Saturday, 6 March 2021

Purposely ( loser's dare)

So last weekend, did a damn outranged challenges. Exact time and location will be kept as a secret. 
I was tasked to do a loser dare. 
The actual bet was to guess the price range of a bag and out of 3 of us, i had the furthest range. Charmaine won.  CY lose too, but her dare was simple, which was removing her panties in one of the store, fitting room and left it there. 

As for me, she given me a hard time. I was told to reveal my panties in a way of accidentally  and had to act like nothing has happened! It was legit hard, no matter by just talking about it or doing it >.<

That day, I had proper clothes as we did not had any plans to be naughty. I wore a black skater skirt and denim white spaghetti top as top, accompanied with my white Fila jacket.( of course with normal bra and panties). I mean it was a common outfit. In the end, due to the dare, i had to roll the top of my skirt( like how we do in secondary school) ,thus, revealing part of my bottom. In serious tone, 1/3 of stripe panties can be seen and with no doubt, if by stair, everything will be reveal.

We purposely chosen Cotton-on as they had the sector for female undergarment and there are lesser males. After-all, the goal was to reveal but not create seeker. I did completed the dare after like exposing to the whole store and also kind of gotten a lecture by this aunty. I bet she was the last few who saw my panties, but only came to me after i successes the dare and was adjusting my skirt. I think she roughly knows what I am doing and my motive, but she did it in a way of like, I had an unforeseen upskirt. It's nice to know she do concern, but i still felt like it was a lecture of self-love.

Disclaimer: photos are for illustration purposes only, and was 99% similar to the one i wore