Saturday 2 September 2023

Cruise with Objectives

It has been weeks since my return from the trip. It is no surprise that Royal Caribbean is highly recommended for first-time cruisers. I still vividly recall the captivating events that unfolded aboard the ship, particularly the enchanting performance, despite the fact it did not end well. 

I would love to tell you guys more, but I know you guys are more interested in my adventures during the trip. (If you are interested in the ship and its activity, please PM me.) 

Let me summarise what I did during the four-day, three-night trip.
For those who have been talking to me since I announced that I would be going to cruise. If you recall our conversation, I stated that I would not bring any dresses or skirts, but my attire primarily consisted of shorts. As it turns out, I bought it since the majority of the suggestions you all provided involved me wearing a skirt or dress.

In truth, the first day was relatively uneventful, as our focus primarily revolved around exploring the ship, trying out the activities, going for NorthStar (which was an experience where we were brought to the highest point of the cruise in a capsule and the 360 views), indulging in complimentary meals at the Main Dining Hall, or even venturing to Windjammer ( another place for us to get food ). We even get to enjoy marvellous performances such as The Silk Road and The Effector. Ended the day in the casino with a small winning. 

The 2nd day was more eventful as I did accomplish most of my objectives for this trip.
My first notable accomplishment was having breakfast at a bustling restaurant while clad in my Light blue sports bra and Navy FBT shorts. Although I had intentionally prepared for this unconventional attire, the morning exercise arranged by the cruise made it seem more acceptable. However, it was disconcerting to notice the lingering gazes of onlookers, particularly from different ethnic backgrounds. Consequently, my breakfast experience turned out to be far from enjoyable.

My second achievement was wearing my newly acquired Royal blue one-shoulder Bikini from Shein while walking from my room to the solarium. Perhaps not something to boast about, but it presented quite a challenge. I had to navigate my way from my room to the Solarium, which required me to take the elevator and traverse several areas before arriving and with all the passersby. It triggered my arousal, but I did maintain it well. Things get worse upon our return to the room following our indulgence in the Jacuzzi. We attempted to dry ourselves before returning, but we were not thoroughly dried. As we walked, numerous individuals staring, particularly during our elevator rides, further heightened my senses.

I considered indulging in some mischievous activities during our shower time, but time was not on our side. We found ourselves in a rush as we were rushing to embark on our journey to Penang. As promised, I donned a sleek White halter top, perfectly complemented by a short denim skirt. But that's not all. As we previously discussed, I am strictly prohibited from wearing panties. ( third achievement )Xav did comment, but as promised to my readers, he eventually succumbed to my persistent requests.

The journey to Penang proved to be quite fruitful, as we successfully visited all the planned destinations and managed to acquire a substantial amount of Tau Sar Piah, also known as Tambun Biscuits.
Admittedly, given the presence of my future-in-law, I refrained from engaging in any mischievous activities. However, Xav seemed rather anxious throughout the trip, as he was the sole individual privy to the fact that I had chosen not to don any panties and was clad in a skirt that barely reached my mid-thigh.

We returned to the ship before 9 pm as our minds set on attending the enigmatic silent disco event. However, the plan went south once we were back inside our cabin. We seized a moment to rejuvenate ourselves, but that stupid Xav decided to stimulate me instead. As it turns out, he fulfilled my fourth objective: being naked and having sex at the balcony. While it may appear hasty, I beg you guys to extend your forgiveness towards him, for he was under my constant influence throughout the entire day, from our morning meal to our refreshing swim and even during our excursion to Penang.

He was incredibly 'parched', to the point where he willingly acquiesced to my spontaneous requests and one challenge, all in exchange for the act of 'inserting' and 'in the mouth'. ( Yup, we had a deal that if he were to cum in my mouth, he had to exchange for a deal. )

As it turns out, he failed to endure beyond three rounds. He unexpectedly lost all strength, rendering himself completely powerless despite his initial confidence in going five rounds. After a brief cooldown, we took a refreshing shower before retiring for the night, fully aware of the early morning awakening that awaited me to experience the enchanting sunrise. The following morning proved to be a profound disappointment, as Xav was utterly incapable of waking up despite my constant stimulation. ( He was somehow dead.) Consequently, I unexpectedly achieved my fifth accomplishment: being naked on the balcony. 

It was an impromptu accomplishment, as my original intention was to capture the sunrise and promptly retreat to bed. However, I decided to add some fun to my original plan: being naked throughout the sunrise. Trust me, it was dawn when I got myself undressed, and I managed to see the sun rising from the sea. ( One of my life goals)

It was approximately noon when we clandestinely resolved to embark on a daring surfing adventure ( Sixth objective). Alas, to my dismay, I was informed that my attire ( Bikinis) rendered me ineligible to partake in the activity unless I purchased the rash guard. ( Which we didn't due to the price )

Due to my inability to achieve my sixth objective, I forward my seventh and eighth objectives, which I have successfully accomplished. Getting in the pool with my One-shoulder Bikini & my black Thong and suntan at the open pool area. Did it with Xav's help, as he kept a lookout for me despite disagreeing with my action. The decisive element of this objective lay in the thong, which possessed a remarkably slender nature. However, they underwent a fascinating transformation when exposed to water, becoming increasingly translucent. (That's the reason on why it was black. )
Just for the record, as per Xav's statement, at least 50 people took a second look and a more extended look. Honest saying, my butt was literally out, that's why.

My ninth objective entailed donning a black skater dress while playing in the casino. Only Nu-bra are allowed. No panties were permitted, and I had to sit on table games. I managed to achieve it without Xav ever suspecting a thing, and truth be told, it wasn't quite as exhilarating since my presence went completely unnoticed. The original plan was to seduce an old man by showing him my bare bottom, but everyone was into the games. However, I decided to spice up the objective during the virtual Fireworks events. 

Allow me to provide you with a concise overview of the virtual fireworks event. Royal Caribbean, renowned for its exceptional hospitality, orchestrated a captivating countdown party on the final night of the voyage. This extraordinary event was a heartfelt homage, bidding a fond farewell to their esteemed guests. It bore a resemblance, albeit in a clandestine manner, to the exhilarating world of clubbing.

Guess what? My clandestine ninth achievement entailed attending the party in a state of liberation, devoid of undergarments both above and below. It was done halfway through the event when I went to the ladies with Xav's sister and discreetly discarded my bra. (Unsure if she did notice.)

I was convinced that it went unnoticed as Xav was just beside me and remained oblivious until I discreetly brushed my chest against him. However, the conclusion unfolded in a manner far from my initial anticipation, for Xav's overwhelming anxiety overshadowed any possibility of enjoyment. Consequently, we abruptly departed from the party. Leaving Xav's sister alone (she only became aware of the situation when the event concluded.)

I debated with Xav regarding the situation, but he insisted on a compromise in which I would have to put my bra back on. Reluctantly, I agreed, hoping to salvage the remainder of the evening. However, to my dismay, my bra was nowhere to be found, only to discover it had been carelessly discarded atop the bin.

I felt a tinge of disappointment as we returned to our cabin, forgetting that I was not wearing a bra. The realisation hit me when Xav discreetly nudged me, drawing my attention to a family with two children intently staring in my direction. (I had to cover my boob with my hands throughout the journey back to my room )

Back in the room, Xav was relatively calm, and I was the one who felt guilty. We managed to reach a mutual understanding that I must refrain from repeating my actions and instead engage in open discussions with him, as we had done in the past. Consequently, I have been sentenced to No sexual activity for one week. ( which is why I wasn't able to update.)

Nevertheless, I cunningly achieved my final goal after obtaining Xav's permission, which was leaving all my used thongs on the sun lounger.