Wednesday 2 December 2015

Bad Swimming Day!!

Seems like it had been a long time that i didn't do any naughty stuff. I didn't realize that until just now when i checked my blog. Haha. Sorry and thanks to those who had been waiting for me to update my blog. Appreciated it.:)

Today, we were given a day off due to some special reason and thanks to that, i manage to have more time to sleep, but that is not the main point. I managed to go for a swim in the late morning. Actually, i was planning to go out with my poly friends but most of them were still sleeping, plus we didn't have any planning beforehand, so in the end, i went for a swim. CY was struck in her boring lecture so she was unable to join me, plus even she does, i have to wait for her to get home and change. 

I think i arrived at the swimming complex at about 11 am. Not really sure what time did i arrived, but i didn't stay long due to some idiots!! I wore a Navy blue Adidas one-piece swimsuit as i was swimming alone, so hoping that i won't attract any attention, but i was wrong. After changing into my swimsuit, i have to walked a distance from the ladies to the adult pool and that was when i realized that, no matter what we wear, specially girls, the guys and life-guards will stared at us like we are alien or being naked. The worst thing is, there isn't any female swimmer!! The pool wasn't crowded, but only left with 2 middle lane that was free. For me, i don't really like to swim in the middle lane as if i did drown ( touch-wood), chances is that i will have to drink lots of chlorine water before being save. With no other choice and those pervert staring, i quickly walked up to the middle lane, and went into the pool. Feels slightly more safe in the water. 

I swam for a few laps but in the end, was taken over by 2 guys.  I am not sure what do they really wanted. Instead of swimming at the free lane, they came to my lane and they were swimming freestyles with big splash. I was swimming freestyles too, but i was slower, and the waves that they had created spoiled everything. I know that swimming pool is shared, but come on, why took over mine!! I was quite fed-up actually, but lazy to entertain those idiots, so in the end, i went out of the pool. 

I went to the locket which i kept my stuffs, and went to the tanning area. It become a habit that i have to do after swimming. My female cousins did told me before that not to tann so much but i prefer to have "sporty skin", i guess. I went up to the tanning area and seated at the corner-end, so i could have more privacy and less staring. The tanning area was quite empty except me and another guy which seated near to the stair. Not really handsome nor muscular, but i think he is still doing his NS, cause of his " Botak ". He was closing his eyes so i think he was sleeping.

I settled down with my bag on the side of the chair. I took out my Ipod and was picking my songs when i had a feeling of being stared by someone,(Sixth sense, haha) and when i turn my head, i had a straight eye-contact with that "Botak" guy. Indeed, he did realize my presence. He looked away when i looked at him but he did peeked back as i somehow was staring at him. ( Don't like the feeling of being peeked!! )

My stares didn't last long but yup, i stared at him. I don't really like when people stared at me when i was swimming or sun-tanning. It's like they are looking at animals in the zoo. 

After a few mins of staring, i went back to my stuffs. I took out my kindle and started to read but i couldn't concentrate. I keep having the feeling of someone staring at me, and when i turned my head, indeed, that "botak" guy was looking at me, but he turned his head when i looked at him. I don't really get it why he keep looking at me. I wasn't wearing Bikini, nor exposing myself. Unless he had a fetish of swimming suit?  I tried not to bother about him but my "sixth sense" is like so annoying. 

After a few mins, i couldn't tolerate it anymore, really feel like punching him in the face. First, the lane i swam was taken over and now, i couldn't even tann peacefully!! I put back my kindle into my bag as i lose the mood in reading. I was thinking of going off but i think i was too fed-up just now and i decided to take my revenge.

I lie down back on the chair, with my boobs facing up. I purposely adjust my chest area by pulling it up and down, making my boobs seems more obvious and maybe from the sides, someone might be able to see my side boobs. I admit that it seems to be like seducing but the fact is, i was revenging. I kept doing the same action and even groped my boobs. I guess that no guys can tolerate this type of seducing, even for myself, i can feel my nipple was getting harden. 

I peeked at him a few times, and indeed, he was seduced and that was when i stopped and packed my stuffs and went off. He was wearing a triangle trunk, and there was a big bulge. Haha. Success revenge. Even when i walking towards the stair, he was still peeking on me. Pervert "botak" guy.
I went down the stair and went to take a shower before returning home.

Hey guys, soon it will be 1 year since i posted my Q&A post. Like i said previous time, i will have another Q&A for you guys, so PM me if you have any questions that wasn't being answered during the previously Q&A. ( Note : No Personal stuff and please send me in one email if possible as from the previous experience, my mailbox nearly got full  )

Last Question will be at 20th Dec, 11.59pm
Answer will only be reveal on my blog

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