Friday 22 December 2023

The lost bet (Xav's edition)

Hey everyone, Christmas is just around the corner! Are you all feeling the excitement? Well, if you're not, I definitely am. Don't ask me why, but wait for my upcoming post.

Today, I've got a hilarious story to share about a recent event involving Xav. (And yes, I did get his approval to spill the beans.)

So, a few days back, as a punishment for losing a bet, I made Xav wear my FBT shorts and go jogging at night. The catch? Most of my FBT shorts have no lining, and some are even in neon colours. He tried bargaining his way out of the punishment and being a good sport, I gave him a chance to choose. There was just one catch – he had to do it blindfolded.

Now, here's the twist: he ended up picking the maroon one with no inner lining. He did try to plead for a second chance, but unfortunately, no dice.

The beginning was promising, as he handled the situation well and kept his composure. However, as we started jogging towards the park, it became clear that the shorts were a tad too short and tight on him, giving off a, well, let's say, "gay" vibe. He kept pulling down his tee in an attempt to cover up, but it didn't help much.

It was all in good fun, but once we hit the jogging trail, it was evident that this dare was too much for poor Xav.

With other joggers around, Xav was practically hiding more than jogging, especially as we passed by the dog park area. The dog owners were giving him curious looks, and it was honestly hilarious to see him in such an awkward position. It added an extra layer of amusement to our already entertaining night of jogging. Before we started to jog back to my block, I purposely disturbed him, a mischievous glint in my eyes. I smacked his butt and touches the front part of his shorts. Guess what? He got hardened within sec.

Interestingly, it wasn't normal hardening but those with strong pulsation. The bulge was really big, and I swear I could see it twitching (he was wearing underwear too).

Ends up we had to hide at the void deck, for him to cool down. We sat at the void deck for at least 30 minutes. I even volunteered to suck him off but was rejected. The funny part was when he claimed he was good to go, and when we were about to go off, as fate would have it, it got hardened again just because two female joggers walked past us and looked at us.

That's how we spent 30 minutes at the void deck. Although he suffered through his self-imposed punishment, I rewarded him before we turned in for the night by allowing him to "shoot" on my chest. 

Saturday 9 December 2023

Back to back wedding event (Part 2)

The next day, I went to another wedding, this one for my poly friend. It was a church wedding scheduled for noon. I woke up early with the specific intention of carefully selecting my dress, being mindful that it was a church ceremony. The only available option I had at that moment happened to be a swing dress. I even checked thoroughly to make sure my thong wasn't visible.

Xav didn't join me as he had plans with his brothers. So, I ended up going with my poly friends.

The bride's walk down the aisle was touching, and perhaps due to the church's lighting and music, it had a slightly dramatic feel, almost like a scene from Crazy Rich Asians, though, of course, they weren't that wealthy.

Everything went smoothly during the solemnisation and the prayers. It was during the photo session that our group went up on stage for a group picture. Initially, everything was fine, but when the bride, who happened to be my friend, ordered me to take another photo, I was intercepted by an auntie. Despite her elegant appearance, she decided to lecture me on my outfit. She criticized my inappropriate undergarments, stating that I shouldn't have worn skimpy panties to a holy place.

I was momentarily shocked that she knew I was wearing a thong, and just as I was about to ask, the bride decided to join in. The auntie then informed my friend that I shouldn't be allowed in the church because I wasn't deemed holy enough. Trust me, it was pretty embarrassing as people started looking at us.

Things improved when my friend directed her towards her bridesmaids. I later learned that the aunty was a high-ranking church member and had a habit of doing this to girls or ladies. Always talk about self-love and dress modestly. My friend advised me to simply ignore her.

I wasn't deeply affected by her unkind words, but I was more surprised that she could notice I was wearing a thong.

Friday 8 December 2023

Back to back wedding events ( Part 1)

Hey everyone, happy holiday month! Let's savour the last few weeks before we bid farewell to this year.

So, last Friday, I attended a colleague's wedding in the evening. I chose to wear a wrap dress from Love, Bonito that covered up to my mid-thigh. (Honestly, I did not plan for any naughty act). Xav did not join me because the Hongbao was a bit on the expensive side.

The dinner and the event were absolutely fantastic. I indulged in several drinks, and the whole evening went smoothly, considering most of my colleagues were in attendance.

After the events, a few of us extended the night with a drink. Given the late hour, we settled on the nearest bar we could find. Upon arrival, we were surprised to find it bustling with people, and we ended up with a high table (not much of a choice there).

Honestly, I hadn't planned on finding myself in any embarrassing situations, but, you know, incidents happen. A few minutes after getting comfortable, a lady from another table approached me and kindly informed me that my panties were visible to her table, which included both men and women.

Even worse, she had to explain it twice. The first time, she mentioned seeing my pinky, and I was genuinely perplexed. Then, she clarified, making it painfully clear that it was my pink panty. 

Saturday 28 October 2023


Earlier on, I nearly shit brick for nothing. I went for a night run and ended up scaring myself. Just now, around 10pm, I finally found the time to tie up my running shoes and go for a jog on the road. According to the clock, it was well past 10 pm when I left my house.

Initially, my outfit consisted of a dry-fit tee combined with my FBT shorts, but following a short jog of approximately 10 minutes, I was perspiring excessively and decided to remove my shirt instead, leaving me in my Black Nike Sports bra.

Frankly, there was never any intention to engage in anything inappropriate. It's just purely running. I pushed myself and jogged to CY's block and back for 2 rounds, covering an impressive distance.

While I was completing my third lap, heading back towards my block after leaving CY's, my attention was caught by a gathering of individuals with different ethnicities socialising at the resting hut.

As usual, there will likely be people loitering around that particular spot, so I just continue jogging, paying little to no attention to them until I notice that one of the guys seems to be following me for a distance. He seems to be trying to pace up with me. Initially, I believed I was just being overly suspicious, but it turned out that he did indeed follow behind me as I navigated the fork in the road.

Increasingly concerned, I changed my path and made my way towards a nearby coffeeshop in an attempt to shake off him. Luckily, he went straight to the toilet upon arriving at the coffeeshop while I hung around for a little while before ultimately making my way back home.

So, guys, what's your take on this? Is he following me, or is it more likely that I'm being hypersensitive?

Friday 13 October 2023

Bintan's trip

Hey guys, Have any of you had the chance to visit Anmon in Bintan? It's quite an interesting destination as it was like camping but slightly more atas. Lately, CY and I decided to go on a short staycation, thanks to a suggestion from one of my coworkers. Let me tell you about our experiences during the trip.

On our initial day, we hopped onto a ferry at the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal bound for the Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal. As we arrived there, a shuttle bus was all set to welcome us and swiftly whisk us away to our resort. The entire journey was incredibly smooth, without any hitches or interruptions. In just under three hours, we had arrived at our tranquil resort, having departed from Singapore.

After we arrived, the check-in process was a breeze, and we were swiftly guided by a buggy to our secluded tent for the upcoming two nights. Upon unpacking my bag, the first task at hand was to wash my one and only set of bra and thongs. Packing restrictions had forced me to bring only the essentials, and the rest of my luggage was filled with beachwear. Even my regular clothing selection was limited to just one set of activity attire that included my sports bralette and FBT shorts, a set of bra and panties, which I wore there one set of beachwear, and a white long dress. It was a minimalist packing challenge that added an interesting twist to our staycation adventure.

CY and I decided to explore the area before eventually reaching the famous pool known as Treasure Bay. Now, what's so remarkable about it?

Treasure Bay boasts Southeast Asia's first and largest recreational man-made seawater lagoon, aptly named the Crystal Lagoon. This enchanting oasis is not just a treat for the eyes; it's also a captivating experience with its mesmerising crystal-clear azure waters.

With our prior knowledge, we were aware of a wide array of activities waiting for us. To make the most of our time, we chose to immerse ourselves in an all-inclusive package that offered a diverse range of exciting experiences, all to be enjoyed in a single day. After changing into our adventure-ready attire (CY in a sleeveless tank top with her black bikini and FBT shorts, while I chose a sporty bralette paired with FBT shorts), we set off on our secretive adventure, kicking it off with an exhilarating ATV ride.

The so-called instructor was shocked when we informed him of our willingness to embrace the muddy terrain. However, he pleasantly surprised us by encouraging our adventurous spirit wholeheartedly. Ultimately, CY had to remove her top, revealing her Bikini top after the session, as it had become excessively soiled.

Following a quick wash-up, we set out on an exciting kayaking adventure. Yet, the blazing heat proved to be unrelenting, and our stamina dwindled after just half an hour. Craving respite from the scorching conditions, we took shelter in a KTV establishment. However, our enjoyment was curbed as the songs they offered were outdated.

As the clock struck four, we decided to take a break and unwind at a captivating water playground. CY seemed unfazed by the fact that she had been strolling around in her bikini top, effortlessly catching the eye of onlookers, especially during our time at the KTV.

After a comprehensive safety briefing and getting into our life vests, we were directed to swim toward the central pool, where the water playground beckoned. Its design bore a remarkable resemblance to the Hydrodash in Sentosa, lending an element of familiarity to our covert escapade.

We wrapped up all our activities by 6 pm because we were both thoroughly exhausted. While we were in the shower, the staff was busy setting up a barbecue for us. Unfortunately, I didn't have suitable clothing for barbecuing, so I just threw on the same sports bra I had worn earlier without any shorts, but I was wearing a thong.

Meanwhile, Cy had opted for her pyjamas ( just a rather long tee ), which were supposed to be her sleepwear, but because I discouraged her from lying on the bed after that, she was in her birthday suit when we were bedded.
Despite our unconventional attire, the meal arranged by the staff was truly delightful. The chicken wings, in particular, stood out, and we enjoyed roasted marshmallows for dessert. However, owing to our lack of appropriate clothing, we decided it was prudent not to venture outside for an extended period, as we both acknowledged it could be a bit risky. Instead, we spent time in the front area of the tentage, participating in activities that are now a bit fuzzy in my memory. All I can clearly remember is that it was well past 2 am when I finally decided to go and brush my teeth.

2nd Day
On the second day, while having breakfast, I noticed something unusual. Perhaps it was because of my choice of a Sports bra with FBTs shorts I couldn't help but feel like the centre of attention. Everyone seemed to be on me whenever I walked around, especially a group of teenagers who appeared to be Singaporean too. Cy was in her loose tank top with a Bau and dolphin shorts.

After enjoying some rest following breakfast, we returned to our tentage to change our outfits. This time, I opted for a more conventional attire: a regular bikini top and a standard bikini bottom, Tanga.
As I strolled towards Crystal Bay, I couldn't help but notice that my presence still attracted attention from passersby. Isn't walking around in a bikini at a beach club is normal? To my surprise, a guy from Singapore approached me and asked for my number. However, I decided to give him a random number instead. We spent a good hour at Crystal Bay, enjoying the sun and the sea. Unfortunately, I got sunburned as a souvenir of our time there.

We originally intended to return to the tentage after realising we had sunburns. However, Cy suggested using the buggy, which seemed convenient. Nevertheless, there was a slightly awkward moment as both of us, clad in our distinctive outfits, made our way past numerous onlookers along the route.

Our original plan was to enjoy lunch before heading back to our tentage. However, we discovered that a company event was taking place. Given the circumstances, we opted for room service instead. When the room service arrived, I happened to be still in my bikini, but I didn't let that stop me from receiving the order. In fact, I even gave a tip to the staff.

As we chatted and relaxed in our tent, the lively sounds of laughter and conversations from the nearby company event became increasingly difficult to ignore. Our curiosity got the best of us, and we found ourselves contemplating the idea of joining in, even if it meant standing out in our beach outfits.

Finally, unable to resist the temptation to see what was happening, we decided to take a casual stroll around the dining area where the event was in full swing.

Little did we know that this decision would lead to some unexpected encounters. As we walked around, my heart skipped when I spotted the guy who had asked for my number earlier. It was a somewhat awkward moment, but we exchanged friendly smiles.

To make matters even more interesting, we caught the attention of nearly everyone at the event as we strolled by in our beachwear. We received curious looks, friendly waves, and some playful comments from the attendees.

Following our brief exploration of the company event, we decided to head back to the pool area. The sun had started to mellow out, and we had one more activity on our agenda: kayaking.

We approached the kayaks enthusiastically, but after about 30 minutes of paddling, we realised it was taking a toll on our already sunburned bodies. We reluctantly admitted defeat, our muscles too sore to continue. It was a humbling moment, and we decided to call it quits.

To our amusement (and slight embarrassment), the kayaking instructor swims towards us to provide assistance, guiding us back to the parking site. It was a rather unconventional end to our kayaking adventure, but it added a touch of humour to our day.

After our kayaking adventure came to an end, we made our way back to our tent. However, before we could fully settle in, the kayaking instructor approached us with a recommendation. He suggested that we should consider trying out a body massage, which sounded incredibly tempting given our sun-soaked and tired bodies.

We expressed our interest, but he informed us that all the slots for the spa were fully booked. However, he added a unique twist – if we were open to the idea of having the massage in the privacy of our own room, it could be arranged for us by 9 pm.

The prospect of a relaxing massage in the comfort of our tent was too enticing to resist. We quickly agreed to the offer and eagerly anticipated the soothing experience that awaited us later in the evening

With our massage appointment scheduled for 9 pm, we decided to make the most of our time and have dinner before our relaxation session. The kayaking instructor recommended the famous Mangrove restaurant as a dining option, so we decided to give it a try, curious about the local cuisine. ( To be completely honest, the restaurant didn't quite live up to our expectations in terms of the food. However, it turned out to be an interesting experience. We struck up a conversation with the restaurant manager and discovered that the owner was a fellow Singaporean, which added a unique connection to our meal. )

After enjoying refreshing showers, both of us donned our long dresses, which, as I mentioned earlier, were among the limited clothing options we had brought along. We made sure to hang our beachwear before leaving, ensuring they dried properly.

Our journey to the restaurant was quite an adventure in itself. It involved a 10-minute car ride followed by a 5-minute ferry ride. The restaurant was situated at a secluded corner of the jungle, providing breathtaking scenery. However, our attention was quickly drawn to a more unexpected sight – a crocodile swimming nearby!

To our delight, the ferry operator was incredibly accommodating. He kindly paused the ferry for us to capture photos of the fascinating crocodile, allowing us to savour this unique encounter with nature.

Following our dinner and a bit of photo-taking around the restaurant, we were escorted back to our accommodation because we had a scheduled room massage appointment. It was a thoughtful gesture on their part, as they had taken note of our schedule and made every effort to ensure our experience was seamless and enjoyable.

Upon our return to the resort, we were pleasantly surprised to find the massage therapists already waiting at our doorstep. Feeling slightly awkward and rushed, I even accidentally bumped into one of them in my haste.

Once we had settled in and placed our bags, the massage therapists revealed an extra bed hidden beneath our own. They took excellent care in preparing for our in-room massage.

We were then instructed to remove our tops while we were allowed to keep our panties on.

Undressing in front of two strangers, especially when we had only our bras on, was an embarrassing moment. To make matters even more awkward, neither of us had worn any panties. The massage therapists appeared surprised by our unconventional attire, and although they didn't comment, their lingering gazes made the situation even more uncomfortable.

Cy decided to inquire if it was permissible for us to receive the massage without any clothing, and fortunately, our request was granted. Once we had undressed completely, we were instructed to lie face down on the massage beds, and that's when the soothing massage session commenced. The initial awkwardness gradually gave way to relaxation as the skilled therapists worked their magic.

The massage turned out to be a marvellous experience. While it didn't completely alleviate all our soreness, we could feel a significant relief in our muscles.

After settling the payment with the massage therapists, we decided to turn in early for the night. The relaxation from the massage left us both feeling pleasantly drowsy, and a good night's sleep was exactly what we needed to rejuvenate for the next day.

The third morning started on a slightly better note as we decided to indulge in room service for breakfast. With a few hours to spare before our departure, we made the most of our cosy room and its amenities.

To our surprise, the room service arrived much faster than expected, catching us off guard. In a bold and spontaneous move, Cy and I answered the door and collected the trays in our birthday suits, adding a playful twist to our staycation experience.

The room service delivery person was in a hurry; he had already left before we could answer the door. It was a missed encounter, but it added a touch of spontaneity and laughter to our staycation experience.

After enjoying breakfast and spending a few more hours in the room, we had to check out and depart. Sadly, both of us overlooked the task of packing our swimsuits prior to departure.

Saturday 2 September 2023

Cruise with Objectives

It has been weeks since my return from the trip. It is no surprise that Royal Caribbean is highly recommended for first-time cruisers. I still vividly recall the captivating events that unfolded aboard the ship, particularly the enchanting performance, despite the fact it did not end well. 

I would love to tell you guys more, but I know you guys are more interested in my adventures during the trip. (If you are interested in the ship and its activity, please PM me.) 

Let me summarise what I did during the four-day, three-night trip.
For those who have been talking to me since I announced that I would be going to cruise. If you recall our conversation, I stated that I would not bring any dresses or skirts, but my attire primarily consisted of shorts. As it turns out, I bought it since the majority of the suggestions you all provided involved me wearing a skirt or dress.

In truth, the first day was relatively uneventful, as our focus primarily revolved around exploring the ship, trying out the activities, going for NorthStar (which was an experience where we were brought to the highest point of the cruise in a capsule and the 360 views), indulging in complimentary meals at the Main Dining Hall, or even venturing to Windjammer ( another place for us to get food ). We even get to enjoy marvellous performances such as The Silk Road and The Effector. Ended the day in the casino with a small winning. 

The 2nd day was more eventful as I did accomplish most of my objectives for this trip.
My first notable accomplishment was having breakfast at a bustling restaurant while clad in my Light blue sports bra and Navy FBT shorts. Although I had intentionally prepared for this unconventional attire, the morning exercise arranged by the cruise made it seem more acceptable. However, it was disconcerting to notice the lingering gazes of onlookers, particularly from different ethnic backgrounds. Consequently, my breakfast experience turned out to be far from enjoyable.

My second achievement was wearing my newly acquired Royal blue one-shoulder Bikini from Shein while walking from my room to the solarium. Perhaps not something to boast about, but it presented quite a challenge. I had to navigate my way from my room to the Solarium, which required me to take the elevator and traverse several areas before arriving and with all the passersby. It triggered my arousal, but I did maintain it well. Things get worse upon our return to the room following our indulgence in the Jacuzzi. We attempted to dry ourselves before returning, but we were not thoroughly dried. As we walked, numerous individuals staring, particularly during our elevator rides, further heightened my senses.

I considered indulging in some mischievous activities during our shower time, but time was not on our side. We found ourselves in a rush as we were rushing to embark on our journey to Penang. As promised, I donned a sleek White halter top, perfectly complemented by a short denim skirt. But that's not all. As we previously discussed, I am strictly prohibited from wearing panties. ( third achievement )Xav did comment, but as promised to my readers, he eventually succumbed to my persistent requests.

The journey to Penang proved to be quite fruitful, as we successfully visited all the planned destinations and managed to acquire a substantial amount of Tau Sar Piah, also known as Tambun Biscuits.
Admittedly, given the presence of my future-in-law, I refrained from engaging in any mischievous activities. However, Xav seemed rather anxious throughout the trip, as he was the sole individual privy to the fact that I had chosen not to don any panties and was clad in a skirt that barely reached my mid-thigh.

We returned to the ship before 9 pm as our minds set on attending the enigmatic silent disco event. However, the plan went south once we were back inside our cabin. We seized a moment to rejuvenate ourselves, but that stupid Xav decided to stimulate me instead. As it turns out, he fulfilled my fourth objective: being naked and having sex at the balcony. While it may appear hasty, I beg you guys to extend your forgiveness towards him, for he was under my constant influence throughout the entire day, from our morning meal to our refreshing swim and even during our excursion to Penang.

He was incredibly 'parched', to the point where he willingly acquiesced to my spontaneous requests and one challenge, all in exchange for the act of 'inserting' and 'in the mouth'. ( Yup, we had a deal that if he were to cum in my mouth, he had to exchange for a deal. )

As it turns out, he failed to endure beyond three rounds. He unexpectedly lost all strength, rendering himself completely powerless despite his initial confidence in going five rounds. After a brief cooldown, we took a refreshing shower before retiring for the night, fully aware of the early morning awakening that awaited me to experience the enchanting sunrise. The following morning proved to be a profound disappointment, as Xav was utterly incapable of waking up despite my constant stimulation. ( He was somehow dead.) Consequently, I unexpectedly achieved my fifth accomplishment: being naked on the balcony. 

It was an impromptu accomplishment, as my original intention was to capture the sunrise and promptly retreat to bed. However, I decided to add some fun to my original plan: being naked throughout the sunrise. Trust me, it was dawn when I got myself undressed, and I managed to see the sun rising from the sea. ( One of my life goals)

It was approximately noon when we clandestinely resolved to embark on a daring surfing adventure ( Sixth objective). Alas, to my dismay, I was informed that my attire ( Bikinis) rendered me ineligible to partake in the activity unless I purchased the rash guard. ( Which we didn't due to the price )

Due to my inability to achieve my sixth objective, I forward my seventh and eighth objectives, which I have successfully accomplished. Getting in the pool with my One-shoulder Bikini & my black Thong and suntan at the open pool area. Did it with Xav's help, as he kept a lookout for me despite disagreeing with my action. The decisive element of this objective lay in the thong, which possessed a remarkably slender nature. However, they underwent a fascinating transformation when exposed to water, becoming increasingly translucent. (That's the reason on why it was black. )
Just for the record, as per Xav's statement, at least 50 people took a second look and a more extended look. Honest saying, my butt was literally out, that's why.

My ninth objective entailed donning a black skater dress while playing in the casino. Only Nu-bra are allowed. No panties were permitted, and I had to sit on table games. I managed to achieve it without Xav ever suspecting a thing, and truth be told, it wasn't quite as exhilarating since my presence went completely unnoticed. The original plan was to seduce an old man by showing him my bare bottom, but everyone was into the games. However, I decided to spice up the objective during the virtual Fireworks events. 

Allow me to provide you with a concise overview of the virtual fireworks event. Royal Caribbean, renowned for its exceptional hospitality, orchestrated a captivating countdown party on the final night of the voyage. This extraordinary event was a heartfelt homage, bidding a fond farewell to their esteemed guests. It bore a resemblance, albeit in a clandestine manner, to the exhilarating world of clubbing.

Guess what? My clandestine ninth achievement entailed attending the party in a state of liberation, devoid of undergarments both above and below. It was done halfway through the event when I went to the ladies with Xav's sister and discreetly discarded my bra. (Unsure if she did notice.)

I was convinced that it went unnoticed as Xav was just beside me and remained oblivious until I discreetly brushed my chest against him. However, the conclusion unfolded in a manner far from my initial anticipation, for Xav's overwhelming anxiety overshadowed any possibility of enjoyment. Consequently, we abruptly departed from the party. Leaving Xav's sister alone (she only became aware of the situation when the event concluded.)

I debated with Xav regarding the situation, but he insisted on a compromise in which I would have to put my bra back on. Reluctantly, I agreed, hoping to salvage the remainder of the evening. However, to my dismay, my bra was nowhere to be found, only to discover it had been carelessly discarded atop the bin.

I felt a tinge of disappointment as we returned to our cabin, forgetting that I was not wearing a bra. The realisation hit me when Xav discreetly nudged me, drawing my attention to a family with two children intently staring in my direction. (I had to cover my boob with my hands throughout the journey back to my room )

Back in the room, Xav was relatively calm, and I was the one who felt guilty. We managed to reach a mutual understanding that I must refrain from repeating my actions and instead engage in open discussions with him, as we had done in the past. Consequently, I have been sentenced to No sexual activity for one week. ( which is why I wasn't able to update.)

Nevertheless, I cunningly achieved my final goal after obtaining Xav's permission, which was leaving all my used thongs on the sun lounger.

Saturday 15 July 2023


Ever since we had sex, I've noticed a significant change in Xav. It's almost as if he's transformed into a Bonobo - always ready for kinky stuff or sex.
In the past, he would incessantly complain about my tendency to arouse him. However, nowadays, he has taken on a more proactive approach, often seeking my attention through unexpected gestures or a gentle touch on my boobs or inner thigh randomly.

Occasionally, he would request that I wear a short dress or skirt, and he knew I would only wear a thong. It was as if he secretly desired to see me in such attire.

After conducting a thorough analysis of my personal pleasure versus shared intimacy over May, the results were as follows: 5 instances of solo pleasure, 3 instances of he satisfied me, and 8 instances of sex. CY was impressed when I revealed that I had allocated just five days for my personal time while the rest was with Xav.

In my own defence, during the random 8 days of sex, I was not the initiator. He was, and most of the time, we did it in various locations, from the park to the public toilet, but we did the most in his car and our rooms.

One of my most unforgettable moments was discreet touching right next to his sister. Believe me, it was the most terrifying orgasm I have ever had. ( Although I did leak a lot )

He insisted that I remove my thong while her sister sat beside me. Unknowingly, I complied, driven by my raging hormones.

Honestly speaking, I was a little tipsy, but not as much as his sister, who was totally dozing off. I can still make a correct decision, but I lost it to the hormone and maybe that d*ck.

How did all of this come to be? It was all thanks to her sister, who brought 10 bottles of Soju online, that were set to expire in August. ( Yup, she got it due to the low price )

It was a lazy Saturday, and we had no plans for the following day. His sister was determined to finish 10 bottles of Soju that day, but unfortunately, she got drunk after only the fourth bottle.
As her sister fell asleep due to alcohol, Xav and I were left with the remaining Soju.

Shortly after his sister fell asleep, Xav began to touch my thigh and back in a haphazard manner. He intermittently attempted to squeeze my boobs, which I slapped away as his sister was beside us.

I would be fine if he did it in his room but not in front of his sister. He persisted despite my attempts to push his hand away, and eventually, I gave in. Although it's important to set boundaries, occasionally, we should permit such behaviour for the sake of enjoyment.

In the heat of the moment, with our hands exploring every inch of each other's skin, he whispered in my ear, requesting that I remove my thong. At first, I refused it outright. However, despite my efforts to resist, my hormones had other plans. It's as if "they" knew my vulnerabilities and urged me to reconsider. And so, I succumbed to temptation once more.

I rose to my feet, deliberately shedding my FBT shorts as I locked eyes with Xav. It was a tantalising display, a private show for his eyes only. With a calculated move, I let my thong slip to the ground, using my leg to pass it over to him.

I was just about to take my seat, without the shorts, when Xav intervened. He insisted on wearing it back, claiming he wanted me to soak my FBT shorts with my own juice. ( I assure you, his words had a profound effect on me, leaving me feeling more aroused than ever before. )

Shortly after I began to stroke his d*** under his shorts while he was teasing my clit through my FBT shorts, I had my first orgasms. It was not an intense type, yet sufficient to dampen my shorts to some extent. I was wearing a Navy colour. Despite my efforts to stifle any audible reaction, Xav insists I may have been too loud.

I managed to halt his movements momentarily as I continued my assault on his d***. However, to my dismay, his response becomes even more aggressive, forcefully pushing me to lie to the ground. I lay there as he proceeded to explore my body with his tongue, from my nipple, then to the fabric of my FBT shorts. ( I wasn't wearing any bra )

I attempted to resist his advances and suggested sixty-nine, but he was completely consumed with pleasuring me and dismissed my propositions. As a result, I reached my second climax quickly, and my shorts became even more saturated.

As anticipated, following two rounds of intense pleasure, my hormones were soaring. Undoubtedly, he was aware of this and had strategically planned for it.

I instructed him to lick directly after pulling my shorts aside and exposing my p**** directly in his face. Obediently, he complied, which marked my most intense orgasm that night.

Boldly, I took charge and removed his shorts, revealing his manhood without his consent and sucked him off. It didn't take long before he ejaculated. Kind of disappointing but relieved at the same time. ( I am bad at sucking )

We did rest for a moment before deciding to clean up the mess. As we left the room, his sister was still asleep on the floor.

I will be going on cruise this month, so give me ideas on what I can do. 

Saturday 17 June 2023

Types of panties

Hi guys, this post is just for sharing of why I prefer Thongs and G-strings instead of normal panties.
I once shared why I prefer to sleep naked or go commando, so if you are interested, you can go over my blog again.

Before we go into my favourite, let's go for the type of panties in the world. 
  • Boyshorts: Full coverage along your hip and backside, with the leg openings sitting just below the top of your thigh
  • Brief: classic type of underwear choice for women who're looking for support and comfort
  • Cheeky: perfect medium between a thong and classic briefs
  • High rise Brief: full coverage and offer slimming lines
  • Slip shorts: provide the coverage and smoothing effect as a slip to shape your legs and hips under dresses
  • Hipster: the waistband on a hipster underwear style sits on the hips, a couple of inches below the waist, and has low-cut leg holes
  • Bikini: similar to the brief but without as much coverage.
  • Thong: no coverage at the back; thongs are a great option for eliminating those visible panty lines.
  • G-string: the least amount of coverage, meant for times when you would like to go commando but would also like some sort of coverage.
  • Tanga: thong-like underwear that covers both your front and back with triangular pieces of material
  • French-cut: A higher waist than the classic brief and features high-cut leg holes that rise just above the widest part of the thigh.

Now, let's talk about Thongs & G-strings
Over time, thongs and G-strings have gained immense popularity for many reasons. These undergarments not only offer minimal rear coverage but also provide exceptional comfort, particularly when worn under tight-fitting clothing such as jeans, yoga pants, or bodycon dresses. If you're hesitant about wearing them, we have numerous compelling reasons that are sure to persuade you to incorporate them into your wardrobe more frequently.

1. No visible panty lines: It is undeniable that visible lines can detract from the overall appearance of your outfit, no matter how stylish it may be. Fortunately, thongs for women offer a solution to this problem by remaining completely invisible underneath your clothing. Say goodbye to unsightly lines and hello to a sleek, polished look with the help of thongs.

2. High level of comfort: Many women avoid wearing G-strings or thongs due to the misconception that they are uncomfortable. However, the reality is quite the opposite. These undergarments have minimal fabric at the back, providing a high level of comfort throughout the day. Donning a G-string or thong is a comfortable and practical choice for many women.

3. Sexy appearance: G-strings are arguably the most alluring undergarments, possessing an incredible ability to enhance your appearance. They not only make you look stunning on the outside but also on the inside, elevating your confidence level.

4. No clinging: One of the greatest advantages of wearing thong underwear is its ability to remain static, eliminating the discomfort of riding or clinging up. This style provides ease and freedom, allowing you to move confidently without fear of wardrobe malfunctions. Say goodbye to those pesky woes and embrace the comfort and security of thong underwear.

5. Natural shape: The natural shape of women's thongs is one of their most appealing features. Unlike other styles, thongs offer no rear coverage, allowing your body to maintain a more natural shape. If you're looking to embrace your body just the way it is, then thongs for women are a total win-win.

6. Variety: Variety is key when it comes to shopping for thongs for women. You'll be pleased to know that there are countless options available to you, ranging from comfortable cotton to exquisite lace fabrics. With such a wide range of styles to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect thong to complement any outfit or mood. Don't settle for anything less than the best - explore your options and discover the perfect thong.

Things to look out for when wearing :

1. It is advisable to avoid purchasing overly tight thongs as they can cause discomfort in the genital and buttock regions. It is important to prioritise comfort when selecting undergarments to ensure a pleasant and comfortable experience.

2. Regarding intimate apparel, nothing gets closer to your skin than a thong. Therefore, it is crucial to select a thong that suits your needs, the weather, and the occasion. Careful consideration of these factors will ensure you feel comfortable and confident throughout the day. So, take the time to choose the perfect thong for you and enjoy the benefits of a well-fitting undergarment.

3. It is advisable to refrain from wearing thongs during your menstrual cycle. This is because the flow and discharge are more likely to spread on a thong than on regular underwear. Opting for full-coverage bottoms is a more hygienic and comfortable choice during this time.

4. It is advisable to refrain from wearing thongs when you are feeling under the weather. In the event that you are suffering from diarrhoea or food poisoning, it is best to avoid wearing thongs as they can potentially spread germs and matter, which is certainly not ideal.

5. Thongs can cause urinary tract infections because the string transports bacteria. If you are prone to UTIs or other infections, avoid thongs

Extra note:
- If you initially dislike the sensation of wearing a thong, do not be discouraged. It is a common experience for those new to thong-wearing to feel discomfort at first. However, after a few days of consistent wear, you may find yourself enamoured with this style of undergarment

Reference :

Saturday 10 June 2023

From Young

It is commonly believed that all males are nothing but lechers, regardless of age. Although Xav has repeatedly proven me wrong, I was rudely jolted back to the harsh reality.

A few hours back, I attended Xav's grandmother's birthday dinner. The entire family was present, and I dressed appropriately for the occasion. I was wearing a Button Down A-line Dress suitable for me to go to work and the occasion.

As I was enjoying my meal, Xav's three-year-old nephew( let's call him Eugene because he looks like it to me) approached me, leaving me perplexed as I couldn't recall interacting with him earlier. We had eye contact and he fixed his gaze on me, and for a moment, I was lost.

I tried to break the ice and started talking to him and playing with him. Despite his lack of response, I continued to engage with him and even consulted his parents before feeding him. However, things took a strange turn when he suddenly wanted a hug.

His parents were just as shocked as I was, but we both knew he was just a child. But then, he did something that made me feel uncomfortable. He touched me in a way that was not appropriate for a child his age. His hand was on my boob, and from time to time, he will move his hand down my dress. Even Xav seemed to sense that something was off.

Even when his parents were about to go off, he clung to me tightly, unwilling to let go. I couldn't help but feel a sense of unease as I tried to gently pry him away. Thankfully, his grip was weak. 

At that particular moment, my thoughts were fleeting. However, after Xav's revelation, I couldn't help but feel a sense of suspicion regarding Eugene's mental capacity. His age did not align with his behaviour, which resembled a lecher's.

Friday 26 May 2023

A ' NO NO' to Online work meeting and 'touching'

Two weeks back, I did something YOLO again. The consequences of my actions could potentially jeopardise my career if my superiors were to discover what I had done.

So, on one Friday, we were allowed to work from home. It was a new policy for senior staff. I was slowly enjoying the pace of doing my work (mostly admin stuff) in my pyjamas( Lingerie ), on and off eating snacks and multiple 'toilet breaks'. However, my tranquillity was abruptly shattered by my senior, who demanded my presence on a call with the big boss.

Feeling slightly annoyed, I hastily swapped my sleepwear for something more appropriate and slipped on my bra. There was no need for shorts, as they would remain unseen. However, I did opt for a standard thong.

I reluctantly joined the call and listened as my senior presented to the big boss. Everyone's screen was on; trust me, some were wearing as simple as a Cartoon Tee. But, of course, this was way impromptu, which caused most of us to panic AF. 

It was a true test of my patience and tolerance for corporate jargon. The bosses thought as if I had nothing better to do with my time. We wasted 30mins just by listening to his presentation, and I could have done many things within that 30mins.

Life sux as my choices is constrained as I am simply a worker. I pretended to be interested, secretly counting the minutes. I cannot recall the exact moment during the presentation when I began to give in to my desire for self-touching. ( Not jilling yet )

I began by gently stroking my inner thigh, gradually inching closer to the delicate fabric of my silk thong. Soon enough, I found myself directly stimulating my "pearl". Despite being in the midst of a meeting, my primal desires overpowered my better judgment. It was a moment of weakness, but one that I couldn't resist.

The sensations were overwhelming, especially when you were on a call with your colleagues and bosses and with one wrong step, all of them would know that I was doing kinky stuff.

I was enjoying the sensation, but unknowingly that time flew fast. I aimed for an orgasm, but the call ended before I could.

Saturday 22 April 2023

2XU Compression Run

Did anyone participle in 2XU half Marathon last weekend? If you did, well done for completing it. It was so tough, and I am grateful that I can finish it. So recently, CY and I participated in the 2XU Half Marathon on 16/04/23, and it was an unforgettable experience. Not because the atmosphere was electric as thousands of runners gathered for the challenge but because it was my first 21.1km marathon. ( I died for the next 1 week ) 

TBH, I hit a wall around the 15km mark. My legs were throbbing with pain, and I was drenched in sweat, but that CY kept on pushing me, and the support from other runners kept me motivated, so I went on and on. (I can't remember how I survived ) 

Crossing the finish line was an amazing moment. A sense of accomplishment that I will never forget, and it was all worth it in the end. I was proud of myself and CY for finishing the race and achieving my goal.

I recommend it to you guys who are keen to try it out. Go for a short distance, like 5km or 10km instead. But don't be stupid like me. ( I was crazy when I signed up ). So, to anyone looking for a thrilling and rewarding running experience, all marathon is back. It will be an excellent opportunity to challenge yourself and push your limits. You might regret it when you are running, but the atmosphere, the course, and the sense of accomplishment made it all worth it. 

Oh yeah, just a recommendation: if you participate in Marathon, try running in shorts and without panties/underwear. It does help. ( hehe, I liked the feeling ) 

Wednesday 5 April 2023

The Crazy act with the boy

2 days back, I committed a sin, and I felt guilty until now.

On Monday, after CY and I went for a swim session, we did a stupid challenge that may cause a traumatic event for the small boy. Not like we raped him or what, but I kind of showed him my bare pussy with Xav's tail hanging out ( Mini Xav was inside of me ), and CY gave her G-string to him.

This challenge was impromptu, and it was just for fun. We have no motive to harm him or cause him to turn gay(maybe). 

So, after our swimming session, CY forced me to wear Mini xav as I lost to her in the swimming race. Things were still fine, although I was being tortured by the vibration. I was still able to control myself. 

Things worsened when we walked past this playground. CY decided to double the speed, causing me to squat down for the sudden wave, and there this? 5 to 8yrs old boy came towards me. He was holding onto a soccer ball, but maybe due to my soft moan and squatting, he came forwards. 

He did not talk or take action but strictly looked at me. CY and I were initially confused by his action, but even though we tried to speak to him, he was totally silent. Finally, as I was about to get up, CY nudged me and pointed at my bottom. She wanted me to showcase my pussy to the little boy, which I thought was crazy, but she promised that if I did that, I would be allowed to remove mini Xav for the rest of the afternoon. 

Fighting against my conscience and the relief of torture, I gave in to her. 

I squatted down again with my legs widely open and pulled my FBTs shorts aside, and revealed my bare shaved pussy while pulling out mini Xav. Trust me, it was less than 2sec when I did that, but I was damn aroused. The funny part was mini xav was still vibrating as I pulled out, and the little boy stared at it. 

After cleaning up my mini xav and saying bye to him, we were about to go, but that crazy CY went back and removed her g-string from her bag and given to him. I was dumbfounded, but to avoid getting caught, we walked away as fast as we could. 

Friday 17 March 2023

Amara Sanctuary Resort

Hey guys, this will be a quick update.
Just came back from a staycay with Xav at Amara resort in Sentosa. It was so lovely and beautiful, especially since Xav booked the Couple's suite, which is direct to the pool. 

We fulfilled one of my fantasies, which was having sex in public during the daytime.
It was an impromptu act. Nil planning or discussion. Just the hormones and some stimulation.

So on the first 1st night, after drinking 2 full bottles of White wine ( sponsored by the hotel), we got slightly 'excited' and shared our fantasies. 

Xav claims that he knew I was an exhibitionist long ago and has been doing naughty things outdoors. He even knew I do own Tumblr and a blog for my sharing. ( I was shocked but also relieved ) He was okay with the fact, but he just wanted me to be more cautious about my surrounding after sharing some of my experiences, which you guys probably know too. Before we went into his part, he requested to be my bodyguard if I decided to do something stupid in public again, to which I agreed. 

For Xav, his fantasies are more of clothing type.
e.g. BJ-ing with panties only
or  High cut types of swimsuits, which can see if the girl do shave their below
or Short dresses ( which he likes when I wear them); best will be if can see the buttcheek or the panties
or those cheongsams with a high slit, best will be without panties, can see the pubic bone area
or Super tight-fit FBT shorts or school uniform that is so short.

So guys, share with me your fantasies.

Saturday 4 March 2023


Sometimes, I just love Zaogeng for no reason, especially if I did not resolve my hormones. 
You guys should know that I love to wear short shorts or dresses, and from time to time, when I am in my naughty mood, I will wear dresses or skirts, without panties or with sexy panties. 

So the other day, after having 'fun time' at home, Xav and I went to Giant Megastore, located at Tampines, for our dinner. I wore a decent denim pinafore (dress type )  with a white shirt, but I wasn't wearing any panties. 

As Xav pulled into the parking lot, which was next to the pavement, this young couple was walking towards our direction. The guy looked in my direction, but his wife/girlfriend was using the phone.  At that very moment, I was unsure if I was still horny, but I knew he was aiming to see some Zaogeng. As he got nearer,  I purposely opened my door and spread my legs widely before exiting the car. Not sure if he did see it. 

Saturday 25 February 2023

Knitted sweater ( Just a sharing )

Last Wednesday, I was at 313 with my aunt and witnessed something interesting. This lady appeared to be the same age as me, or maybe younger. She wore a black sheer Knitted sweater while wearing a Nipple sticker. Trust me, I was astonished that she wore a Nipple sticker instead of a bra and walked confidently in a shopping mall. It's like she doesn't give a damn about the whole world. 

I saw her 2 to 3 times as we were shopping around, and she seemed to be in her own world. Not only myself but whoever walked past her took a second. Amazing. I don't think I have the courage to do that. 

Friday 17 February 2023

CL's wedding

If you guys remember, I claimed that I would be going to CL's wedding in my last year's post. It happened last weekend.

As stated, I wore the red off-shoulder dress. ( Don't spot me if you did go to CL's wedding) Together with a thin translucent seamless thong for me to hold mini Xav in place. I also chose a Nipple sticker instead of Nu-bra( suggested by a reader )

Surprisingly, after telling Xav about my innerwear, he did not nag like he used to but complimented me. ( Did sus for that 2 mins ) 

The fun started after the first dishes were served. As there were music and the light was dim, I slid my hand in via the high slit, and through my thin thong, I turned on 'Xav' ( It was a quick action ) 

At first, I enjoyed myself as I tuned it to level 1, but as my hormones increased, I got bolder. Finally, level 1 doesn't satisfy me anymore. Using my index finger and touching my phone's screen, the level went straight up to 2, then 3 within the same min. 

Xav looked at me weirdly as I repeatedly fidgeted due to the sudden strong impulse. Believe me, my pussy was twitching most of the time. I believed Xav did suspect something but did not voice it out. 

I remembered it was the 4th dish when I handed my phone to Xav before walking towards the VIP table where CY was seated.

He stared at me for a good 10 sec before realising that I was actually 'playing' with myself. ( the expression he given was worth the risk I had taken) 

I have given him the choice of controlling it, and I was, in fact, very confident that he would turn it off but guess what? He took it, and it was a hell evening for me. On the other hand, I think I trained him well because he tuned it manually instead of using the automatic wave, and the way he did the drawing was way better than the default setting. Worst of all, he knew when I was about to orgasm, he stopped the vibration. 

I pinched him a few times, but he still did the same. Although my poker face doesn't show much but trust me, my body was craving an intense orgasm. Trust me, I was extremely 'burning', and I was ready to ignore everyone and orgasm on the floor. ( That's how desperate I was back then )

In the end, I did not get to orgasm!!! Not even half!!! But my Thong was wet af.

As soon as we were back in his car, I kept on 'attacking' his groin area, and maybe thanks to all the stimulation I did to him, he allowed me to orgasm but with one condition. I had to be in the back seat, with my legs wide open, and I was not allowed to remove my thong. What he did next did surprise me. His left hand was 'drawing' on my phone as he drove. At that moment, I zonked from all the stimulation he gave and did not realise we were at Mt Faber ( Xav told me after that day ).

Guess what he did? He closed himself towards my pussy and watched/licked me as I orgasmed intensively on my thin thong. ( I believe I did orgasm at least twice )