Saturday 26 July 2014


Guys or ladies, if you ever contemplate cycling in FBT shorts, drop the idea!! It was really arousing but at the same time, painful. Yes, I did it today, and now I am experiencing soreness around my bottom.

Today, I cycled in my house area using my brother's bike. It was a bit boring to stay at home, and I was also too lazy to go shopping, so in the end, I decided to go cycling. I woke up early, around 6 am, as my game's notification popped up.

I tried to get back to sleep but couldn't. In the end, I browsed 9gag all the way. At about 10 plus, I decided to go cycling, inspired by the photos my friend posted. I got out of my bed wearing only a grey tank top, a black bra, and a black G-string. I changed into a Blue Nike sports bra, accompanied by blue FBT shorts, and went to the toilet to freshen up.

After I was done, without bringing any stuff, I went off. Unlocked my brother's bike, parked on the first level, and cycled off. At first, I was only cycling around my house area, but too many people walked around, went to the market, and so on. Ultimately, I decided to go to the factory area near my house but quite a distance away.

By the time I reached the factory area, I was experiencing aches all around my thighs, but I continued to cycle, taking it as a form of training. Indeed, the factory area was quiet, with no humans around, only cats and dogs. There was a large field next to the factory area with only one signboard stating "private property." I wasn't sure how big it was, but by going straight, it might take a few minutes to cross.

Either it was too big, or I was exhausted. I stopped halfway through the straight road and rested. There weren't any cars or humans, only the sound of the wind and moving grass. It was scary! If I hadn't been experiencing aches, I would have continued cycling instead of resting there! I had no choice but to conquer the fear so I could take a rest. I sat on the grass patch, enjoying the wind while massaging my thighs, which were aching like hell. The sun was warm and shiny, causing me to perspire more, and not long after, my whole tank top was wet. Honestly, I don't like the feeling of having my shirt wet as it sticks to my body, causing so much discomfort. I tried to fan it, but it didn't improve. I had no other choice but to remove it and let it dry.

I removed my tank top and placed it on the grass patch beside me, but my sports bra was wet, too. I decided to bring it further since I had already taken off my tank top. I hesitated but eventually removed my sports bra, too, even though it was a bit challenging and sticky. I managed to take it off without much trouble, and TA-DAA. Topless in the wild! I placed my bra next to the tank top, watching for the surroundings, wary of the possibility of encountering foreign workers. After a while, I got used to the feeling and didn't even bother if there would be people around.

I lay down on the grass patch with my chest facing the sky. I admit, it was quite a different experience from being naked in the park or going topless at the beach. I was enjoying it, but not for long as I became aroused. It may be due to the wind or the excitement of being topless in a random place.

Being alone, I chose to take the game to the next level. I removed my FBT shorts, leaving only my G-string on. If there are any guys around, I'm definitely in trouble.

I began to play with my tits, with my left hand rubbing against the G-string, which was pressed directly onto my pussy. Simultaneously, my right hand was exploring my tit area. I could feel myself getting wetter than before, the sensations heightened through my G-string. Believe me, it was my hormones taking charge. With 75% of my clothing already gone, I decided to spice up the game by taking off my G-string. Trust me, if I were to be caught, either I would be raped or be sentenced to jail for indecent exposure.

I was so aroused that I accidentally threw my G-string far away from me. With the continued massage on my clit, it didn't take long for me to have the urge to orgasm. It was a random flick on my clit that came to my first orgasm. I could feel juices flowing out of my pussy, and the sensation that makes my legs shiver.

After the first round, I felt more tired than I had been earlier, but everyone knows girls don't stop after just one. Even after multiple orgasms, we still felt the exhilaration if we are horny.

I thought of cooling myself down before packing up, but it turned out I ended up playing again, which ended my 2nd orgasm in no time.

It was after the third round that I decided to stop, as I could feel cramps in my thighs and fingers. After the final cooldown, I put on my FBT shorts, sports bra, and tank top, all of which had dried.

As for my G-string, it was gone! I tried searching for it, but I couldn't find it anywhere. I threw it a bit too hard. Nevertheless, it's okay; at least my shorts are still around.

I returned to my brother's bike, intending to walk home instead, but due to the soreness in my thigh, I decided to ride it back. When I attempted to cycle back, I found it challenging—not because I was tired, but because the seat was rubbing against my clit and pussy. It wasn't helpful in keeping me dry, plus it was painful when going over slopes.

Ultimately, it took me 40 minutes to return home, even though it only took me 20 minutes to cycle there. Thanks to that, now not only my thighs are sore, same goes my pussy.

Saturday 5 July 2014

Night Jogging

Hey, if you guys recall, I once mentioned buying those blue Lacey boy shorts and contemplating going for a night jog in them. Well, guess what? I did it just now.

So, earlier on, I decided to take a short break from my studies and went for a jog around the park near my house. Initially, I had planned for an evening jog, but the weather had different ideas, so I switched to a nighttime run instead. I rummaged through my brother's room and found a Redbull tank top, but it turned out to be quite big since I usually wear an S, and the tank was an L. Undeterred, I paired it with my Blue Nike Sports bra and Pink FBT shorts, along with those boy-shorts.

As I stepped out of my room, I caught my mom giving me this straight stare! I could tell she was wondering why I was wearing something so loose, but before she could say anything, I hurriedly left the house. Off to the park, I went, and to my surprise, no one else seemed to be running, which struck me as odd. The quiet atmosphere added a unique vibe to my jog, making it a memorable break from my studies.

After a quick warm-up, I started my night jog. But here's the kicker – after about 30 minutes, I was already exhausted, feeling the aches and tiredness creeping in. I decided to take a breather at a nearby hut, trying to catch my breath. After resting for a while, I did feel better, but the laziness continued and some persistent aches in my thighs led me to decide to rest a bit longer.

As I sat there, enjoying the cool breeze, it suddenly dawned on me that I was at the same hut, in the same seat where I once witnessed a questionable scene. Flashbacks ensued, and before I knew it, I found myself feeling a bit more than just nostalgia. Since I happened to be wearing those boy shorts, a mischievous thought crossed my mind – why not give it a try and jog around with just the boy shorts?

I got up and made my way behind the nearest bushes. After carefully scanning for ants, I decided it was a suitable spot to remove my shorts. The experience was nerve-wracking, considering it was my first time undressing in that area, and the thought of someone spotting me worsened my anxiety.

I cautiously took off my shorts while glancing around. After a bit of adjusting, I conceded in my attempt to cover everything – it was a choice between the front and the back. The tank top wasn't able to cover all. It was indeed a different feeling, especially when the wind breezed through my pussy. After getting used to the sensation and the excitement, I took things a step further.

Clutching my shorts, I jogged leisurely back toward my house. Given the time—around 9 pm—there weren't many people out for a jog on a Saturday night. I relished the moment, savouring the tranquillity. Abruptly, my enjoyment was interrupted by the sound of a bicycle approaching.

I turned around, and there was a guy on a bike. Unfortunately, there were no trees or bushes for me to hide behind. Panic set in – I slowed down, hoping he'd pass by without seeing much. The sound of his approach grew louder, and so did my heart. To make things worse, I started feeling aroused. I tried to act normal, but before I could glance back, he sped up and was right in front of me. Did he see what I was wearing? I have no idea.

It was both exhilarating and scary. The thought crossed my mind that I might get into trouble if he turned out to be a pervert. I continued jogging without shorts, but I made sure to put them back on when I neared my block to avoid being seen. I didn't go all the way, at least not yet, but who knows... hehe.

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