Saturday, 17 November 2018

Daring Game : Last minutes changes

So ytd night, we had another daring challenge together again. It was one of the random plans we had discussed during the dinner on the 12th Oct 2018. Sadly, we only managed to accomplish one out of two. 

The 1st plan was to sleep naked at her balcony but due to Charmaine's parents who are late sleeper, we cancelled the plan and went on with the 2nd dare. So the original 2nd plan was, no panties with tight neon colour fbt shorts for breakfast, but due to some unforeseen natural circumstances, Carissa and Charmaine were unable to wear it without a pad. In the end, we replaced with kinky top. To make it more exciting, there were only 5 choices. A purple turtleneck sleeveless top, a pleated spaghetti top, a black crop bralet and a floral printed tube. 

Charmaine was really fortunate. She picked first and got herself the floral printed tube. Legitly, unable to see any "pokie". I was blessed too. I got myself the black crop bralet. It comes with a thin padding which was unmovable. For CY, she picked the turtleneck and Carissa was left with the spaghetti top. As due to the evident "pokie" from them, all of us were allowed to stick our nipple with a piece of cotton. No scotch tape was allowed, and if it drops or shifts, we are not allowed to adjust it. Thanks to the weather, my cotton didn't shift or dropped.

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Q & A ( 2018)

This post will delicate to my readers who had asked me questions. Thank you guys for still being out there supporting my although there are less updates. It's been 4 years since i had posted the first Q&A, didn't realize it has been so long..

Questions that have decimals, meaning is from the same person, E.g : 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4.

1) Sleeping naked still? 
A : At times, maybe 4 out of 7 days in a week. 

2) Attached?
A : Attach to myself 

2.1) Still a virgin?
A : I think so?

2.2) Would you be willing to play Truth or Dare with your followers?
A : I don't mind, but there must be limits to the dare

2.3)U said you'll sext with your followers the previous QnA, how will you do it?
A : I used to, through Telegram 

2.4)Since you've been caught by your mom, would it be safe to sext?
A : Currently i am not, so it is safe 

3) Have you tried masturbating in a car?
A : Once or twice

3.1) Masturbate during work?
A : If orgasm is not included, yes

3.2) Masturbate in public?
A : Kindly read my blog

3.3) Masturbate when there are people around?
A : Kindly read my blog

3.4) Masturbate when parents are around?
A : Kindly read my blog

3.5) Masturbate in front of your love ones?
A : U mean CY or my family?

4) Have you tried Anal masturbation?
A : Had that idea before, but didn't try

5) Watched porn with someone?
A : Not only watched, but do too. 

6) Video yourself naked?
A: No, and never

6.1) Naked photos?
A: Few times, but deleted

6.2) Just pussy photos?
A: For??

7) Did you go out without panties and bra before?
A : Kindly read my blog

7.1) Flash your bare to a stranger?
A : A few times

7.2) Upskirt purposely?
A : Kindly read my blog 

8) Tasted your own juice or others??
A : Yes, slightly salty

8.1) Taste semen before?
A : No, can buy from outside??

9) What type of vibrator do you have?
A : One bullet type, and one dildo

9.1) Do you use it frequently?
A : For which? I uses my thor( vibrator) more.

9.2) How many vibrator can you stick in? Include anal
A : 1

9.3) Highest number of orgasms using vibrator?
A : I can't really recall, but i guess is more than 4

9.4) Try before butt plug?
A : I don't dare

9.5) How about fucking yourself in the shower with your toys?
A : Why will i, when i can do it in my room

10) Have you ever try skinny dipping??
A : i think once

10.1) or masturbating in the pool or jacuzzi?
A : Hmm, am i allowed? 

10.2) Have you tried wearing Bikini with vibrator inserted??
A : Yup, nothing different from normal panties, except it do absorb water

10.3) or wearing revealing bikini and purposely flash yourself??
A : How revealing is the bikini? 

11) What is your highest frequency of orgasms?
A : Above 4

11.1) Do you squirt??
A : I am not sure, if it is counted

11.2) How far can you squirt?
A : Is there a tournament for that???

11.3) Which do you prefer to pleasure yourself. morning, afternoon, or night?
A : Whenever i have the feel

11.4) How to turn you on?
A : Turn right

12) Comparing your first masturbation and latest, which is better?
A : Latest, i guess

12.1) What fictional story do you fantasized on when your touching yourself?
A : i don't really fantasized, but occasionally, i will imagine about Tom Hiddleston

12.2) Have you fantasized on having sex with one of your teachers or friends?
A : Eh, no. I am not interested in them.

12.3) or having sex in front of a group of people?
A : I prefer my solo time or couple time

13) Have you ever kissed someone of the same gender?
A : Kindly read my blog

13.1) French kiss or normal??
A : Both

14) Do you liked to be blindfolded??
A : I never try before, but quite keen to, can sleep

15) Does naughty/dirty talks arouse you?
A : Optional

15.1) What is the dirtiest thing someone ever said to you?
A : U look like shit

16) Do you peep on your brother, when he masturbate/ sex?
A : No, and never.

16.1) How will you react if your brother asked you to have 3p?
A : That's disgusting

16.2) How about if it is from CY?
A : If i am okay with her bf, and she allows it

17) What is the most satisfying things that your girlfriends said about your naked body?
A : I like your waist

17.1) Do you like orgy?
A : For now, NO

17.2) How about one night stand? 
A : I can't. 

18) Does sleeping naked makes you wet???
A : Does it?

18.1) Do you ever have the urge to jill it off during your sleep?
A : I am sleeping

18.2) When is your last wet dream?
A : Long long long time ago, i guess

19) Do you play tinder?
A : Yup

19.1) How many likes did you get?
A : How would i know?

20) Have you tried to touch yourself when you are sharing a bed with someone?
A : Millions of times

21) I know you do watch porn, do you prefer amateur or professional type?
A : Base on my mood

21.1) What is your fav blowjob method?
A : How many methods are there?

21.2) How about sex position?
A : Sleep position

22) How revealing is your work attire?
A : Buttons and zipps?

22.1) Have you even reveal your titties or vagina to your colleague? 
A : I had tried to flash my panties, but not my bare skin

22.2) Are you still flashing yourself on the bus? 
A : Not as much as last time