Friday, 28 January 2022

IKEA ( Mirror )

Last weekend, I went Ikea with my mom as we were thinking of buying a new display cabinet. 

After getting our stuff and queuing up to the cashier, I noticed that the couple in front of me had a small squared mirror on their flat cart, facing up. As I looked closely at the reflection in the mirror, something caught my attentions. Upskirts of the lady Infront of them.  
She was wearing a Black Denim skirt and thanks to the angle and reflection of the mirror, a bright yellow panties with lots of butt cheek can be seen. She were standing with one leg and thanks to that, it was way to obvious from my view. I am not sure if others saw it too but trust me, whoever is behind of me, surely they could have a glance of it. 

Saturday, 22 January 2022

Swimming day (Retrospective)

 This experience happened last year around Nov to Dec. I Went for a swimming session at the Twin's condo which only me and Charmaine. Carissa wasn't at home.

In fact, my goal was to swim and exercise, but in the end, thanks to her, we did something nonsense again. When I arrived at her house, she was still in her sleeping attire which considers a White tee and shorts. She wasn't wearing any bra, but I do saw her pink G-string. After a slow and light breakfast, we headed for the swimming pool.

I changed into my normal one-piece swimsuit with a tee covered over it, and I expected Charmaine to wear her Bikini, which she usually will. But hell no. She put on a White Bikini Bra, but her bottom was still the same G-string. She even came out to? Consult me about the outfit but never even listened to my answer before she went into her room again. When she came out, she threw a black bikini set towards me and told me to change into it. She scolded me that I was wearing too much and hurting her brain. Lol. I am not sure why I did fight against her, yet I changed into the bikini set.
After putting back my tee, and she on a white sheer Tee, off we go. Both of us weren't wearing any shorts.

Honestly, I was looking at her ass when we were in the lift. Her butt did grow more prominent from the last time I saw her. ( She had been going gym, from what I know ). The unique part was that her G-string was so flimsy and thin. I bet if she does spread her legs after getting into the water, I could easily see the mold of her pussy or maybe her bare pussy. 

Nothing fun happened when we were at the pool. Except for the 2 of us, there was a maid with a child on the other side of the pool. To the actual fact, we did swim, but most of the time, I was looking at her to spot her malfunction, and I think I saw her bare pussy a few times when she was at the front and when we were getting out of the water. 

Was kind of awkward when we were walking towards the life and taking the lift as we shared with a male and female. We had to cover ourselves with a towel as both of us weren't wearing any tee and kind of attracted the guy's attention.

Friday, 21 January 2022

ex - colleague

Let me update one more before going out...

The other day, had a short coffee session with my ex-colleague who is a guy in a cafĂ© next to his office. Was actually going to consult him on something. That day, I was wearing a blue shift dress as i was planning to meet Xav afterward. When I sat down, the length of the dress could only covered up to 1/3 of my thigh or maybe a bit more shorter. 

It was supposed to be just a normal meeting and it was, until I realized his eyes were mostly staring through that transparent glass table and straight to my thighs. Wasn't planning to show him anything at the start, but after he went through in details about the things i asked, in order to reward him, i purposely un-crossed my legs so that he could see a bit of my panty ( Black ) through that triangular gap between my thighs and dress. It took him about few mins before he realized it and i guessed i kind of shown him for at least 30mins plus before we went off.

The Staring

Hey guys, since i got my special day off today and for now, i got nothing to do, let me update a bit.

The other day, i went library to borrow some cooking book and guess what, i kind of exposed myself to 2 young boys, maybe 13yrs old. Wasn't planning to do so, but both of them were staring at my legs for a long time. As a nice and kinky " Jie Jie", i purposely back-faced them and bend down. I was wearing  yellow thong with a skater dress. Not very sure if they did saw it but i am sure i bent for a good 5 to 10sec.

Thursday, 20 January 2022

Bluesg car ( Free Gift )

You guys know about Bluesg Car. Those that with big window
so that day i kind of left a present in the car. 

I kind of forced CY to rent the car although our distance can be reached by walk for 20mins. In the end, 
I removed one piece of my clothing (as a exchange) before we arrived at our location. Not my idea. It was CY. She didn't follow as she wasn't even wearing one. 

So guys, if you happened to rent Bluesg car, remember to look out for "present" in the glove box.