Friday, 13 December 2019

Quick Update

It's been weeks or even months since my last update. Not that i am not interested in this but it was more to my new job scopes and i am trying to 'act' like a good girl infront of my bf.
Enough for my reasons, let's have a quick update of what i did this few months

- No bra infront of my mom and dad X5 times (at home)
- Went 'commando' while dating with X
- Wore a short dress and went out with colleague, purposely upskirted few times

- Attempted(s) to upskirt infront of X ( Failed) 
- Peed in urinal using funnel in male toilet with Charmaine. ( dares)  
- Wore a loose shirt with only panties but covered with a jacket tied to waist
- Secretly jilled on my cousin's cocoon swing chair ( will share more details )
- Changed panties with dad driving ( Not really interesting)

This concludes the events/things i did during this few months. I will explain certain event in details, so stay tune.