Saturday, 17 November 2018

Daring Game : Last minutes changes

So ytd night, we had another daring challenge together again. It was one of the random plans we had discussed during the dinner on the 12th Oct 2018. Sadly, we only managed to accomplish one out of two. 

The 1st plan was to sleep naked at her balcony but due to Charmaine's parents who are late sleeper, we cancelled the plan and went on with the 2nd dare. So the original 2nd plan was, no panties with tight neon colour fbt shorts for breakfast, but due to some unforeseen natural circumstances, Carissa and Charmaine were unable to wear it without a pad. In the end, we replaced with kinky top. To make it more exciting, there were only 5 choices. A purple turtleneck sleeveless top, a pleated spaghetti top, a black crop bralet and a floral printed tube. 

Charmaine was really fortunate. She picked first and got herself the floral printed tube. Legitly, unable to see any "pokie". I was blessed too. I got myself the black crop bralet. It comes with a thin padding which was unmovable. For CY, she picked the turtleneck and Carissa was left with the spaghetti top. As due to the evident "pokie" from them, all of us were allowed to stick our nipple with a piece of cotton. No scotch tape was allowed, and if it drops or shifts, we are not allowed to adjust it. Thanks to the weather, my cotton didn't shift or dropped.

Sunday, 11 November 2018