Wednesday 6 September 2017


It's been so long since i got so awkward. Tonight was the most awkward night i ever feel.
I went home with just my sport bra on and my shorts. Got scolded real bad just now

I was at home for whole day and about 9 plus, i went for a jog at my park. I was not planning for any naughty or kinky stuff. I was only into jogging since it's been a while since i run. I wore a normal white nike sport bra with Nike navy dry-fit jacket, together with a black FBT shorts and panties. It was about 9.15pm when i started jogging.  

It all happened after i finished my 1st round. The weather was extremely humid since it rained about 6pm plus, so i was perspiring heavily. I instinctively just remove the jacket to reduce my heat. I think it was because i am too use to wearing just a bra or being naked, so i didn't think much at that moment. 

I was resting near to a hut which was near to my block. I know that if my mom saw what i did, i will surely be killed but who cares at that moment. Not as if she will be coming down to spy on me. ( recently she has been observing about my attire, specially after that day.) 

I think i rested for a good 10 min before i started my 2nd round, but this also become my last round as i lost my Nike jacket and my bottle. I was thinking, since there are lesser people around, i will just place my items at the hut and go for 2nd and 3rd round. More convenient to me too. To me, i was damn sticky from my sweat, so i didn't bother to wear back my jacket ( i bet most people will think the same as me ) plus i am alright with just wearing a sport bra to run, but it was a big mistake.
My jacket and bottle was stolen. Like seriously!! pathetic humans. A jacket and bottle also wanna steal. 

The awkward part was when i was waiting for the lift with my neighbors and her kids. Her youngster son asked her, why am i not wearing any clothes, not "shame shame" meh? 
Instantly, I was like damn embarrassed when he said that and his mom just looked and smiled at me. 
From level 1 to my floor might took only 5 mins, but it seems like hours to me just now. Specially, when they keep staring. 

The the worst part was when i stepped into my house. I expected my mom will be asleep since it was about 10plus when i went back but instead, she was watching tv and that's when all the scolding and nagging starts and she only stopped when i went in the toilet.

Small note :
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