Saturday 5 September 2015

Holiday's trip (Part 1)

Hey guys, i am back from my Hongkong trip. I am going to type 2 posts straight so forgive me if i type it wrongly.  Although it had only 2nd day back in Singapore, i already started to miss Hongkong. It's was quite a fun trip ,which thanks to some of you who had suggested places for me to go. My dad was amazed that i had done so much 'homework' for this trip. Although we didn't went to all the places that i had 'researched', but we did went to places like Disneyland, Macau, Victoria Peak, Ngong Ping 360, HongKong Zoo, Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple and a few more. The weather there were slightly better than back here, not that warm. We did went for some shopping but I didn't really buy much stuffs except clothing and is from H&M. I know that Singapore do have H&M, but the designs is different. Maybe for me ba. hahaha

Back to the main topic. When i told you guys that i am going overseas, some wonders if i was going with my poly friends or with CY and girls, but sadly, all the answers were wrong. I went with my parents and one female cousin. I did told some of you that i am doing a 'mission with my 'Thor' and some did guessed correctly but some didn't. Now, i will let you guys know what did i do throughout the trip which i had planned and done some research for a few weeks, just to be more careful. The thing is, i brought my 'Thor' with me!! I know i am crazy but YOLO!! Just try it out.. Luckily i didn't get caught, if not i will be so embarrassed to face my parents.

As planned, i placed 'Thor' inside my sunglasses box so i was able to put into my bag. I brought a harvest bag and a luggage but the luggage was quite empty as my mom predicts that we will buy lots of stuffs back. If you are wondering what am i wearing, don't be excited. I wore normal skinny jeans and tee. No point wearing fancy clothes as i am not going with CY and girls. I did wear bra and panty too. Things went smoothly at the airport, able to check in, pass by the normal checks. I was quite nervous that the security might ask me to open my bag to check, but lucky there isn't any. Forgot to add in, my cousin, Fay( her short name) who is 5 years old than me but still seems to be a small girl ( due to her height ). Honest saying, we were not that close until recent years, as she has been studying in overseas but she is not Angmoh. If i were to describe her, she is about CY's height, pretty face, but sadly small cup girl. I am not laughing at her, but the fact is that she is a A cup person. At first, i thought that girls that are short will have big chest but i was wrong after our first meet up but i could said is, she is friendly and quite open ( stay tune for part 2 ).

When it was about time for boarding, Fay and i went to the ladies and that's when i started my 'mission'. I went into one of the cubicle and took out my 'Thor' and placed into my panty, right below my pussy. I did some adjustment so it can rest on the concave area ( difficult to explain ) so it won't be so obvious from the back or front. We went back to my parents right after Fay had done her make-up. It was slightly difficult to walk when there is something struck in-between your legs but it was just for a moment. We managed to get into the plane without any obstruction plus the queues was not that bad, although we had to wait for a few min before boarding.

The plane managed to fly off without delays and right after the plane was stable, we were served with supper although they told us that it was dinner. For me, i was more to sleepy than hungry , so i declined the food but was given drinks only. Fay was sitting beside me while my mom seated next to her and my dad was right behind of me. Thanks to my dad, i can easily changed the sitting position to slightly lower so i can have a nice nap. After the meal, Fay starts to read her books while my mom was watching some weird movie. For me, i was listening to my Ipod as i was trying to catch some beauty nap, and indeed, i managed to fall asleep.

I was awake when my mom wanted to go to the toilet and asked if Fay and i were like to go, but i was too comfortable to move and i declined. In the end, Fay and my mom went. I was alone at my seat and trying to catch back my sleep when i suddenly remembered my 'mission'. Too tired on that day!! I secretly touched my pussy area to make sure 'Thor' was still right there and indeed, it was rested at the correct position. I was getting slight arouse when i touches it . I was ginning to myself, imagining having orgasm in the plane while searching my pocket for the controller. After searching my right and left pocket, i was shocked when i realized that i didn't took out the controller and it was still in the bag!!I am such a blur sotong!! Now, with only 'Thor' but not the controller, i couldn't let it vibrate by itself. I was thinking of touching myself when Fay and my mom came back. It spoiled everything!!Literally everything!! At the moment, i was really aroused but i couldn't do anything. If that day i was wearing a shorts, maybe i could touch myself from under the legs hole, but i was wearing a jeans. Sadly but maintained myself throughout the whole journey. When we arrived at HongKong airport, i thought we were still too early to check in the hotel, but i was wrong. The hotel send someone to pick us up at the airport and we managed to check in before 10am in the morning. First time being a VIP..

To be continue...

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