Saturday, 27 November 2021

On the way home ( 2nd part )

After sending my that mature cousin home ( cause she stayed nearer to town ), i did not went home straight as the time was still slightly early. I took the public transport and alighted at my neighborhood park. ( The one that i had many experiences )

As the time was only 11+ pm, i decided to take a walk in the park, as kind of linked to my block. 
Maybe it was a weekday, there wasn't many joggers or cyclists around. Maybe 4 to 5 pax. 
I am not sure, if i legit savaging those memories, or i am just being me, my naughty switch was turned on. The adrenaline of getting naked in public, and doing naughty things just came back in. Like my brain was full of it and how to do it. It was not something I will try to resist but just the timing and daring ideas. 

Tons of ideas flowed in, but most of it, the danger level is way too high. I might get exposed or even caught and etc. ( Maybe i do grow old, i started to think for the consequences ). 
In the end, after a good consideration, i removed my denim shorts ( behind the bush ) and pulled down my black tube bra to replace as my mini shorts, which was totally not helpful at all. Way too tight plus it was damn short. I bet if anyone was squatting down, they could see my bare shaved pussy. Kind of hard to ambulate also. Luckily for me, the denim jacket has buttons, and once i button up, cleavage plus plus plus, but who cares. Off i go after folding my denim shorts in to the shopping bag. 

It wasn't a long trip but due to the tightness of the tube bra, i wasn't able to walk as freely. Took me about 10mins to reach which usually 5mins. The worst part was, when i was about to reach my block when i got carried away. I am not sure what was i thinking then but i went straight into Cheers. ( The only convenient store that is still open). There wasn't anything for me to purchase. It was just a sudden act which i am not sure why did i did it also.

I do realized it now that it was dangerous as there might be people inside or even worst, maybe some foreign worker, but at that moment, my brain did not function that well and my focus was to make it a quick one. So indeed, i went in

I entered the store and immediately felt the coldness!! It was crazily cold. My nipples got harden in micro-second. I looked at the cashier and it was a female staff with the store empty. No other customers. I went straight to the fridge area, acted a bit but i wasn't planning to buy. But then it came to me, it will be such a waste that I came in, so in the end, i still wasted money.

I looked around and legit, nothing interest me. Went at least 3 rounds before i decided to be a bit naughtier. ( Kind of a bad idea ) I went up to the shelf which was right infront of the counter, instead of taking the chip from the upper rack, i chosen the lowest rack. With my ass faced towards the counter, I bend down instead of squatting. Exposed my entire pussy/ass! At that moment, I am not sure if she did saw it, but i guess she did as I took my time to choose the favor. In the end, I took 3 bags.

As i approach the counter, the indian female staff looked at me, acted so calm and steady. I was curious at that moment, like as if she was so experience in this, or maybe she did not notice?! Although it seems quite normal but she was giving me those weird looks. I legit not sure then if she do saw it. Furthermore, as my shorts was in the shopping bag, i had to take my wallet from there and guess what, she given me that WTF face!! Which makes me confirmed that she does saw my bottom. 

I smiled at her and politely told her that my shorts got strained but she didn't even bother!! I mean why did i even bother to explain!!!Argghh

After packing everything, I quickly walked out, so embarrassed...

Shopping ( Part 1 )

Hiii guys, it's legit been a while since i log in again. Time flies, don't they. Didn't even realize that it been such a long time since i last posted. Sorry for the MIA but i am still alive and well. Still as kinky and naughty but maybe, just maybe toned down a bit. Hehe..Actually they are quite a few experiences i would like to share, but always forgotten. So let me slowly update again okay hehe. Hope you guys are surviving well out there and still viewing on my blog. ( Seems dead for months )

Let me post the most recent events which happened this week. 

So, the other day, went a little shopping spree with my female cousin, which was 2 years old than me. Kind of she is those very mature type a.k.a conservation type. Comparing to me, i am the lupsup and always wearing those skimpy clothing girl. But then, we still "click'  well. Maybe due to our age.. 
In fact, this outing, i wasn't even planned for naughty stuff, but it just happened again. As we are going to town, i purposely wore decent and nice outfit. Wore a black Tube Bra accompany by a denim jacket and denim shorts. Legit, it looks very decent. The only thing that seems naughty is my Nude seamless Thong. Nothing else. But guess what, to my cousin, she was surprised that i wore thong instead of normal panty. You guys must be curious on how did she know or why will she know. Like i said, it was a shopping day, i kind of pulled her into the fitting room while i changed my outfit. That's how and why she saw my thong.  

At first, she did not voice out, but kept giving me those looks ( staring ), when we were trying out the clothes in Playdress. ( Kind of purchased a cute and kinky dress in the end ). She did hinted me bit by bit but to me, kinda numbed on it, so in the end, i did not really caught her hints until she took it from me. Yup, we exchanged our panties, or i should said, i given her my thong while i went home "Commando ". 

How did it happened again right? Haha. Cause i kind of recommended her to try on. ( Kind of regret, cause this led to part 2 of the story, which happened after i sent her home ) So, as i was saying she was those conservation type of ladies, she has never touch or owned any of this sexy and naughty undergarments. Even the bra she wore, was those normal black bra. Her outfit seems fine to me. Romper. 

The thing is, as we were trying out the outfit in Love,Bonito, she kind of staring at my butt and even touched the texture of my Thong. I mean, it does feels weird at first but then, it gives me a feeling, very  similar to a kid wanted something but do not dare to ask for it. So in the end, i kind of removed it and pass it to her. ( She got shocked when she was i removed it ). My idea was to let her try only, although i know it seems to be kind of unhygienic ( but pls, i am very clean and not that wet that day ). At first, she was slightly reluctant to receive it but after a min of gentle persuade and with the thong tangling Infront of her, she took the bait. 

It took a while for her to put on properly as it was her first time, plus her butt wasn't that small, so she need to arrange the back a bit. Mostly, due to the butt crack area, she claimed that it feels weird which i had to explain to her and etc. Kind of like a lingerie seller. 

So why in the end, i had to go home without it. I kind of pity her i guess. Or maybe cause i just wanted to be free down there. Who knows. I kept on psyching her that she should try it for full day, feel the difference of normal panties and Thong. ( I even shared with her that i wore G-string and if there is a chance, i will bring it for her). She kind of reluctant at first, as she feels that i will not wear her white normal panties, but in fact, i legit didn't. I did wore it when we were in the fitting room, but i went to the toilet, removed and kind of thrown it away. A bit wasteful but then, not my type. That's how i get to went home in 'Commando' again.