Wednesday, 16 December 2015

A small update

Hey guys, thanks for the questions that you guys had send me over the past few weeks. I did not realize that the number of peoples that is reading my blog had surprisingly increased that much. Mostly thanks to Staplerman.
For those who have not send me their questions, please do it quick as the deadline will be on 20th Dec 2015 and the answer will only be reveal on 22nd Dec through my blog.

By the way, i was asked by some readers that if i had my driving license. The answer is no, but i am going for my TP on this Friday afternoon. So whoever drives, please do not horn at any candidates that is taking their TP during this Friday afternoon. Thanks in advance. I know that TP is not that hard but it is also not that easy, so i am going to use some "methods" that Isabel taught me, so stay tuned for my updates.Wish me lucks..

Love Alicia

1 comment:

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