Friday 23 September 2022

Masturbating Journey

Recently, I was chatting with this reader of mine, and the questions he asked me, were kind of interesting and I will share them with you guy
Those reading my blog from the start should have known the answer, but for the other reader's knowledge, I will share a bit.

Q1: How young were you when you started to masturbate and do you still???
I started masturbation at the age of 12 or 13, and today, I am still enjoying it ( Even with Xav as my bf)

Q2: How often do you masturbate in a week??
I masturbated countless times a month, but there isn't a guaranteed number for a week. The lowest I did was 0. Yup, I was swamped that one week.

Q3: Now, do you masturbate still after having a guy who loved you so much?
Before getting together with xav, I used to masturbate immensely or play with my GF(s) from time to time.
Now, I still do. ( Who needs him )

Q4: What are your highest records?
I'm not sure the highest number I masturbated in a day, but I believe it was about seven times. ( Was wet nearly every hour)
That day was hectic. My hormones were way too high and legit; I did it whenever possible.
Shower time
After shower
After wearing clothing
In the office(during lunch)
After reaching home
After dinner
Before sleep.
I came down with flu, and my whole body was extremely weak the next day. Didn't get MC.

He hasn't replied me after that

Sunday 18 September 2022

Irritating Xav

Guys just can't be trusted, right. Not being bad nasty, I sometimes felt that Xav's words could not be trusted. For example, last weekend, I went for a short jog with Xav at one of the parks in the east. Ends up, we had a quick sex in the public toilet, and he nearly came inside me. Annoying. 

You guys must be thinking, why do I claim that his words cannot be trusted. The fact is, I suggested to him one day that we should try public sex, and I gave him the idea of a park toilet. He claims the park toilet is filthy and full of insects, and we might get caught easily. That day, he was feeling "high" due to the foreplay we had in the car and decided to have "fun" in the handicapped park toilet. 

I meant, I was keen to try it, but I hate it when he just doesn't like to remove my thong but slide it to one side. Worst of all, that was the third or the fourth time he cummed onto my panties. The first few times were slightly better cause we were at his house or mine, but that day, we were in the public toilet and ended up, having to wash it. 

The bad part was, that the hand dryer was outside the toilet. Luckily, there weren't many people around that area. It took me at least 10mins to dry it. 

Just don't get it why do guys love to f*k their girlfriends without removing their panties?!?!

Saturday 17 September 2022

Further update on August event

Hey guys, like I promised, I will give a bit more details on the events that happened during august. ( TBH, I am still not very sure why you guys are so keen to know the details ) 
  1. Lost the panties that I put in dad's car
    As I told you guys in the email, I wasn't planning to do any naughty thing, but I removed it due to the itchiness. (And please, I was wearing normal regular panties.) At first, I thought it was the skirt, but after removing my panties, it was way better. 
    As I wasn't holding onto any bag, I had no place to put my panties, so my dad's car was the ideal place. I placed it under my dad's seat to prevent someone from finding it. Ends up, the next day, when I boarded the car, it was gone. I couldn't be asking my dad so it became a mystery. 

  2. Colleague caught me with my hand in my pants, and lied that I was adjusting my panties. She believed.
    This happened during one of the weeks when I wore "Thor" to work. Honestly speaking, I was kind of having high hormones that week, and it usually happens before my ' Big aunty comes'. 
    So the issue was, that I was trying to position 'Thor' properly when I was in the pantry. I looked around before sliding my hand in my pants but tsk, My female colleague decided to come in when I was positioning my Thor and trust me, it looks pretty bad at that moment. Luckily for me, she believed my story of adjusting my panties as I claimed that my pantyliner went out of place.
  3. Was braless when collecting grab food and instant regret
    Regarding this..errmmm, there wasn't any motive or intention. It was purely my silly brain that was still fast asleep and did not think. The previous night, we slept at 3am, as we played the game.( Yup, I stayed at Xav's house) So that morning, Xav was in fact, lovely, he ordered MacD without telling me and ends up when the delivery guy came, Xav was in the toilet. As for me, I was actually 10% awake but 90% brain dead, and Xav told me to fetch the order. So without considering much, I walked out of his room and went straight to the main Door. Best of best, his sister was in the living room and I, who was wearing just a long tank top without a bra. Trust me, My nipple was so prominent thru the shirt, which I did not realise. The worst part was, that I stood that for a good 1 to 2 mins before closing the door. It was until Xav's Sister stared at my boob area before I realised my nipple was so damn prominent.

  4. I Went 2 levels down to collect my thongs. Awkward to the max when the domestic helper passed to me. 
    I am not sure how do I explain this situation, but it was my mom who accidentally dropped my thong. At first, I was reluctant to take it, but then, to prevent my mom from nagging abut my thong, I went. This is not my first time going down to take back our clothing, but just kind of awkward when I have to explain to the maid what I am looking for and her look when she passed me the thong. I guess she must be judging me

  5. My younger cousin's nephew ( 14yrs old) took multiple glimpses up my loose shorts
    For this, I explained it at least ten times. Everyone seems to be interested in this event.
    So how did it happen? In fact, it was just a coincidence if I were to explain it.
    That day after work, I was told that one of my cousins had been admitted to the hospital due to a Road traffic accident, and his children would be coming to my house after school. I meant I was in my house, so by left or right, for sure, I would be wearing my comfortable clothing, and I was being legit enough to wear a typical short, although it was kind of loose at the thigh region. What I didn't expect was, due to the loose shorts I was wearing, it seduced a 14yrs old boy. Being a nice 'Jie Jie, I took the initiative to entertain him in the living room since my mom was showering. At first, he was sitting on the floor while playing with his phone, but as we chatted, he turned and faced me. I guess it was that moment he noticed the hole in-between my thighs. Honest speaking, I was too tired to care about my sitting position; furthermore, this was my house. He did manage to maintain a poker face even when I noticed that he was stealing a glimpse and I don't mind if you steal a glance or two, but when I changed my position to prevent him from looking, he changed his position too. I got annoyed and so I walked back into my room.     

Friday 9 September 2022

Summaries for the rest of the month of August.

  • Lost the panties that I put in dad's car
  • Colleague caught me with my hand in my pants, lied that I was adjusting my panties. She believed.
  • Was braless when collecting grab food and instant regret
  • Went 2 levels down to collect my thongs. Awkward to the max when the domestic helper passed to me. 
  • My younger nephew ( 14yrs old) took multiple glimpses up my loose shorts.