Friday, 5 August 2022

Movie : Marry Me

Don't get shocked by the title. I was not proposed yet. 
Went for a night outdoor cinematic experience ( Hendrick's sunset cinema ) with CY and the girls last month ( except Isabel ). I agreed to it, cause the next day is a PH + long time never meet up as a group. 
As I know, there is a free ride as CL volunteered to send us there, I purposely wore a Lace Flounce Sleeve Tie Neck Cover Up Top with denim shorts as my outer covers, ( Trust me, it was not translucent or loose at all ) and together with my Ring Linked One Shoulder Bikini Swimsuit, ( from Shein ). 
Nothing happened during the ride, except CY told me there would be a surprise. In the end, we did cause a bit of a scene, especially those weird staring by those Foreign workers when we were queuing up for the mono-rail, but nothing much. ( CY refused to send us into Sentosa ) 

We met the twins at Tanjong beach ( They were slightly earlier than us to reserve space ). The twins were already in their Bandeau bikini top when we found them. After setting down, CY then proceeds to the ladies to change. While I, removed my top, revealing my bikini top. After like 10min or more, CY returned in her Halter bikini and denim shorts.

After a short chat, I was amazed. 3 of them wore thongs as their bikini bottoms ( Totally not planned ). 
We did nothing much except for chatting and suntanning, but most of the time, we hid under the shades as the sun was burning despite it raining in the morning.  

We packed our stuff around 4.45pm as the events started at 5. 
We did not wear back our clothing but went off in our bikinis top. Indeed, it felt different as walking at the beach in a bikini seemed legit, but people were just staring at you as you walked. 
As we went to the line, most of the ladies were wearing beachwear, and a few were wearing bikinis like us, but I guessed we still caught most of the attention. Especially when the ?DJ guy gave us a wink while pointing toward us. Mostly are the guy who stared at us, especially the 3 of them. 

The event took place at Tanjong beach and in a small section. Kind of like a grand wedding set-up with white tables with umbrellas, standing tables, Beach chairs and food and drinks vendors. As we walked in, we were given a set of headphones which we were told to only use when the movie started and a voucher for a free alcoholic drink or 2x free non-alcoholic drink. We were told to reserve our seats first as it was a free-seating theatre. 

After finding the good spot, which took us 10mins as we were comparing, etc., we settled down and removed our shorts. Yes, we all agreed, as other ladies are doing it too. We even left our footwear on the seats before proceeding to the drinks store. 

CY and Carissa chose the alcoholic drink ( cucumber lemonade ). Don't get cheated by its name. It was an alcoholic drink which they added Gin into it. Charmaine and I chose the non-alcoholic beverage, which considers sparkling orange juice and sparkling mineral water. The food, hmmm, is slightly not worth the price. We even went to the photo booth. A long queue and attention-seeking place, but worth it. After the photo, we were given a Chinese type of fan and the images too. Before we went to our seats, Charmaine was approached by this one guy, not that handsome, but he was a British-Chinese. 

The movie started at 7.45pm sharp. As it was a beach chair, it kind of sank in slightly when sitting. After putting on the headphones, you can only focus on the sound. It was indeed the best of the best.
Nothing much for the starting. It was until the part when Kat and Charlie first met at her house, and she was doing the blender drink commercial ( if you watch the movie, you will know ), CY nudged me and handed me a pink-wired bullet. I was confused until she led me to the place where I saw the controller ( placed in-between us) and the 2nd wire which led to the side of her thongs. I admitted I was shocked by the fact that it was a double bullet vibrator, and she brought it out to such a crowded place before she nudged me again. She tried to ask me to keep it low with her eyes looking around. In fact, I was actually about to scold her but she kept on pushing the bullet toward me. I took it reluctantly, fearing the person behind us might see it. 

She then urges me to put in my bottom and keep staring at me. I know no one can actually force me to do something I don't want, but then, I still did it. It wasn't hard to slot in my bottom as I was still in my bikini set. The hardest part was forcing it into my hole. I wasn't wet enough to slot it in immediately, and awkwardly, I placed it directly on my clit (a bit hard to find too ). 

CY wasn't even joking. The moment she saw I placed in, she turned on the power, and with the sudden movement, it sent an electric impulse, and I jerked. Charmaine, sitting beside me, was puzzled by my sudden jerking. After dissolving her confusion, which I blamed it on the "Flies".
I was continuously attacked by the buzzing movement. Embarrassed to say, but I nearly had orgasmed 4 times throughout the movie.

First, it was at the part where Kat was teaching the math class student to dance, and the second time was during kat and Charlie kissing. 

The third time happens when Kat was on the flight to attend the math competition, and it was the most intense orgasm of the day. I pushed the vibrator into my hole after the second orgasm as I was wet/horny enough, which I kind somewhat regret. 

CY orgasmed more than me, I guessed. Kind of felt her jerking at least 4 to 5 times. (I didn't get to ask ). We stopped when it was showing the movie's credits, but both of us did not remove the vibrator until the ending part, where someone legit proposed. It was lovely, and she did say YES.
As we stood up, my bikini bottom was not only damp but wet and cooling, and I didn't even realise that I had leaked so much. After getting out of the place, 4 of us went to the toilet nearby. We are supposed to change back into decent clothing, but thanks to that stupid CY for making my hormones rage, I decide to go back in just my bikini. ( What are the chances + Xav was on the way to fetch us )

I was the first to get out of the ladies, and sorry to say, I created a scene as I was the only one left to be still in my bikini, whereas the rest were wearing at least something that covers up. Furthermore, I was carrying a duffle bag which was totally out of my outfit. Trust me, the attention level was equivalent to standing on a stage. 

CY and the twins were confused when they came out, but I know that CY was smirking as she knew she did trigger my naughtiness, although she did not say anything. 

Knowing that my bottom was wet, I decided not to cover it but to air-dry it. I acted normal but not really a good decision. As in the end, Xav scolded me twice. First, for not wearing back my clothing and also the strain on the car seat.