Saturday 28 October 2023


Earlier on, I nearly shit brick for nothing. I went for a night run and ended up scaring myself. Just now, around 10pm, I finally found the time to tie up my running shoes and go for a jog on the road. According to the clock, it was well past 10 pm when I left my house.

Initially, my outfit consisted of a dry-fit tee combined with my FBT shorts, but following a short jog of approximately 10 minutes, I was perspiring excessively and decided to remove my shirt instead, leaving me in my Black Nike Sports bra.

Frankly, there was never any intention to engage in anything inappropriate. It's just purely running. I pushed myself and jogged to CY's block and back for 2 rounds, covering an impressive distance.

While I was completing my third lap, heading back towards my block after leaving CY's, my attention was caught by a gathering of individuals with different ethnicities socialising at the resting hut.

As usual, there will likely be people loitering around that particular spot, so I just continue jogging, paying little to no attention to them until I notice that one of the guys seems to be following me for a distance. He seems to be trying to pace up with me. Initially, I believed I was just being overly suspicious, but it turned out that he did indeed follow behind me as I navigated the fork in the road.

Increasingly concerned, I changed my path and made my way towards a nearby coffeeshop in an attempt to shake off him. Luckily, he went straight to the toilet upon arriving at the coffeeshop while I hung around for a little while before ultimately making my way back home.

So, guys, what's your take on this? Is he following me, or is it more likely that I'm being hypersensitive?

Friday 13 October 2023

Bintan's trip

Hey guys, Have any of you had the chance to visit Anmon in Bintan? It's quite an interesting destination as it was like camping but slightly more atas. Lately, CY and I decided to go on a short staycation, thanks to a suggestion from one of my coworkers. Let me tell you about our experiences during the trip.

On our initial day, we hopped onto a ferry at the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal bound for the Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal. As we arrived there, a shuttle bus was all set to welcome us and swiftly whisk us away to our resort. The entire journey was incredibly smooth, without any hitches or interruptions. In just under three hours, we had arrived at our tranquil resort, having departed from Singapore.

After we arrived, the check-in process was a breeze, and we were swiftly guided by a buggy to our secluded tent for the upcoming two nights. Upon unpacking my bag, the first task at hand was to wash my one and only set of bra and thongs. Packing restrictions had forced me to bring only the essentials, and the rest of my luggage was filled with beachwear. Even my regular clothing selection was limited to just one set of activity attire that included my sports bralette and FBT shorts, a set of bra and panties, which I wore there one set of beachwear, and a white long dress. It was a minimalist packing challenge that added an interesting twist to our staycation adventure.

CY and I decided to explore the area before eventually reaching the famous pool known as Treasure Bay. Now, what's so remarkable about it?

Treasure Bay boasts Southeast Asia's first and largest recreational man-made seawater lagoon, aptly named the Crystal Lagoon. This enchanting oasis is not just a treat for the eyes; it's also a captivating experience with its mesmerising crystal-clear azure waters.

With our prior knowledge, we were aware of a wide array of activities waiting for us. To make the most of our time, we chose to immerse ourselves in an all-inclusive package that offered a diverse range of exciting experiences, all to be enjoyed in a single day. After changing into our adventure-ready attire (CY in a sleeveless tank top with her black bikini and FBT shorts, while I chose a sporty bralette paired with FBT shorts), we set off on our secretive adventure, kicking it off with an exhilarating ATV ride.

The so-called instructor was shocked when we informed him of our willingness to embrace the muddy terrain. However, he pleasantly surprised us by encouraging our adventurous spirit wholeheartedly. Ultimately, CY had to remove her top, revealing her Bikini top after the session, as it had become excessively soiled.

Following a quick wash-up, we set out on an exciting kayaking adventure. Yet, the blazing heat proved to be unrelenting, and our stamina dwindled after just half an hour. Craving respite from the scorching conditions, we took shelter in a KTV establishment. However, our enjoyment was curbed as the songs they offered were outdated.

As the clock struck four, we decided to take a break and unwind at a captivating water playground. CY seemed unfazed by the fact that she had been strolling around in her bikini top, effortlessly catching the eye of onlookers, especially during our time at the KTV.

After a comprehensive safety briefing and getting into our life vests, we were directed to swim toward the central pool, where the water playground beckoned. Its design bore a remarkable resemblance to the Hydrodash in Sentosa, lending an element of familiarity to our covert escapade.

We wrapped up all our activities by 6 pm because we were both thoroughly exhausted. While we were in the shower, the staff was busy setting up a barbecue for us. Unfortunately, I didn't have suitable clothing for barbecuing, so I just threw on the same sports bra I had worn earlier without any shorts, but I was wearing a thong.

Meanwhile, Cy had opted for her pyjamas ( just a rather long tee ), which were supposed to be her sleepwear, but because I discouraged her from lying on the bed after that, she was in her birthday suit when we were bedded.
Despite our unconventional attire, the meal arranged by the staff was truly delightful. The chicken wings, in particular, stood out, and we enjoyed roasted marshmallows for dessert. However, owing to our lack of appropriate clothing, we decided it was prudent not to venture outside for an extended period, as we both acknowledged it could be a bit risky. Instead, we spent time in the front area of the tentage, participating in activities that are now a bit fuzzy in my memory. All I can clearly remember is that it was well past 2 am when I finally decided to go and brush my teeth.

2nd Day
On the second day, while having breakfast, I noticed something unusual. Perhaps it was because of my choice of a Sports bra with FBTs shorts I couldn't help but feel like the centre of attention. Everyone seemed to be on me whenever I walked around, especially a group of teenagers who appeared to be Singaporean too. Cy was in her loose tank top with a Bau and dolphin shorts.

After enjoying some rest following breakfast, we returned to our tentage to change our outfits. This time, I opted for a more conventional attire: a regular bikini top and a standard bikini bottom, Tanga.
As I strolled towards Crystal Bay, I couldn't help but notice that my presence still attracted attention from passersby. Isn't walking around in a bikini at a beach club is normal? To my surprise, a guy from Singapore approached me and asked for my number. However, I decided to give him a random number instead. We spent a good hour at Crystal Bay, enjoying the sun and the sea. Unfortunately, I got sunburned as a souvenir of our time there.

We originally intended to return to the tentage after realising we had sunburns. However, Cy suggested using the buggy, which seemed convenient. Nevertheless, there was a slightly awkward moment as both of us, clad in our distinctive outfits, made our way past numerous onlookers along the route.

Our original plan was to enjoy lunch before heading back to our tentage. However, we discovered that a company event was taking place. Given the circumstances, we opted for room service instead. When the room service arrived, I happened to be still in my bikini, but I didn't let that stop me from receiving the order. In fact, I even gave a tip to the staff.

As we chatted and relaxed in our tent, the lively sounds of laughter and conversations from the nearby company event became increasingly difficult to ignore. Our curiosity got the best of us, and we found ourselves contemplating the idea of joining in, even if it meant standing out in our beach outfits.

Finally, unable to resist the temptation to see what was happening, we decided to take a casual stroll around the dining area where the event was in full swing.

Little did we know that this decision would lead to some unexpected encounters. As we walked around, my heart skipped when I spotted the guy who had asked for my number earlier. It was a somewhat awkward moment, but we exchanged friendly smiles.

To make matters even more interesting, we caught the attention of nearly everyone at the event as we strolled by in our beachwear. We received curious looks, friendly waves, and some playful comments from the attendees.

Following our brief exploration of the company event, we decided to head back to the pool area. The sun had started to mellow out, and we had one more activity on our agenda: kayaking.

We approached the kayaks enthusiastically, but after about 30 minutes of paddling, we realised it was taking a toll on our already sunburned bodies. We reluctantly admitted defeat, our muscles too sore to continue. It was a humbling moment, and we decided to call it quits.

To our amusement (and slight embarrassment), the kayaking instructor swims towards us to provide assistance, guiding us back to the parking site. It was a rather unconventional end to our kayaking adventure, but it added a touch of humour to our day.

After our kayaking adventure came to an end, we made our way back to our tent. However, before we could fully settle in, the kayaking instructor approached us with a recommendation. He suggested that we should consider trying out a body massage, which sounded incredibly tempting given our sun-soaked and tired bodies.

We expressed our interest, but he informed us that all the slots for the spa were fully booked. However, he added a unique twist – if we were open to the idea of having the massage in the privacy of our own room, it could be arranged for us by 9 pm.

The prospect of a relaxing massage in the comfort of our tent was too enticing to resist. We quickly agreed to the offer and eagerly anticipated the soothing experience that awaited us later in the evening

With our massage appointment scheduled for 9 pm, we decided to make the most of our time and have dinner before our relaxation session. The kayaking instructor recommended the famous Mangrove restaurant as a dining option, so we decided to give it a try, curious about the local cuisine. ( To be completely honest, the restaurant didn't quite live up to our expectations in terms of the food. However, it turned out to be an interesting experience. We struck up a conversation with the restaurant manager and discovered that the owner was a fellow Singaporean, which added a unique connection to our meal. )

After enjoying refreshing showers, both of us donned our long dresses, which, as I mentioned earlier, were among the limited clothing options we had brought along. We made sure to hang our beachwear before leaving, ensuring they dried properly.

Our journey to the restaurant was quite an adventure in itself. It involved a 10-minute car ride followed by a 5-minute ferry ride. The restaurant was situated at a secluded corner of the jungle, providing breathtaking scenery. However, our attention was quickly drawn to a more unexpected sight – a crocodile swimming nearby!

To our delight, the ferry operator was incredibly accommodating. He kindly paused the ferry for us to capture photos of the fascinating crocodile, allowing us to savour this unique encounter with nature.

Following our dinner and a bit of photo-taking around the restaurant, we were escorted back to our accommodation because we had a scheduled room massage appointment. It was a thoughtful gesture on their part, as they had taken note of our schedule and made every effort to ensure our experience was seamless and enjoyable.

Upon our return to the resort, we were pleasantly surprised to find the massage therapists already waiting at our doorstep. Feeling slightly awkward and rushed, I even accidentally bumped into one of them in my haste.

Once we had settled in and placed our bags, the massage therapists revealed an extra bed hidden beneath our own. They took excellent care in preparing for our in-room massage.

We were then instructed to remove our tops while we were allowed to keep our panties on.

Undressing in front of two strangers, especially when we had only our bras on, was an embarrassing moment. To make matters even more awkward, neither of us had worn any panties. The massage therapists appeared surprised by our unconventional attire, and although they didn't comment, their lingering gazes made the situation even more uncomfortable.

Cy decided to inquire if it was permissible for us to receive the massage without any clothing, and fortunately, our request was granted. Once we had undressed completely, we were instructed to lie face down on the massage beds, and that's when the soothing massage session commenced. The initial awkwardness gradually gave way to relaxation as the skilled therapists worked their magic.

The massage turned out to be a marvellous experience. While it didn't completely alleviate all our soreness, we could feel a significant relief in our muscles.

After settling the payment with the massage therapists, we decided to turn in early for the night. The relaxation from the massage left us both feeling pleasantly drowsy, and a good night's sleep was exactly what we needed to rejuvenate for the next day.

The third morning started on a slightly better note as we decided to indulge in room service for breakfast. With a few hours to spare before our departure, we made the most of our cosy room and its amenities.

To our surprise, the room service arrived much faster than expected, catching us off guard. In a bold and spontaneous move, Cy and I answered the door and collected the trays in our birthday suits, adding a playful twist to our staycation experience.

The room service delivery person was in a hurry; he had already left before we could answer the door. It was a missed encounter, but it added a touch of spontaneity and laughter to our staycation experience.

After enjoying breakfast and spending a few more hours in the room, we had to check out and depart. Sadly, both of us overlooked the task of packing our swimsuits prior to departure.