Saturday, 5 March 2022

Uniform Day

Last week, I nearly went insane as I walked around Bugis without panties while in my JC uniform. Yeah, we wore our JC uniform as a challenge to getting student meals. We indeed managed to get a student meal without showing our cards. Hehe. 
Back to the main point, so why did I walk around in my commando suit?? All thanks to CY and Carissa. Initially, the plan was to walk around in uniform and see if anyone would expose us, but the game went way over after Carissa was flirted by a ? Sec 4 or 5 student. It was damn funny and awkward. We never realised that we could still act young, and someone still asked for Carissa's number. The fact of why I removed my thong was, back in my sec sch day, CY and I once removed our panties during class session and kept them in my pencil case. How did it link, thanks to CY and Carissa? As we talked about our school day, that stupid CY had to mention the naughty things we did in school, for example, removing our panties and going commando for PE session while in FBTs shorts. These memories were playful, but they also brought us to what we are today. 
As we talked about all these, that stupid CY suggested that all of us should remove our panties, like we used to. I was the first to disagree as it was dangerous, in terms of we were wearing the school uniform, and it was in town. Not a lot of people, but kind of lots of students. I lost. Carissa agreed. Their reason was that no one would really know us if we got caught. A fake student with a mask. I do agree with the points, but it was kind of dangerous. But in the end, we went on with the plan. 
We removed our panties in the toilets, and guess what? CY wasn't even wearing them since the start. She wore an FBT short instead. As I was about to keep my thong, Carissa teased and challenged me further. She wanted me to tie my thong as my hair tie for the next 1 hour, and if no one spotted it or did not remove it, she would treat me to dinner. Guess what, I agreed. ( They just had to bring up my naughty side ) 
After arranging our uniform neatly, we walked out of the ladies, with my black thong as my hair tie. ( Not obvious ) For the first 20mins, things were going smoothly. No wind or anything. I was slightly moist when we walked among the public, but I was just getting started. 
Shit things happened after Carissa was asked for her number by the secondary school boy. That CY just had to bring things further by removing my 'Hair tie' and handed over to the boy while whispering something to him. Let me tell you, his eye was legit widely open when he took over the thong. Carissa and I were confused about what CY whispered to him ( She didn't tell us ). She pulled us and walked away quickly, saying that the boy might follow us later. At that moment, quite many evil thoughts went through my head. 
We tried to pressurise CY to tell us what she said to the guy, but her mouth sealed tightly and continuously told us to look out for the guy. Confirmed something bad. Nothing much happened afterwards, except when we went for our dinner ( restaurant ), we were stared at most of the time, as we were wearing a uniform. Carissa did pay for the bill.