Tuesday, 16 May 2017

New Writer, new method

Hey, to the only guy who emailed me the story, Thank you for your hard work. Although it is kind of out of topic but i can feel that u tried to link all the story together.

I thought that there are quite a few writer who are interested but sadly to say, there is only one who is really interested. Since no one is fighting with him, then i shall just make him the winner.

I will share my email with him, so it will be up to him if he is going to update it here.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Choosing the right 'Ghost'

Hey guys, thanks for the massive volunteering to become my 'ghost-writer' ( got to know this word thru a reader ). I was really shocked by the numbers of emails. It was nearly 2times of the amount of my blog-posts. I know you guys are talented in writing, and believe me, it was a hard choice to choose who, as i am unsure if you guys are able to fully explain my actions and feeling. However, one of my readers suggested that i should make a competition and allow the audience to vote. I will post the story u guys written here and let my readers to choose. So guys, if you are interested to be the first to hear about my 'kinkventure' and willing to be a ghost of me, please do your best in writing the following situation and the winner will become my ghost-writer( might consider more benefit)

- Graduation week
-Helped out in ushering
-wore a office wear ( White top and black tight skirt, length about mid-thigh)
-Not wearing any panty to avoid panty line
-was really excited and was getting wet faster than usual
-told by my gay friend that i have good assest and i should fully utilize it 
-Did attach few attention when walking to CHEERS and specially when i had to bend down to fetch the red tea drink.
-Halfway thru the event, was accidentally touched straight on the ass by a female graduator
-She give me a weird look but went off.
-Was scared for a moment, tot that she knew that i was not wearing anything below
-Before event ended, was told to stand at level 2 to usher parents down
-was so afraid that someone might just look back up and saw
-thru out the 15min of ushing, was scared, excited and kiind of wet
-didn't look out for long as was forcus into ushing
-When waiting for my dad to fetch me, got stared by others but i acted like nothing

Guys, the above situation happened to me yesterday. You can email me to ask for more of my feeling or other questions you have. Please write it in sentence and the contest will end at next friday, 12th May. Wish you guys the best of luck

(Spoiler : Q&A posts coming up.... )
Love, Alicia