Saturday 14 May 2022

Favourite position on masturbating

Hey guys, I have recently received emails asking what my favourite masturbating position is. I know I have replied to most of you, but I feel that maybe I can turn this topic into a post. Kinda weird but then, a good way for your guys to know something more about me and perhaps you guys can try it too. 

Over the Hump
How you do it: Start by lying on the bed on your stomach, using a pillow or two to support your abdomen and hips. Use your hands or a toy (or both!) between your body and the pillow to rev things up.

Opening Up
How you do it: Sit on a chair that doesn’t have arms, like a dining room or folding chair. Tuck your feet and ankles around the chair legs, leaving your legs open.

The Leg Shaver
How you do it: In the shower, place one foot on the side of the tub or shower seat, allowing full open access to your vulva. (If you don’t have anything to prop your foot on, simply lean back against a wall and move one knee to the side.) Use your fingers or the removable showerhead stream to tease or pick up your favourite water-resistant vibrator for guaranteed orgasms. Or rotate among all three!

How you do it: Begin on your knees on the bed, or another soft and comfy surface, with your upper body upright. Gently open your knees to a position that feels comfortable for you. Supporting yourself with one arm, you can lean back or lean forward to hold onto a headboard or the wall.

The Solo Snake
How you do it: Lie on your stomach and grind your pelvic bone and clitoris against a hand or a vibrating toy beneath you.

On Your Knee
How you do it: Keep a your knees wide open, kneel on the floor or the bed. Use this position to press and ride a firm surface beneath you, like a toy, mattress, pillow, or hand.

Cowgirl humping:
How you do it: position in your next masturbation session, straddle a pillow, blanket, or another object and grind your vulva against it. You can also perform the highly customisable position in reverse, horizontally, and with sex toys.

Doggy style:
How you do it: Situate yourself on your hands and knees, then use one hand to stimulate your clitoris and other parts of your vulva until you achieve orgasm. The doggy-style position gives you the best access to your anus for anal play or penetration. 

Lotus style:
How you do it: sitting upright on a comfortable surface (like your bed), touching your feet together, and opening your legs flat in a position known as the butterfly or lotus. Spreading your legs brings healthy tension to your pelvic floor muscles.

On your back:
How you do it: plant your feet on the bed and elevate your knees in the air or spread your legs into a butterfly stretch to give your pelvic muscles a better position to clench down during orgasm.

On your stomach:
How you do it: Lie prone on a comfortable surface, touching your knee and feet on the surface and spreading your leg while touching your clitoris, and you can use the weight of your body to press your clit against the surface you’re lying on.

How you do it: Squat down to a hard surface or maybe soft, and open up your vaginal canal for deep penetration or activate your muscles for a big orgasm. If you enjoy bouncing up and down, consider adding a suction-cup dildo to ride in this position.

I had tried all of this, so guys, honest speaking, all position seems good to me. It is really based on that moment if I am really horny or just wanted to get off the stream. Lmk, what is your preference? 

Friday 13 May 2022

Evening jog with X

This is a retrospective experience, far behind before we had sex. Once, I went hiking/jogging with Xav at Changi beach park ( it was only my 3rd or 4th time there). We did plan this like 1 week back. For him, the objective was simple, meet me, jog and eat. I have the same objective as him, but there are always side objectives for me.

That day, I purposely wore my white new yoga shorts. As you press the link, you can see it is quite sexy ( Indeed, it is). I mean, my figures weren't that bad too. I do own both upper and lower assets. With my low waist seamless thong accompanied by my Navy FBTs shorts. (I have to wear more in case he scolded ) My top was simple, Nike sport bra plus a normal dried fit tee. Overall, it looked decent. 

We planned to reach there at 5.45 pm as maybe by luck, we could see the sunset (We did ). Xav fetched me after his work which was already 5.15 pm. I thought we will miss the sunset but lucky us. And yup, he brought a car. My outfit was considered normal when I met him, so he didn't complain which he does at times. I did wonder if he was gay or was he always this conservative. For example, on the last outing with him, I wore a short mini skirt, but then he got angry and throughout the outing, he was protecting me from exposing myself. Another example was, a long time back, when I accidentally showed my cleavage, he used a napkin and covered it. I am not complaining and I know he is a gentleman, but too good already. He always said, only he can see my body. ( Yup, at that moment, we are together, but not to the extent of sex yet, just in case you guys are confused)

After parking, I purposely waited for him to get down the car before I removed my shorts, revealing the yoga shorts. ( that's my second objective). I mean he will sure complain or disapprove if I removed in front of him. As we were getting away from the car, he then noticed my shorts and how revealing it was. Literally, my butt cheek was exposed, and due to the colour, he claimed that he could even see that I was wearing a thong but then, I keep insisted that he was wrong. As we stood there for a like moment for him to complain, with no choice, I landed a kiss on him and put him away from the car. ( Preventing him from getting my FBT shorts)

While walking, I whispered to his ear that, this is all for him, so if he doesn't want others to see, he has to keep covering my back using his body( 3rd Objectives). In addition, I even teased him that I was not wearing any panties, but the fact was, I am. ( Afraid that I might drip if you know what I meant) I mean it was nice to see that he was being protective and sweet, but my plan was to tease him. Hehe

After getting to the park, we had some basic warm-ups. For me, I was fine as usual, I wore lesser than this, but to him, his eyes kept scanning the surrounding. Quite funny if you see it. After the warm-up, we started our jog. But it didn't go for long. He was really worried about my outfit as the colour and design is way too sexy and kind of like attracted attention. ( Quite a few joggers) In the end, he gave me his waterproof jacket to cover my waist. Lucky for him, he was wearing the army tank top, but like what he said, look kind of weird. Although I am ahead of him, i know he was getting aroused. WHY, because at one moment, we were having a short break, I purposely pulled his hand to hug me and I can literally feel his 'little brother'. (I haven't gotten to see how long and thick, I always think it is only) 

After like don't know how long ( I was a bit shag), we reached the Changi village hawker centre. At first, I was slightly worried about attention, as my outfit was more skimpy, but it was not that crowded, to my surprise. We managed to get a seat at one of the far corners, and Xav volunteered to purchase drinks. His reason was not to let me overexpose myself. People are staring already. True, although it wasn't crowded, some store holder( uncles and aunties ) was staring at us when we were walking by. ( Maybe it was due to the shortness plus tightness)

Eventually, it didn't take long for us to eat as Xav was feeling uncomfortable for me. I mean, I did try my best to persuade him that I am fine, you know him... Think too much. The fun part was when we were walking back. I acted like I was taking photos and walked slower than him, but the real motive was to remove my top (4th objective). Indeed, somehow I managed to remove my top, but straightaway got scolded once he saw my sport-bra. In the end, I had to run away from him after throwing my shirt and his jacket at him. (I know he loves the outfits as he could have caught me with his speed instead of running behind me ). Sadly, although all my objectives did accomplish,  I didn't get to enjoy my 'freedom without clothes'.

Disclaimer: photos are for illustration purposes only and were 99% similar to the one I wore