Saturday 22 April 2023

2XU Compression Run

Did anyone participle in 2XU half Marathon last weekend? If you did, well done for completing it. It was so tough, and I am grateful that I can finish it. So recently, CY and I participated in the 2XU Half Marathon on 16/04/23, and it was an unforgettable experience. Not because the atmosphere was electric as thousands of runners gathered for the challenge but because it was my first 21.1km marathon. ( I died for the next 1 week ) 

TBH, I hit a wall around the 15km mark. My legs were throbbing with pain, and I was drenched in sweat, but that CY kept on pushing me, and the support from other runners kept me motivated, so I went on and on. (I can't remember how I survived ) 

Crossing the finish line was an amazing moment. A sense of accomplishment that I will never forget, and it was all worth it in the end. I was proud of myself and CY for finishing the race and achieving my goal.

I recommend it to you guys who are keen to try it out. Go for a short distance, like 5km or 10km instead. But don't be stupid like me. ( I was crazy when I signed up ). So, to anyone looking for a thrilling and rewarding running experience, all marathon is back. It will be an excellent opportunity to challenge yourself and push your limits. You might regret it when you are running, but the atmosphere, the course, and the sense of accomplishment made it all worth it. 

Oh yeah, just a recommendation: if you participate in Marathon, try running in shorts and without panties/underwear. It does help. ( hehe, I liked the feeling ) 

Wednesday 5 April 2023

The Crazy act with the boy

2 days back, I committed a sin, and I felt guilty until now.

On Monday, after CY and I went for a swim session, we did a stupid challenge that may cause a traumatic event for the small boy. Not like we raped him or what, but I kind of showed him my bare pussy with Xav's tail hanging out ( Mini Xav was inside of me ), and CY gave her G-string to him.

This challenge was impromptu, and it was just for fun. We have no motive to harm him or cause him to turn gay(maybe). 

So, after our swimming session, CY forced me to wear Mini xav as I lost to her in the swimming race. Things were still fine, although I was being tortured by the vibration. I was still able to control myself. 

Things worsened when we walked past this playground. CY decided to double the speed, causing me to squat down for the sudden wave, and there this? 5 to 8yrs old boy came towards me. He was holding onto a soccer ball, but maybe due to my soft moan and squatting, he came forwards. 

He did not talk or take action but strictly looked at me. CY and I were initially confused by his action, but even though we tried to speak to him, he was totally silent. Finally, as I was about to get up, CY nudged me and pointed at my bottom. She wanted me to showcase my pussy to the little boy, which I thought was crazy, but she promised that if I did that, I would be allowed to remove mini Xav for the rest of the afternoon. 

Fighting against my conscience and the relief of torture, I gave in to her. 

I squatted down again with my legs widely open and pulled my FBTs shorts aside, and revealed my bare shaved pussy while pulling out mini Xav. Trust me, it was less than 2sec when I did that, but I was damn aroused. The funny part was mini xav was still vibrating as I pulled out, and the little boy stared at it. 

After cleaning up my mini xav and saying bye to him, we were about to go, but that crazy CY went back and removed her g-string from her bag and given to him. I was dumbfounded, but to avoid getting caught, we walked away as fast as we could.