Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Within a few hours

Last Friday was a crazy night for me as i 'lost' my bra and thong just within a few hours.

Last friday, I went to one of my JC senior's birthday party together with CY and some of my JC friends. Actually, i planned not to go, but since he had invited CY and some of my friends too, i took it as a form of meet up, so in the end, i accepted his invitation. When we arrived, it was crowded with his families and friends. We did managed to recognize some of his friends which was also our senior but we were still quite awkward. 

As we arrived late, the food and drinks was already prepared. We were told to grab our food as soon as he had introduced us to his parents. We grabbed our food and settled down on a nearby empty table. As we eat, i accidentally knocked over my drink and the water splashed onto my cardigan. CY saw and quickly used some napkin to dry up the table while i remove my cardigan as there was a big patch of water stain, plus it was a sweet drink. One of my girl friends volunteer to help me to wash my cardigan while i clean myself up. A bit paiseh but lucky, i was seated with my friends. As i removed my cardigan, i was left with only my black Spaghetti strap tank top dress, a bit revealing without my cardigan. Luckily, i was wearing a bra , if not, it will be so paiseh as quite a few guys were staring at my direction when i was removing my cardigan. 

I was still fine from wearing just the tank top dress, but there was this uncle who kept stealing glances at me, but it was CY who saw it as i was too concentrated talking to my other friends. After singing the birthday song and cutting the cake, CY and i went up to the birthday boy's room as he had switched on Air-con. When we open the door, some of my friends were already in there and they were all playing black jack. We were invited to join but i declined as i didn't bring enough cash but in the end, i  joined the game as they allowed me to play at $1 for each game. After few rounds, i quit the game as i had loses all my money which was about $10. Yup, didn't bring much that day. I was sitting on the bed with my another girl friend and was talking about our life. Amazingly, she didn't go for Uni too, but went to Kaplan, studying something related to business ( can't remember the name of the course ).  She was shocked when i told her i was studying in poly as my results was better than her but she agreed that we should followed what we liked to study rather than going for Uni but we hated the course. She told me that her brother did the same thing too, which make me relieved as i thought i was the only person who went to Poly after graduating from JC. 

We were chatting halfway when CY jumped onto me. She loses all her money which is about $30. HAHA, she was as bad as me in playing cards, but at least i am good at Mahjong. She joined us for a while before the gambling people decided to stop as it was getting late, and some of them do have activities the next day. Within mins, CY and I were left in the room as those who were staying, decided to go and bath, while the rest went down to grab more food and drinks. CY and i were lying on the bed when the Birthday boy came in and put down his presents. He was a bit shocked when he saw us as he thought that the gambling was still taking place. We did chatted for a while before someone shouted for him and he went off. He was quite a nice guy, but he do have a girlfriend. 

When i was wearing back my cardigan as we were about to leave, i had a naughty thought, which was giving the birthday boy a special gift.  I told CY about it and told her to remove her panty and i removed my bra before wearing back my cardigan. Now, with one pair of bra and panty, i inserted into birthday boy's bag which i saw it when he put down his gifts. Luckily, my tanks was black in colour and with the aids of my cardigan, it was totally like wearing a bra. For CY, she was wearing a shorts, so it was still alright. As soon as i was done adjusting my cardigan, someone came in. So lucky. We took our bags and went down to the living room with CY staying in-front me at all times. It was quite troublesome as i had to use my bag to cover my chest area at all times to prevent from the people in the living room. We managed to book for a taxi using the Grabtaxi app and we left when the taxi arrived outside the bungalow.

After we boarded the taxi, the taxi driver were so nice as he confirmed with our location and told us that we can only pay by cash as his card device were spoiled. CY and i were so forgetful as we agreed when we were out of cash. It was when we were nearby to my house, we took out our wallet and realize that we were left with only $5 of coins but the fare was about to reach $10. I was thinking of calling my dad but was stopped by CY. She suggested that we stops at her house area rather than my house and told me to exchange my thong for the cab fares. It was a crazy idea and i am not sure if the uncle will accept it or not, but we do not have a choice. In the end, we changed our location to CY's house. Just right at the traffic light before turning into the carpark, CY told me to remove my thong and pass it to her. I was a bit scared as i was facing the taxi driver through the rear mirror, but i still managed to do it.

Once we arrived at her block, I went off first while CY acted like searching for money in her wallet. I saw CY passed the uncle something before she came out and the uncle took a glance at my direction before keeping the stuff on his hand. CY told me to walk away faster and in the end, we took a walk before returning to her block as the cab was still parking at the place where we alighted. As we were walking back, CY told me to stay at her house for a night as it was quite late already . I managed to reached home at 7am the next day before my parents were awaked, thanks to CL as she gives me a ride home before going for her stuff. 

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