Saturday 28 June 2014

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Thursday 19 June 2014

Swimming day

Just now, I went swimming with Charmaine and CY. It was a last-minute plan as CY and I had initially planned to go cycling but ended up switching to swimming, all thanks to Charmaine.

Around 11 plus, we decided to head to the Tampines Swimming Complex. Since it wasn't too far from my house, I opted to wear a swimsuit. I tied up my hair and chose to wear a Navy Adidas 3-stripes One-piece Swimsuit that I had bought during the Adidas sale a few years back but hadn't worn until today. I paired it with my Red Elmo T-shirt and black denim shorts. After packing my goggles and towel, I was ready to go.

Just before I stepped out of my house, my sixth sense told me something was wrong, but I couldn't quite remember it. In my rush, I decided to ignore the feeling and closed the door behind me. Luckily, the bus arrived just as I reached the stop. Upon reaching Tampines Interchange, I spotted CY waiting at the arrival area. She was dressed in a denim shirt (I think) and denim shorts. As I approached her, I noticed she didn't have any bag or belongings with her. She explained that she had forgotten it at home, and since her house was far from Tampines, I agreed to share whatever she needed.

We headed straight to the complex and met Charmaine there. She was wearing a black MANGO Tee paired with denim shorts, and thankfully, she had brought her bag along. If not, we would have had to share one towel among the three of us.

We made our way towards the adult pool, and to our surprise, there weren't many people around—maybe just 3 or 4 individuals. We decided to change near the locker area since we were already wearing our swimsuits underneath. CY revealed her blue Tankini swimsuit, which, as a side note, is a two-piece swimsuit providing more coverage than a typical bikini, with a larger portion covering the stomach area, leaving just a tiny visible strip of skin between the top and bottom. As for Charmaine, she opted for a stylish purple Bikini set.

After stowing our clothes in the locker, along with our bags and slippers, we headed straight to the pool.

We kicked off our swim with some warm-up strokes to ward off potential leg cramps. After about three rounds, CY expressed fatigue and suggested taking a break in one of the corners. The pause didn't last long before Charmaine encouraged us to resume.

Around 1:50 pm, we decided to call it a swim and headed up to the tanning area. Choosing a spot at the far end to avoid the crowd in the middle, CY and I chatted about the lifeguard we had noticed, while Charmaine lay on her front, attempting to tan her back. However, she eventually dozed off, oblivious to our attempts at conversation.

That's when the mischievous side kicked in! I initially had no intentions of playing any pranks, but CY kept nudging me. Eventually, we succumbed to the temptation and decided to prank the unsuspecting Charmaine.

We silently got up and crept toward Charmaine. Since she was wearing a bikini, it made it easier for us to untie both her top and bottom, though it proved to be a bit tedious. Amazingly, she remained completely unaware and continued sleeping soundly.

CY and I couldn't contain our giggles as we returned to our seats. After about 10 to 15 minutes, CY, unable to wait any longer, decided it was time to wake Charmaine up. We hatched a plan, pretending to receive a loud call and talking animatedly. The ruse worked like a charm. Charmaine woke up from the noise we created, and as she turned her head toward us, we abruptly stood up, feigning urgency. Panicking, she followed suit.

And there she stood, caught off guard in her birthday suit. Charmaine screamed and quickly squatted down. Her scream attracted the attention of nearby swimmers and lifeguards. Reacting swiftly, we covered her with a towel while she fumbled to put her bikini back on. It was a playful prank that certainly added a memorable twist to our swimming day.

As soon as Charmaine was done scolding us, we couldn't help but burst into uncontrollable laughter. Despite our attempts to apologize and even offer to treat her to dinner, she declined. In the end, she agreed to forgive us under the condition that we fulfill some requests she made. With no other choice, both CY and I reluctantly agreed.

Heading straight to the shower room, as I unpacked my belongings, I suddenly realized that I had forgotten to bring my bra and panties! Oh, darn it! I informed CY about the predicament, and the amusing part was that she hadn't brought her bag either. It hit me: "Oh yeah, she doesn't even have a bag!" It added another layer of humor to our already eventful day at the swimming complex.

With no other options, we proceeded to shower and put on our clothes without bras and panties. Thankfully, my shirt was slightly loose, minimizing the visibility of my nipples. As for CY, she was accustomed to going without a bra and was unfazed. Moreover, she was wearing a denim shirt, which concealed her nipples and only revealed a bit of cleavage.

I couldn't resist teasing CY when Charmaine emerged from the shower. Charmaine had changed into another shirt, opting for a pink tank-top paired with a blue sports bra and white high-waist shorts. We then ventured to Tampines Mall for dinner, and fortunately, we didn't attract much attention. Even after dinner, with plenty of time left, we explored the mall, indulging in some shopping.

Surprisingly, the evening flew by, and we shopped until nine plus before finally heading home. The best part? Charmaine had completely forgotten about the punishment she had assigned us earlier. Hehe, a day full of unexpected twists and laughter indeed.

Sunday 15 June 2014

Repost : Library

Finally, my June holiday is here^^... sorry for not updating as frequently as before. JC2 is really keeping me busy and stressed. A lot of times, it seems like I'm just playing, but the fact is I'm also hitting the books. Now, with a bit of spare time, let me update before the war starts!!!

Last Saturday, I woke up at 8 am, even though it was the weekend. (I had plans to go to the library early to "reserve" a seat.) Saturday morning, everyone in my house, including my parents, was still asleep, but I was already up and ready to head out. I put on a shirt and denim shorts, and I left (of course, wearing my bra and underwear). I headed straight to the library to drop off my bag and secure a seat before grabbing breakfast. Taking the bus, I surprisingly arrived at the library at 9 am sharp, just as they opened the main door. I successfully "reserved" my seat and then went off for my breakfast.

Surprisingly, when I returned to the library, it wasn't crowded, so I essentially occupied an entire table meant for four people. I delved into my textbooks and test papers until I received a text from CY around noon. She mentioned that she might be coming down, but in the end, there wasn't a sign of her. Around 2 pm, it started raining, and the entire library felt like a freezer. Fortunately, I had forgotten to take my jacket out the night before; otherwise, I would have been as good as a frozen specimen.

Starting, i was still able to concentrate on my books but the fight didn't last long as i lost to the coldness of the library. My nipple became hardened in no time and was touching on the bra's fabric. Whenever i move, my nipple seems to rub against the fabric and that's how i got aroused! I tried to cross my legs for few times but my "little sister" was kind of " itchy" and warm. I tried to maintain but in the end, i give up!

I went to the female toilet, locked the door and started to remove my shorts. Initially, i was just touching myself with my panties on but not even 5 min, i was extremely wet and sadly there are people waiting outside which means i have to be fast. Kind of unsatisfied and wanted more, i decided to "play"it further. I removed my panties, my bra and wore back my shirt, shorts and jacket. I hided my bra and panties in the right pocket of my jacket and went out of the toilet and back to my seat.

When i was settled down, I secretly kept my bra and panties into my bag. Starting, it was kind of exciting as there are people around me, but the excitement didn't last long. I started to bored!!

As i was sitting near to the corner of the library, not many people will be walking past. After observing for a few mins, i decided to challenge myself further. Slowly, i unzipped my shorts and lower it. Just using of few mins, my shorts was down on the floor..hehe..Okay, that was the most crazier thing i had done so far and if i was to get caught, i might get stomped or maybe even police case.

Carefully, i took my shorts and slided it into my bag. I crossed my leg to prevent attracting attention but it didn't last long (again)!! This time, I slide my left hand back into the jacket and started to touch myself. ( Yea, i know i was crazy enough to touch myself in library, but i was really horny.) I wanted to change my seat to the opposite so i can have more fun but when i stood up, i was shocked with the coverage by the jacket. My pussy was totally exposed

I quickly moved over and settled down, with my butt touching the cold chair and it increased my aroused and wetness. I think i even caught some attention.

I maintained for a while to reduce the attention but in the end, failed (again).

In order not to create another big action and more attention, i slide back my right hand into my jacket and moved down slowly to my pussy.(Okay, i was really smart at this stuff). I rubbed my clit and play with my labia.

Just a few seconds, my fingers started to get wet. I told myself that i have to stop playing, but i really can't. In the end, i had to stop and started to pack my stuff after wearing back my shorts.

There was a big wet-spot when i pushes in the chair..hehe..I quickly went off and went back home, hided in my room and continue from where i paused..

New blog...

Welcome to my new site...

Was trying to rearrange my blog, but was a bit lazy, and not very sure on how to do it. Guess my brain only know how to play but not on Coms..hehe

Just enjoy this new site, and free free to comments...