Sunday, 11 November 2018

Q & A ( 2018)

This post will delicate to my readers who had asked me questions. Thank you guys for still being out there supporting my although there are less updates. It's been 4 years since i had posted the first Q&A, didn't realize it has been so long..

Questions that have decimals, meaning is from the same person, E.g : 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4.

1) Sleeping naked still? 
A : At times, maybe 4 out of 7 days in a week. 

2) Attached?
A : Attach to myself 

2.1) Still a virgin?
A : I think so?

2.2) Would you be willing to play Truth or Dare with your followers?
A : I don't mind, but there must be limits to the dare

2.3)U said you'll sext with your followers the previous QnA, how will you do it?
A : I used to, through Telegram 

2.4)Since you've been caught by your mom, would it be safe to sext?
A : Currently i am not, so it is safe 

3) Have you tried masturbating in a car?
A : Once or twice

3.1) Masturbate during work?
A : If orgasm is not included, yes

3.2) Masturbate in public?
A : Kindly read my blog

3.3) Masturbate when there are people around?
A : Kindly read my blog

3.4) Masturbate when parents are around?
A : Kindly read my blog

3.5) Masturbate in front of your love ones?
A : U mean CY or my family?

4) Have you tried Anal masturbation?
A : Had that idea before, but didn't try

5) Watched porn with someone?
A : Not only watched, but do too. 

6) Video yourself naked?
A: No, and never

6.1) Naked photos?
A: Few times, but deleted

6.2) Just pussy photos?
A: For??

7) Did you go out without panties and bra before?
A : Kindly read my blog

7.1) Flash your bare to a stranger?
A : A few times

7.2) Upskirt purposely?
A : Kindly read my blog 

8) Tasted your own juice or others??
A : Yes, slightly salty

8.1) Taste semen before?
A : No, can buy from outside??

9) What type of vibrator do you have?
A : One bullet type, and one dildo

9.1) Do you use it frequently?
A : For which? I uses my thor( vibrator) more.

9.2) How many vibrator can you stick in? Include anal
A : 1

9.3) Highest number of orgasms using vibrator?
A : I can't really recall, but i guess is more than 4

9.4) Try before butt plug?
A : I don't dare

9.5) How about fucking yourself in the shower with your toys?
A : Why will i, when i can do it in my room

10) Have you ever try skinny dipping??
A : i think once

10.1) or masturbating in the pool or jacuzzi?
A : Hmm, am i allowed? 

10.2) Have you tried wearing Bikini with vibrator inserted??
A : Yup, nothing different from normal panties, except it do absorb water

10.3) or wearing revealing bikini and purposely flash yourself??
A : How revealing is the bikini? 

11) What is your highest frequency of orgasms?
A : Above 4

11.1) Do you squirt??
A : I am not sure, if it is counted

11.2) How far can you squirt?
A : Is there a tournament for that???

11.3) Which do you prefer to pleasure yourself. morning, afternoon, or night?
A : Whenever i have the feel

11.4) How to turn you on?
A : Turn right

12) Comparing your first masturbation and latest, which is better?
A : Latest, i guess

12.1) What fictional story do you fantasized on when your touching yourself?
A : i don't really fantasized, but occasionally, i will imagine about Tom Hiddleston

12.2) Have you fantasized on having sex with one of your teachers or friends?
A : Eh, no. I am not interested in them.

12.3) or having sex in front of a group of people?
A : I prefer my solo time or couple time

13) Have you ever kissed someone of the same gender?
A : Kindly read my blog

13.1) French kiss or normal??
A : Both

14) Do you liked to be blindfolded??
A : I never try before, but quite keen to, can sleep

15) Does naughty/dirty talks arouse you?
A : Optional

15.1) What is the dirtiest thing someone ever said to you?
A : U look like shit

16) Do you peep on your brother, when he masturbate/ sex?
A : No, and never.

16.1) How will you react if your brother asked you to have 3p?
A : That's disgusting

16.2) How about if it is from CY?
A : If i am okay with her bf, and she allows it

17) What is the most satisfying things that your girlfriends said about your naked body?
A : I like your waist

17.1) Do you like orgy?
A : For now, NO

17.2) How about one night stand? 
A : I can't. 

18) Does sleeping naked makes you wet???
A : Does it?

18.1) Do you ever have the urge to jill it off during your sleep?
A : I am sleeping

18.2) When is your last wet dream?
A : Long long long time ago, i guess

19) Do you play tinder?
A : Yup

19.1) How many likes did you get?
A : How would i know?

20) Have you tried to touch yourself when you are sharing a bed with someone?
A : Millions of times

21) I know you do watch porn, do you prefer amateur or professional type?
A : Base on my mood

21.1) What is your fav blowjob method?
A : How many methods are there?

21.2) How about sex position?
A : Sleep position

22) How revealing is your work attire?
A : Buttons and zipps?

22.1) Have you even reveal your titties or vagina to your colleague? 
A : I had tried to flash my panties, but not my bare skin

22.2) Are you still flashing yourself on the bus? 
A : Not as much as last time

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