Friday 17 March 2023

Amara Sanctuary Resort

Hey guys, this will be a quick update.
Just came back from a staycay with Xav at Amara resort in Sentosa. It was so lovely and beautiful, especially since Xav booked the Couple's suite, which is direct to the pool. 

We fulfilled one of my fantasies, which was having sex in public during the daytime.
It was an impromptu act. Nil planning or discussion. Just the hormones and some stimulation.

So on the first 1st night, after drinking 2 full bottles of White wine ( sponsored by the hotel), we got slightly 'excited' and shared our fantasies. 

Xav claims that he knew I was an exhibitionist long ago and has been doing naughty things outdoors. He even knew I do own Tumblr and a blog for my sharing. ( I was shocked but also relieved ) He was okay with the fact, but he just wanted me to be more cautious about my surrounding after sharing some of my experiences, which you guys probably know too. Before we went into his part, he requested to be my bodyguard if I decided to do something stupid in public again, to which I agreed. 

For Xav, his fantasies are more of clothing type.
e.g. BJ-ing with panties only
or  High cut types of swimsuits, which can see if the girl do shave their below
or Short dresses ( which he likes when I wear them); best will be if can see the buttcheek or the panties
or those cheongsams with a high slit, best will be without panties, can see the pubic bone area
or Super tight-fit FBT shorts or school uniform that is so short.

So guys, share with me your fantasies.

Saturday 4 March 2023


Sometimes, I just love Zaogeng for no reason, especially if I did not resolve my hormones. 
You guys should know that I love to wear short shorts or dresses, and from time to time, when I am in my naughty mood, I will wear dresses or skirts, without panties or with sexy panties. 

So the other day, after having 'fun time' at home, Xav and I went to Giant Megastore, located at Tampines, for our dinner. I wore a decent denim pinafore (dress type )  with a white shirt, but I wasn't wearing any panties. 

As Xav pulled into the parking lot, which was next to the pavement, this young couple was walking towards our direction. The guy looked in my direction, but his wife/girlfriend was using the phone.  At that very moment, I was unsure if I was still horny, but I knew he was aiming to see some Zaogeng. As he got nearer,  I purposely opened my door and spread my legs widely before exiting the car. Not sure if he did see it.