Saturday, 26 July 2014


Guys or ladies, if you ever think of cycling in just a FBT shorts, drop the idea!! It was really arousing but at the same time, painful. Yes, i did it today and now i am having sore all around my bottom.

Today i went cycling at my house area using my brother's bike. Was a bit boring to stay at home plus i was too lazy to go shopping also so in the end,i decided to go cycling. I woke up quite early, around 6 am as my games pop up notification. I tried to get back to sleep but can't. In the end, I browsed 9gag all the way.At about 10 plus, i decided to go cycling, thanks to the photos that my friend posted. I got out of my bed with only a grey tanktop, black bra and a black G-string. I changed into a Blue Nike sports bra, accompanied with a blue FBT shorts and went to the toilet to freshen up. After i was done, without bringing any stuffs, i went off. Unlocked my brother's bike which locked at the 1st level and i cycle off. At first, i was only cycling around my house area but there was too many people walking around, going market and etc. In the end, i decide to go to factory area that is nearby my house but quite a distance.

By the time i reached the factory area, i was having aches all around my thighs but i continue to cycle ( taken it as a form of training ) Indeed, the factory area was quiet and there isn't any humans, but cats and dogs. Beside the factory area, there is a big field with only 1 signboard stating private property. I am not that sure how big it was but just by going straight, it might take a few mins. Either it was too big or i am really tired. I stopped halfway through the straight road and rested. There isn't any car or humans but only the sound of the wind and grasses moving. Kind of scary!!  If i was not having aches, i will had continue to cycle, rather than resting there! I have no choice but to conquer the fear so i could take a rest. I sat at the grass patch and was enjoying the wind while massaging my thighs which was aching like hell. The sun was so warm and shiny causing me to perspire more and not for long, my whole tanktop was wet. Honest saying, i don't like the feeling having my shirt being wet as it stick to my body causing so much discomfort. I try to wind it, but it doesn't seem to have any improvement. No other choice but to remove and dry it.

I remove my tanktop and put it on the grass patch beside but my sports bra was wet too. Since i had already removed my tanktop, i decide to bring it further. I shall remove my sport bra too, although it is a bit hard as it was sticky but i manage to remove it without having trouble and TA-DAA. Topless in the wild!!!. I put my bra next to the tanktop while i kept caution about the surrounding as i was afraid that there might be foreign workers. After a while, i got used to the feeling and didn't even bother if there will be people around. I lie down on the grass patch with my tits facing the sky. I admit, it was so different from being naked in the park or being topless at the beach. I was enjoying it but not for long when i become aroused by the wind which keep blowing on my nipples. Since i was alone, i decided to be more daring and naughty. I took off my FBT shorts, leaving only my G-string on while spreading my legs open. I bet that if there is any guys around,  i am confirm dead.

I played with my nipples causing me to be more aroused and wet. My left hand start rubbing against the G-string which was touching directly on my clit and my right hand was playing with my nipples. I was getting wetter than before as i could felt through my G-string. Since i had already removed 75% of my clothing, i shall remove my G-string too. TA-DAAA again!!Now i am naked and was masturbating in the public for the first time, but maybe more to come. I was too horny that i throw my G-string slightly above my head and continue to massage my clit. It didn't last long before i had the urge to orgasm. When i was about to orgasm, i stopped. I walk to my brother's bike, sit on it, and start to grind against the seat while my both hands was playing with my tits. It was a new experience for me and i orgasm in no time. Juices were flowing out of my pussy and onto the seat. It was my first time to orgasm outdoor and it was so shiok.

After the 1st orgasm, i am more tired but girls doesn't orgasm once only. Even we had already orgasms, but we will still be horny. I went back to the spot and lie down, trying to dry my pussy but not for long, i was playing with it again. I think i orgasm 3 times before i decided to go ( which making me to so tired now )

After the final cooling, i wore back my FBT shorts, sports bra, and tanktop which all had dried by now.  Regarding my g-string?? it was gone!!... I did try to search for it but i can't find it anywhere. Maybe I threw it a bit to hard but it is okay, at least my shorts is still around. I went back to my brother's bike, wanting to clean it but the seat had dried. I tried to cycle back but i can't. Not because i am tired but it was the seat. It keep rubbing against my pussy, making me wet again, plus it was a bit painful when going up and down the slopes. In the end, i managed to cycle all the way home but now my butt and pussy area is quite sore. 

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