moment.

When we were in, we were sitting at the second last row, and those sitting around us are couples. Like so awkward, all couples except me. It's not that i am jealous, just felt awkward. After we had settled down, i crossed my legs so i can let my pussy enjoy the cold air, and since the jacket was being zipped up, the hole below was slightly smaller so i pulled up my jacket a bit higher, while still covering my pussy area. I sat for 10 to 15 min before i decide to bring it further. This time, i bend my legs and hold it with my hands. It's looks like squatting but my butt was touching the seat.

With that position, my pussy was literally exposed. With my wetness, i can feel the coldness easily. I bet if the person infront of me turned his head back, he will easily spotted my pussy. Throughout the whole movie, i wasn't concentrating at all. I was more concern about the person infront of me. When he moved, i quickly closed my legs. In the end, i didn't really catch what was the movie about.

Finally the movie finished and everyone was preparing to go off. I sat back properly. I don't know if my brother's gf realize anything, but she kept smiling at me when we were walking out of the cinema, and even when we were getting in the car. Kind of awkward if she knows it, but i guess she will help me to keep it as a secret.

Saturday 12 March 2016


From the title, i bet you guys can predict something had happened yesterday. Yup, some big shit really happened. First, my bag smelled like green tea. Secondly, i misplaced my notes. Thirdly, i had an orgasm in my school library. Haha. I bet you guys are more interested in the third thing. I take it as you guys are interested in what happened to my bag and my misplaced notes because it kind of connected but i know you guys are just interested in my orgasm, Right? So i will make it short and sweet.

Everything happened because of the required stupid project meeting. Went to school early in the morning and i brought myself a bottle of green tea before getting onto the bus and surprisingly, it kind of " spilled by itself ". What i mean by " spilled by itself ", literally means that the cap opened by itself. It's not magic, nor supernatural. I remembered that i did closed it tightly before putting it into my bag but still, it opened. I only realized it when one of my project mate saw my bag had 2 different colour and asked me. She helped me in taking out my stuffs, which includes of my stationery and my notes before we went to the ladies and that was how i lost my notes. We took everything out but forgot to take it. I know i am quite blur at times, but there were 2 person, and yet no one realize the stacks of notes lying on the floor. In the end, when all my project mates start taking out their notes then i realize that i had lost my notes. I did went back to search, but it was gone.

Regarding why i had a orgasm in the school library, i guess you guy can predict it well. As i was saying, i lost my notes due to the water spillage, which led to me, i and myself stayed back at the library to find back. I bet you guys wonder that why didn't i just borrow from my friends and photocopy? The answer is because we are all doing different chapter. I also wish to copy from them, but no one did that part.

At first, we were sitting in a room, loaned by one of my project mates but since she was going off, the room have to be return so she can get her admin card back. I don't mind loaning a room just to study or do my research but i was too lazy to walk down so in the end, i went to the end of the library and settled down, just two table behind a guy. NYP's library placed 4 tables in the rows of 2 and the front part of the table were being covered, so you can actually sleep there or hide there. I love to go to the end part, due to the peacefulness and i can just go around to search for books easily, don't need to be afraid that someone might steal my stuff. ( Paranoid girl )

I managed to grab some books before i started my writing. I think i did it quite well as i almost copy the whole book. Just kidding. I concentrated for at least 1 to 2 hr, i guess. I did went through 2 thick books and a small book before i stopped. It was at least 80% done..Fast right? but actually it is not. I just copied down the important parts but not yet finalizes.

I decided to take a small break. Have some stretching and cracking of knuckles and head. That was when i realized, the guy who was two table infront of me was sleeping. Literally sleeping and he didn't even bother to cover up but leaned on the wall and sleep. Didn't realize that library's wall was such a good support for sleeping.

I was about to get back to work when i remember a naughty dare, suggested by one of my readers. He dared me to get undress and masturbate in school library. I think it was last year when he suggested but during that period of time, i was busy with projects so i didn't really pay any attention to what he suggested. This time will be different. Since i had left with just a bit more note to go, why not i just pleasure myself first. Furthermore, there were no CCTV nor students or librarians around. The best timing!!

I scanned around my surrounding at least three times before i started moving. ( Oh, forgot to add in, i was wearing dark grey tee, with a denim shorts. Of course, with my thong and black bra. ) I played with my breasts first ( easily to get turn on ), grabbing it, finding my nipple's spot through my shirt. Slowly, i tucked out my tee and moved my hand under it. Playing my nipples through my bra. I think i got turned on quickly due to the fact that i was playing in school library plus with those Nylon type of bra, which easily portray my harden nipple and i got wet because of that..

With my Left hand being busy , my right hand went to work too. I unbutton my shorts and slides it down to my thigh. I was literally sitting with my thong in school library, quite exciting. Luckily i was wearing a thong, if not, my shorts will be damn wet.It was as if like i peed my pants.

I pulled my thong aside with my right hand and used my left hand to rub against my clit. At first,I approached it gently as i don't wish to orgasm so fast so i rubbed up and down gently, sending a few electrical shock when i did that. However, i didn't take long before i started to rub it like mad. It's not as if i didn't masturbate for weeks, i just did it 2 days ago but i am damn horny yesterday.

Unconsciously, I closed my eyes when i am reaching my climax. Within 2 to 3 min of furious rubbing, I came. A real hard orgasm. My juices were flowing wildly and "white cum" were seen too. I moaned but a small one as i was biting on my shirt. It's been months that i had such a hard and intense orgasm. Normally, i will be just wet after orgasm, but this time, i even had "white cum".  I think it was because i am in outdoor, plus i am masturbating in my own school's library. The excitement of being caught makes me more aroused.

By the time i was able to move, my juice flowed on to the chair, and i have to clean it up before leaving.

Sunday 6 March 2016

Zoo Run

Hey guys, sorry that i didn't update as much as last time. It's not that i didn't have time or stuff, but the fact is i didn't do anything naughty except going commando for a few times. For me, i can't write stories nor fake a scenario as i am more of a visual and fact person. I need to experience it or even see it so i can really type out what i had been through. I know there are good authors in the world, but sadly, i am not one of them. So guys, forgive me if i didn't update much.
Tonight i am going to tell you guys what i had done on last Saturday at the Zoo run, so stay tuned.

Last Sunday, i took part in a 10km run with my 2 youngest male cousins, a female cousin which older than me by 1 year and my aunt at the Zoo ( Night safari ). We didn't run much actually as we walked from the start until the remaining 4km. The event starts at 7am but we reached at the zoo at 6.20am. Registration took us 5 to 10 min and the rest of the time, we were basically 'rotting' at the shelter. At first, there wasn't many people, maybe like 10 to 15 people around, but as the time goes by, the place started to fill with orange colour shirt. We were given the Zoo Run T-shirt ( Orange )when we registered and we are required to wear it for the run. For me, i wore the shirt with a purple extra small FBT shorts which i regretted after reaching zoo. I purposely wore a smaller size as the t-shirt was 3 size bigger ( suppose to be my uncle's ), so if i wear a smaller size FBT, i can make it as if i am just wearing the t-shirt only. Honestly, it didn't show much, except it was tighter and parts of my butt cheek can be seen clearly. That's was the reason which i regretted. The Mosquito in zoo were really scary. They don't just 'bite' our hands, legs or face, but my butt cheek too. At least 3 to 4 bites on my both butt cheek and that was before the run started, imagine what i had suffered for 10k!!!

The run started at 7.10am sharp and it was really crowded with people. My female cousin and i were being squeezed like sardine. I know i had attracted a few attentions as i overheard a group of male runners which was just right behind me, talking about my attire but i am not sure whether it is positive comments or negative, which i don't really care . We walked on a very slow pace, until the extend of no one is infront or behind us. All thanks to my aunt, she keep taking photos of her 2 sons. Every habitat also need to take 1 photo. A bit annoying but also thanks to her, that i am able to come to Zoo Run.

We walked for about an hour to an hour half before my cousin and i become impatient so we, so called 'abandoned ' my aunt and started jogging. I think the distances we jogged were lesser than 4k but base on what the usher told us, it was 4k plus.

My cousin and i were jogging at first, but after 1 to 2km, we were literally running, chasing the people infront of us and worst of all, i am carrying a drawstring bag and big shirt. I managed to tuck in and folded up the sleeves while catching up with her. Honest saying, i am able to run at the same pace without stopping, but she was doing interval running. When we catch up with the person infront of us, she will run at normal speed, but when she saw another person infront of us, her speed will increase, in order to catch up with that person. I was literally suffering when she speeds up but I think we had over-take quite a numbers of people before reaching the finishes line.

When we crossed the finishes line, I was perspiring profusely, and my t-shirt was literally soaked. Tough training for someone who didn't run recently. She was perspiring too, but not as much as i am. We stood near to the toilet entrance while waiting for my aunt and cooling our self down. It didn't take long before they reaches the finishes line, but they were literally walking until the end.

After cleaning up her son, my aunt went to the ladies to change her clothes. I was thinking of following her but i am too lazy and the queue was quite long. In the end, i removed my shirt at scene and changed into a dry tee. My female cousin were shocked when i did that, and even tried to cover me as people started to look at our direction. She scolded me crazy after i had done changing but my reason to her was, ' i was wearing a sport bra inside, so nothing to scare' and she give me that LOL face!!!

After my aunt changed her shirt, we managed to grab a cab home but in the end, i have to take a bus home from her house.

Small note : For my CNY post, I posted what i wore because quite a few readers were asking about my attires during CNY, so i promised them that i will find a day and update on my blog, so whoever had asked me, those were the dresses i wore.

Friday 12 February 2016

CNY 2016

Happy Chinese New Year

Gong Xi Fa Chai

Sorry that i took a bit longer to wish you guys as i have to attend school and went to bailian after school. This year, i decided to be a good girl. I didn't do any naughty stuff or revealing myself to my cousins so if you guys are expecting any updates regarding naughty stuff, i am deeply sorry. 

However, this year i wore something quite daring and revealing. Even my mom tries to nag at me but thanks to my dad, my mom didn't even voice out at all but just deadly stares. Hahaha. If you guys predicted that i didn't wear my bra or panties, you are wrong. This year, i wore a Red Long Sleeves off the shoulder Bardot Bodycon Mini Dress. It was a close-cut dress, so it somehow revealed my body shape which is the reason why my mom stared at me. I was thinking of posting it here but i had uploaded on to my personal IG ( Instagram ), so i am sorry guys but i will post the photos which was the dress only, so base of your imagination. hehe.

For second day, i wore a Pink Scuba Strappy Mini Skater Dress. Not really revealing but somehow, the straps keep slide off my shoulder for countless times. My aunts and cousins were so worry that my dress will just slide off but luckily it did not. I did wear a Nu-bra as the back of the dress was quite low, and it is so ugly with bra-strap. I didn't go commando so i am sorry if i disappointed you guys. Hahaha


Monday 25 January 2016


Recently i used my brother' toothbrush to pleasure myself. It's not that i am into toothbrush but just because he brought a new Electric Toothbrush and because it was a last min solution.

That day evening, i was bathing and randomly, really randomly, i felt horny. I am not sure is it because that i am shaving my pubic hair or my menses is coming soon, but the fact is i was not horny when i was bathing but only when i started to shave, i felt aroused for no reason and it was like so fast. Normally, i will feel aroused after i started to have naughty ideas but that time,it was so different.

After i done shaving and some cleaning, i used my fingers and the shower-head but the satisfaction was not there.( I know i am weird, haha ) Although there were pleasure and sensation feeling, but there was no satisfaction. I thought that maybe it was because of my position or the way i did, but everything was alright. ( Btw, i was standing while masturbating )

I even tried sitting down on the toilet bowl while spreading up my legs, but the feeling is not there. Even i had one orgasm, but it was not a strong one. Somehow, it feels like being forced to orgasm. (Like some of my readers told me. They will just masturbate, and force themselves to cum so that they will feel tired and have a good rest.) After my first orgasm, i did rested a moment and was thinking of going back to my room to continue the rest but my attention was caught by the Electrical Toothbrush. TBH, i tried once, and the feeling wasn't that great, but it was a good vibrator for the clit. ( Try it if you don't believe )

Without any delay, i took the toothbrush, which belong to my brother's. ( I am feeling guilty now for using his toothbrush as a vibrator ). I sat back on the toilet bowl and spread up my legs and closed my eyes. I had been playing with my nipples since the start and now, with the aid of the E-Toothbrush, i bet it will be great. The sensation feeling when the E-toothbrush touches my clit, delivered a tingling feeling up to my spine. Then I turned on the toothbrush. It felt interesting, loud buzzing sound can be heard, and it wasn't painful, so I moved it around and not for long, my juices were flowing out fast and freely.

I could feel myself building up, heavy breathing. I pressed a little harder on my clit and it felt so good. Not for long, I orgasm again but this time, it was with satisfaction as i can really feel the relaxation feeling. A bit of white cum was seen which i think is a good thing. I was completely wet and breathless and I decided to go for a few more rounds before i stop. As i was alone at home, i didn't bother to wear my clothes or cover myself with something. I walked to my room in naked form. Somehow, used to it when no one is at home. 

The first thing i did when i was back in my room was to take out my Thor and Dildo before i went and settled down on my chair. Recently, i been having a fetish for Chair, i guess. For this past few months, i been masturbating on my computer chair. Whether that i had to spread up my legs, sitting position or even doggy position, i been using my chair as the supports. I think i am nuts. Hahaha

I settled down with my legs spread up, and I used my thumb and index finger to see if i was still as wet before i used my dildo. I managed to push in my dildo in one try but not fully. I slowly remove and pushes in again. The feeling was so great, as i continue to push in and out of my pussy. It didn't took long before i placed Thor on my clit while turning the speed to 5, which was medium. I had been doing the same pattern for a few weeks already and it really does feel great. Dildo in my hole while Thor was vibrating on my clit. 

Not for long, my juices was flowing out heavily and i orgasm again. I was shivering when i orgasm. It was just too great but it doesn't end here. I rested a while and continue to play with myself until my parents were back and i paused. Yup, paused. I continued for like 2 to 3 times when i was back home from dinner, right before i fallen asleep, as my dildo and thor was just on the floor beside my bed when i woke up.

Friday 1 January 2016

Happy 2016

                   Happy 2016 to you guys. 

Yo guys, it's time to write 2016 but not 2015 already:) I bet some will still be writing 2015. 2015 was a meaningful and life-changing year for me. For those who had been updating with my blog, will understand what i meant, but for those who doesn't, go and read it. Hahaha
I did enjoyed myself through it and i hope you guys had a fruitful 2015 same as me and have your new targets and goals for year 2016.( I do have lots of goals to accomplish )

Sorry for wishing so late as i just woke up from my "pay-back" sleep. I was awake for more than 28hours, i guess. Went for countdown party at the float, followed by some Clubs and i reaches home at only 11am. (Lucky my mom knew i was going out with my girls)

We didn't really party for whole night. Went to the twin's house to sleepover since it was nearer. Crazy indeed...Hahaha....Hope you guys had enjoy the day same as me^^