Friday, 18 September 2015


Sorry guys, this post does not included my naughty act but just some of the exercise i been doing.

Some of you have been asking what type of sports am i into and my answer is a lot. Like, canoeing, kayaking, tennis, badminton, running, and etc. You might think that i am a sporty type of girl, but you are wrong. I am interested in a sport for a while only except tennis which i joined it for CCA during Secondary.

Recently, i have been learning Yoga as it was good for our mental health, physical health and most importantly, it do help us burn calories. Yoga do also help in sexual area, for woman and for the positions. For me, my main attraction is burning calories and increase my flexibility ( maybe it will be good for sex in the future ). I know that Yoga lesson were quite expensive and that was a reason why i learn it myself through Youtube and google.

It was recommended to do Yoga once a week but for me, i set it as twice a week, Wednesday and Friday where i will be home slightly early plus i can sleep in late for Saturday. The most important of Yoga is, never over stress yourself over a certain pose. Yoga do have lots of postures and some of it was really difficult, but we shouldn't rush and injure ourselves. For me, i am still trying to perfect a pose which i learnt it last month.

Regarding the attire, you can wear comfortable clothes such as PE attire, or yoga shirt, pants or shorts. Base on your own preference. For me, at times i will wore a sport bra and yoga shorts as it was more cooling and it was more easier to reach a certain pose. However, please remember to buy a yoga mat or maybe use a carpet as some of the position required you to knee on the floor or lie on the floor.

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